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21 August 2015

Think Friday: The End of the Affair

Data from the world's leading affair website has been dumped online, allowing people to see details of the 37 million people registered with Ashley Madison. This raises a whole range of ethical issues which we discuss in this week's Think Friday.

Any moral crusade by the hackers was undermined by their blackmail attempts, illegal hacking and dumping of personal details. The company existed solely to profit from adultery. The users chose to betray trust and relationship. And what about the families of those who were registered with the site? While all this happened in secret online, it has very real and public consequences. Real affairs happened, real jobs will be lost and real marriages will end.

The release of this data will probably make people less likely to sign up to these sites in the future. But if anything, the number of people affected reminds us that we need to invest more in our marriages. Why not consider running a marriage course in your church this Autumn?