Live and work alongside Tearfund partners, following Jesus where the need is greatest.

Connect with Tearfund partners around the world and live and work alongside people like you, passionate about tackling poverty and injustice. 

Whether you are aged 18 or 80, have three weeks or three months to give, Tearfund placements are open to all. You can travel as an individual, as a group or with your family. Tearfund Go volunteers work with local partners, alongside churches and communities in places of great need. 

With 50 years of experience, Tearfund is committed to working through the local church to end poverty. Join us and help to see God’s plan for the world realised. We won’t stop until poverty stops. 

Volunteering with Tearfund was a life changing experience for me. During our placement in Zambia, we were able to run training on public speaking for a Junior Parliament project. The project provides young people with a debating forum. It’s amazing to see these young adults who are so passionate about advocating for and bringing change in their community, and to see that they are already effective — their voices are being heard.”

Tearfund Volunteer Chris Sherwin 

The training I received from Tearfund volunteers has helped to build confidence in my skills and qualities, giving me the confidence to stand and advocate for my fellow young people in my community knowing that this is where my strength is.”

Junior Parliament member Rebecca Nkhata