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13 March 2015

Think Friday: Jeremy Clarkson and how one man’s son is also his brother

This week we look at what happens when relationships go wrong. 

Jeremy Clarkson is alleged to have punched his producer. Despite the fact we have limited information on what happened well over half a million people have signed a petition for him to be re-instated. Work is a primary place for relationships. Every product and purchase is the coming together of myriad of relationships – we cannot and do not work alone. But this story reminds us that work can also be a place of relational tension.

We also learned this week that Kyle Casson, a 24-year-old single man became a father when his own mother acted as a surrogate using a donated egg fertilised by his sperm. 

With the cost of family breakdown in the UK in excess of £46 billion per year we need to provide better relational support not form more unstable types of relationships.

Finally, we reflect on the lack of trust between the political parties around welfare reform.