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Further reflections on Colin Bloom’s faith engagement review

On 26 April 2023, Colin Bloom, the independent faith adviser to the government published the Does government do God? report; bringing together over 21,000 consultation responses from faith leaders, charities and academics from different religion or belief organisations. Before reading this…

15 May 2023
Alicia Edmund

550,000 people were given a Warm Welcome in churches and community spaces across the UK this winter

At the beginning of the current cost of living crisis, the ChurchWorks commission recognised the need for a collective response from churches to the crisis. Conversations were held between the different organisations and denominations that make up the commission (including the Evangelical Alliance)…

15 May 2023
Nicola Martin

The Mentor Ministry

What’s good about TMM? -Opportunities to engage with real people from around the world, listen with empathy, pray for them and gently open doors to spiritual conversations and the gospel -Safety for people on both sides of the conversation through the secure messaging site. -Interactive, self-paced…

Community Football Outreach training

Ambassadors Football has been working in Great Britain and around the world for over 30 years. Our Community Football Outreach (CFO) training can help churches serve and build bridges in their local communities. Football brings people together, then there are opportunities to share faith and…

The gift of leadership: a prayer for May

A prayer of thankfulness, protection and guidance for those called to leadership in the church

From little acorns… Mighty oaks do grow

I had a second vision (in the same sitting) where I saw a map with lots of dots on it. I realised that these were multiple street worship groups across the globe that God was showing me. I heard the phrase ‘Worship on every street corner.’ I knew God was speaking to me and calling me to do this. My…

17 May 2023
Storm Cecile

Prayer for children and young people taking exams

Join us as we pray for children and young people taking exams during this season

CMF website

The Christian Medical Fellowship website

Three verses to remember when you're afraid

Fear is something that affects us all. Fear of loss, the unknown, failure – and a fear that is particularly prevalent in our news stories this week: the fear of having a bad reputation. This week, Jo explores the stories of Braverman and Schofield, but ultimately turns us to the God story. She…

Outreach and evangelism: lessons in sharing Jesus with strangers

With the eyes of the world on London around the time of the Coronation, we at the Luis Palau Association, and youth mission movement Circuit Riders, wanted to bring Christ to the city streets. So we came together to create ‘Carry the Love Festival: London’, a week of evangelistic outreach – and saw…

6 June 2023
Vickie Price

Time to Talk: Talking about our Bodies webinar series

Time to Talk is a guide designed for Christian parents and carers to better understand the different Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) curriculums taught across the UK. The resource offers case studies on some of the difficult and contested issues in our culture, such as pornography, gender and…

Windrush 75 – A National Service of Thanksgiving

The service will involve worship, music, reflections, readings and prayers and will touch on the themes that are relevant namely the invitation, the recognising of struggle following the invitation and the creative, unique and significant contributions made by the citizens and their descendants…

Ultra-processed food meets fasting

In light of BBC Panorama this week, we are asking what is ultra-processed food doing to our bodies. Join Peter this week, as he reflects on a book he is reading exploring how much of what we currently eat isn't actually food. He confesses that he still has the odd trip to a fast-food joint but is…

‘What is a woman?’ – the question that continues to divide parliamentarians and the public

The cultural debate on sex, gender and identity is evolving at a pace quicker than the law can keep up with. A decade ago, the question ‘what is a woman?’ would have elicited reference to biology and scientific fact in response. Today, to answer in a way that states biological fact and differences…

13 June 2023
Alicia Edmund

Creation Care: A challenge to the church

A short prompt to ask the question- are we living well in this land?