In these uncertain times, Christian churches and charities are navigating enormous changes to the landscape that they operate in

This involves grappling with complex issues every day in areas such as governance, property, commercial and employment law. 

Here at Anthony Collins Solicitors, we are national market leaders for our legal advice to church bodies, individual churches and their charities. Our experience goes beyond technical understanding and legal issues facing churches, we understand through our individual and collective involvement in both personal and professional capacities, the pressures and opportunities that churches face. 

We have faith clients whom we have advised for over 25 years, which is a testament to the advice that Anthony Collins Solicitors have given for many years to Christian organisations in support of the firm’s purpose to improve lives, communities and society”.

Anthony Collins Solicitors has a particular focus on supporting clients in the faith sector, which combined with their charity, community regeneration, social enterprise and commercial experience, makes them unique. They are an award-winning, people-based business with a strong can-do’ approach that means they work closely with clients to help them do what they want to do.” — Global Connections