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06 March 2015

TV Debates, The Undecideds and The Unbelievers

This week's video blog looks at whether the TV debates will happen and how evangelicals will vote. Our 'Faith in Politics?' survey made for some very interesting reading about how evangelicals might vote in the General Election - check out the results here. Also our current idea magazine has interviews with the party leaders giving their responses to the survey findings.

With so many people undecided as to how they will vote and with the TV debates looking less likely to happen, it is a great time to organise a hustings. Check out our guide here, and we will let you know shortly about some hustings we are organising with our friends from CARE.

Finally, after debating Dawkins last week I decided to check out 'The Unbelievers', the movie he was over promoting. Its almost worth a look if you need reminded of the hope of the God story and the importance of getting out there and telling people about Jesus. The alternative pedalled by Dawkins and others is so hope-less.

Have a great weekend.