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Relationships are what life is all about. We are made in the image of a relational God to be in relationship with Him, each other and the Earth. It is through relationship the immense love of God is lived and learned. Family, community and church relationships are vital to the extension of God's Kingdom here on Earth. When relationships are done right the benefits for everyone in society are physical, emotional and spiritual, however when they go wrong the destruction can be equally as extensive. Relationships are so vital that Jesus presented us with a radical manifesto for doing relationships right and well in the Sermon on the Mount.

We live in a commoditised world; if Jesus' teaching isn't modelled, relationships of every kind – marriages, families, churches and communities – will be strained and stretched. Our past and present reflect a level of relational poverty in Northern Ireland. We have produced the Relationships Revolution series to promote and transform relationships here and everywhere. They are designed to be easily read and applied. They can be used in multiple formats - around the dinner table, in small groups, at church events or even with politicians.

These booklets deal with some uncomfortable topics from pornography to prostitution – but these are issues affecting Northern Ireland today. Together, we want to prayerfully seek God in making relationships real, relevant and right. Northern Ireland can be a world leader in relationships – a place where broken things are given the opportunity to be made whole, healthy, and strong. We want to invite you to join us in a revolution fuelled by love, focused on Jesus, and to benefit all in society.