Soularium is a survey tool based on images designed to initiate spiritual conversations with non-believers.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

Soularium provides 50 images and five simple exploring questions that allow the user to engage in one-on-one or group spiritual conversations with non-believers. Just as sunlight illuminates a solarium, Soularium opens a window to the soul. We live in a visual culture. Because images connect deeply with our emotions and experiences they also enable us to engage people in spiritual conversation on a deep level.The questions explore the desire of non-believers for their spiritual journey and create many bridges to dialogue about Jesus. Easy to use with random contacts, classmates/​colleagues, and friends. Responses can be entered online in a website (mysoular​i​um​.com) that allows you (and the people you talk to) to discover what other people are thinking.This resource is also available as an App from: