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24 April 2015

Think Friday 16: Foodbanks Boats and Bikes

Much as we love the elections we thought we would take a week off - more or less.
This week's video starts with Foodbanks. In some of the controversy around the number of people using them, it is important to remember the crucial role Churches and Christians are playing in providing food, housing, debt counselling, job clubs and social enterprises. 
Katie Hopkins may have grabbed the headlines for the wrong reasons after comparing migrants to cockroaches but a petition to sack her doesn't help the refugees. Britain played a role in the situation in Libya and so we have a responsibility to those fleeing. It has been encouraging at the hustings we have arranged to hear questions about how we can take in more Syrian refugees.
And finally bikes. This Monday Belfast Bikes  is launched allowing you to hire bikes around the city. It is a great opportunity to have a conversation about our role in stewarding the creation and cultivating our city spaces.