Talking about dying

Talking about dying offers practical, spiritual guidance to those facing the death of someone they care about, or their own terminal illness.

The four authors are Christians who have come across death in many forms and have cared for people who are dying: someone who has been widowed twice, a retired cancer consultant, the medical director of a hospice and an Anglican priest. They discuss:

  • Coping with life-threatening illness
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Coping with Sudden Death
  • Suicide
  • The Death of a Baby
  • Talking to Children
  • Talking about Life after Death
  • Facing up to Fear
  • Praying for Healing

They explore the tendency to address life-threatening illness with heroic medicine which often leads to people spending their last days among strangers in a hospital ward rather than in familiar surroundings with those closest to them.

Talking will often help the dying person and their relatives and friends, especially if talking leads to action and may give opportunity to show care and love, in word and deed. Talk about’ means listening and even sharing silence. An arm round the shoulder may speak eloquently.