ShareTheMiracle is an easy way to connect with those in the local community – whether you’re a church, Bible Study Group or a work-placed group.

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Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

Easter is arguably the most important time in the church calendar, remembering what many consider to be the greatest act of kindness. ShareTheMiracle is a simple initiative which everyone in your Church or group can get involved in together, regardless of age or experience. Members could give Easter Eggs and invitations to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours and invite them to a Church event or you may choose to distribute them together to individuals who are in need in your local area such as homeless people, elderly or young parents.The most obvious event to invite people to is an Easter Service, but this could equally be a concert you’re arranging, a youth event, a quiz night, an Easter bake-off or even just inviting your neighbours over for a cup of tea to get to know each other!