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13 December 2012

Prayer for peace

Prayer for peace

God, holy, sovereign, faithful and generous
God of freedom, God of justice, God of peace
Yahweh – the one true God

We shall have no other gods before you
We worship you as the true and living God
We pledge our allegiance to You
We find our identity in You
We – the ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven
You – the redeemer, healer, restorer, forgiver

We are sons and daughters of the King
Kingdom carriers and trusted rulers
Marching under the banner of love

We are priests called to mediate
To steward heaven to earth
To petition You, Father, on behalf of others

We are prophets, proclaiming Your mighty acts
Critiquing those who perpetuate injustice
Offering instead creative solutions and hopeful imagination

You put us in a particular time and place – our time, our place
We confess we have not been the peacemakers we should have been
We have not pursued the peace and prosperity of the city as you told us
We have not been a light to those around us

But we are reminded that Your kingdom comes amid violence and protest
Now would be a good time for Your kingdom to come
In this season of advent we have grown weary of waiting
Where are the wise men from the East?

We want more than ever Emmanuel – God with us
We want the incarnation, Your kingdom crashing into our world
Turning it upside down, or more accurately right side up

Break off fear
Smash the chains of despair
Chase away cynicism
Expose anxiety

Instead bring hope
Renew culture
Release the dreamers
Pour out Your blessing

Restore Your kingdom
Renew our land
Revive Your people

We wait for Your coming
As a vulnerable baby
In whom all things are made new