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Stewardship: Advent Unwrapped

Unwrap something deeper this Advent

Advent Unwrapped is a four-part look at some unexpected gifts present in the nativity story.

This year our series unwraps the gifts of encouragement, perseverance, readiness and humility as we see them appear in Mary, Joseph and Jesus’ story. 

The first week’s reflection focuses particularly on the Angel as an encourager as well as a messenger. The angel reassures a troubled Mary that nothing is impossible with God.’ 

The second reflection centres on the perseverance of the Magi. On a journey which could have taken months of travel, they didn’t give up until they found exactly where to go. 

Week three’s reflection is about the shepherds, who were at first shocked and terrified by the sudden appearance of the angels. It was just an ordinary night shift until they were given the incredible news. They wasted no time leaving their sheep on the hillside and hurrying off to witness this event. 

The final reflection is about the humility that underpins the whole of Jesus’ birth. Mary’s song shows that she understood who Jesus came for. She was aware of her own humility and saw herself as blessed’ because of the intimacy with God she was about to be a part of, not because she saw anything special in herself. 

Each theme is explored through a series of weekly blogs and short video reflections which tell the story of someone’s personal experience with each gift. You can find each of these on our blog, our YouTube (or follow us on social media).

This Advent unwrap something deeper in the nativity story. 

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