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26 June 2015

Should we care about creation?

This week's video blog looks at how we as evangelicals respond to the issue of creation care, which is especially topical in light of the Pope's recent Encyclical.

The idea that spirit world is good and that the physical world is bad comes from Plato rather than the Bible. The idea that the world is going to be destroyed in a fire comes from misreading of 1 Peter 3:10. 

We need to take seriously our relationship with God, with others, but also the world that He created. There simply isn't enough planet for us all to live as more of us in the West do, which means we have to seriously look at our consumption.

I met Anne Widdecombe this week and she said she now refuses to speak at a dinner event unless they agree to say grace. Grace is a great daily reminder of God's abundant generosity, not just to us, but for everyone – give us this day our daily bread. Grace reminds us to care about creation and to thank the Creator.