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Longing for a Spirit-filled summer: A prayer for August

A prayer of praise for God's refreshment and life-giving spirit

Wales: Reflections from Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2023

Faith is often described as a journey, and it’s fair to say that Wales’ journey with faith is one of great richness and influence. It was poignant therefore that this year’s theme at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast was pilgrimage. Darren Millar MS, chair of the Cross Party Group on faith, who…

17 March 2023
Nathan Sadler

NOW CLOSED: Share your experience: how are your children being taught about relationships and sex in school?

That is why we produced Time to Talk, a resource designed to help Christian parents and carers to have better conversations about Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) with children at home and with their school. When RSE is not taught well, and parents’ concerns continue to be ignored, children…

The UK's migration problem | Being Human

‘Stop the Boats’ was splattered across our headlines at the beginning of this year as the UK prime minister presented one of his pledges to the government. Then, this month we saw the unveiling of the government’s proposed legislation to supposedly meet that pledge. For the first time since the…

Living Out: Why LGBT people should not be criminalised

Article by Sean Doherty referred to be Ed in this week's episode

Spotlight: Our mission team

Meet the team Our core mission staff team is small but mighty. Rachael Heffer is head of mission, she is the queen of celebration and loves partnering with our membership organisations and churches to help share the good news of Jesus. You may have known Phil Knox under a different role, but he now…

31 March 2023
Alyssa Carey

The intercultural church: growing in unity

The main vision of the early pioneers was to plant churches that would both be a place of belonging for people from the Caribbean but would also welcome the indigenous population through their doors. Unfortunately, as a result of receiving a less than warm welcome in churches in the UK, they…

31 March 2023
Mike Royal

"My grace is sufficient for you"

After an hour-long conversation, where we laughed, shared and brought each other close to tears, he left me with an experience that genuinely humbled me and a story that truly took my breath away. But let’s start at the beginning. Pastor Paul was brought up in a Christian family, in a little…

31 March 2023
Nicola Morrison

How we increased our attendance by 600%

Despite the fact that the group had never organised a carol service for the community before, had a tiny annual budget, were relatively unknown in their community and had a very modest congregation, they were able to apply some key strategies to reach their local community and invite them to be a…

31 March 2023
Derek Hughes

What we need to see from our new first minister of Scotland

In anticipation of this shift, we engaged our member churches from all across Scotland and asked them: What are your priorities for the new leadership of Scotland? What would you like to see change? What are your concerns? And, how would you like the Scottish government to work with faith…

29 March 2023
Chris Ringland

Baroness Casey calls for a culture reset in the Metropolitan Police

When reading through the Casey report, although saddened and frustrated I was not surprised by her conclusions. Prior to joining the Evangelical Alliance, the majority of my career was spent working for different charities supporting young men and women connected to the criminal justice system in…

29 March 2023
Alicia Edmund

Tim Rowlands joins the Evangelical Alliance as head of Wales

Tim, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m married to Emily, and we have four children between the ages of 17 and 22. I was born and raised in North Wales and am excited by the opportunity to relocate back to Wales for this new role, having lived in Chester for four years. I studied…

3 April 2023
Nicola Morrison

How might churches mark the 25th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement?

Monday, 10 April 2023 is the 25th anniversary of the Agreement and some local churches might want to appropriately make mention of this in the weeks ahead. So below are some words and prayers which might be helpful. We recognise that various church traditions and expressions will take different…

How to be a great friend: look at the Easter story

I have two sons. Each week they attend Sunday school at our local church. Occasionally, their enthusiasm and tendency to talk too much (no idea where they get that from) means they miss the question the teacher asks. I have instructed them in this instance to simply put your hand in the air and…

3 April 2023
Phil Knox

Perspective with Patrick Dixon and Amy Key

Recording on the March 2023 Perspective conversation on the future of mission and evangelism in the UK.