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28 October 2016

The Great Commission – simplified

The Great Commission – simplified

At the Evangelical Alliance we're good news people. We're passionate about seeing the UK Church share the amazing message about Jesus and his power to transform lives today.

And the exciting thing is – each and every one of us has a part to play in sharing this good news. That's why we've created a new website hub, the Great Commission, to inspire and equip you and your church in talking about Jesus.

God's mission is lived out in our lives in so many ways. The Church in the UK is an amazing force for good, humbly serving society across the land. But in speaking to leaders of churches across the UK – big and small – there's a sense that we, the UK Church, have lost some of our confidence in 
the gospel.

The Talking Jesus research positively highlighted that 67 per cent of those in the UK who currently don't know Jesus say that they do know a Christian. This is great and further highlights the good work that Christians and churches are doing in building friendships with those in their communities.

And yet, 43 per cent of UK adults are not convinced that Jesus was even a real person. Our heart at the Evangelical Alliance is to encourage and empower the UK Church in evangelism, that together we might see people throughout our land come into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

Greatcommission.co.uk is a place to watch stories of lives changed by Jesus throughout the UK. You'll also find stories of how others have shared their faith – exploring times when everything's gone well, as well as times when it all went wrong. 

A new story will be available each week to share and freely download, reminding us that God is at work in our land. We've also produced a promo video with excerpts from the inspiring stories, as well as information explaining more about the site. We'd love it if you could share these stories in your church, as we think they'll be a great encouragement to Christians across the UK. 

At greatcommission.co.uk you can also read reflections that will encourage and stimulate you as you think, dream, pray and plan about what evangelism could look like in your place. These reflections come from Christians across the diversity of the UK Church, sharing lessons they've learnt from their context.

And the Great Commission site also equips you to act - connecting you to the evangelism tools and resources already out there, helping you personally share your faith or plan outreach activities for a wide variety of contexts.

You can easily share what you've found on the site by creating boards to save the stories, reflections and resources you'd like to show others. You can then give chosen individuals access to view these boards – whether that's friends, members of your PCC, or your youth team. Or you can share your boards publicly to inspire others. We want to give you confidence to speak up, so the Evangelical Alliance has partnered with the Lawyers Christian Fellowship to produce a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to the law and your gospel freedoms. And because we all long to see a major move of God in our land, all of this has to be undergirded by prayer. So you'll find prayer reflections and resources in our dedicated prayer section.

The site will be constantly developing and evolving, so please get in touch with your ideas and stories through the website or our Great Commission Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We'd love you to join in, so whether you're talking about Jesus with others all the time, or just starting out; feeling confident or not at all; praying lots, or wanting encouragement to pray more, we hope that greatcomission.co.uk will be of real help for you. For the latest updates follow us on Twitter – @great_comm – and finally, do be praying with us that together we'll make Jesus known. Also visit talkingjesus.org 

Visit greatcommission.co.uk today to be inspired and equipped in talking about Jesus – and do make sure your church leader's aware of this new website too.

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