YouthVids is a free and carefully curated video library with a focus on helping young people discover Jesus.

After taking a survey and finding that over 80% of youth leaders spend several hours trying to find relevant, good-quality videos with sound teaching, YouthVids set to work in creating a website full of awesome videos aimed at young people.

YouthVids now spend time finding, carefully curating and categorising the best Christian videos.

YouthVids is a free and carefully curated selection of videos with a focus on helping young people discover Jesus. It’s perfect for finding discussion starters, answers to tough questions, videos for Bible studies and more.

Their team members are always on the lookout for the best, free-to-watch Christian videos for young people. To feature on YouthVids​.com, a video must tick this criteria: youth-relevant, sound in teaching, good quality and free to watch.

They’ve also tried to make finding the right video as easy as possible. They do this by sorting their videos into style, topic, series, and key words, so young people and youth leaders can easily find the exact video they’re looking for.