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15 April 2016

People and place  

People and place

In many ways, People and Place is the follow-up to Seeking Peace and ProsperityAhead of the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election, it's the Alliance's contribution to some of the big public policy and Church conversations taking place.

What kind of people are we becoming?
What kind of place are we creating?
What kind of people and place could we be?
How can we create a cultural ecology which holds people and place together?
These are the big questions which shape this text.

And in one sense that's all it is, words. These words are not prescriptive, they don't give answers to every pressing question. They are descriptive of the kind of people and place we aspire to be. These words are not a lecture. They aren't an imposition of beliefs. They are an invitation to everyone to join a conversation.

Maybe you are a Christian disciple, a politician or a church leader? Maybe you don't believe in God? We still hope you will find some common grace and good in these words.

Finally, we'd love to hear your thoughts so please do feel free to get in touch – info@eauk.org