Rural Mission Solutions

Helping rural churches from across the denominations and around the UK since 1988.

Rural Mission Solutions are committed to serving the rural churches of the UK and supporting them in their mission. They work comfortably and respectfully with a variety of Christian traditions. Their staff members have rural ministry experience and are sensitive to the issues affecting rural churches and rural church leadership. Evangelising in small close-knit communities within a post-Christendom culture calls for sensitivity and gentleness. The disparate and insular nature of villages makes communication difficult. Many villages are also a complex mixture of people. These and other factors present challenges to mission. But there are also splendid opportunities. Understanding the constraints and opportunities is fundamental to their work, all of which operate only at the request of a rural church or group of churches. They includes: Supporting rural churches in mission Rural Mission Solutions are pleased to offer free consultations to rural clergy, ministers and lay leadership wishing to explore the issues of being more missional. Appropriate Evangelism The word evangelism tends to provoke a hesitant response in many rural churches because of unhelpful images and poor practise. However, Rural Mission Solutions help to equip Christians to realise we all have a wonderful life-changing story to share with those around us. Long experience in settled ministry in rural areas in addition to extensive experience working with churches of various traditions has tempered the ways in which we engage in evangelism.