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Why do we love music festivals?

In its 53 years, Glastonbury festival has grown into its own cultural icon. But what’s the big deal? Aside from seeing our favourite headliners, why do we love music festivals so much? Catch Emma in this week’s quick take and she seeks to answer this question and what it reveals about the…

Top tips on leaving a legacy in your will

The decision to leave a gift (a legacy) in your will to a loved one or a charity close to your heart is a very important one. Legally, you are free to distribute your estate (everything you own) however you wish. This can include leaving legacies to certain people, organisations, or charities. 1.…

29 June 2023
Guest writer

Friends, Romans & collaboration | Authors' conversation: Phil Knox and Andrew Ollerton

Find out more about Phil's book: The Best of Friends Find out more about Andrew's book: Romans: A Letter That Makes Sense of Life

Friendship Jesus' Way: Why friendship is part of the God story

“I’m joined today by Phil Knox” he introed, “who thinks that we need to talk more about friendship, and that the example of Jesus might have some things to teach us…” I took a deep sigh, bracing myself for an attack on the whole premise of the book, but was pleasantly surprised, when he continued,…

3 July 2023
Phil Knox

Alcohol ruled my life – until I experienced God’s CPR

Born in 1946 into a large, loving family, David (Davey) Hoy was his mum’s ​“blue-eyed boy”. Growing up, he was taught right from wrong and attended Sunday school, but as a teenager his life went in a totally different direction from the one he had been brought up in. Ex-drinkers in that time would…

5 July 2023
Helen Locke

Hottest June, hotter planet

Will we tackle climate change? Global temperature readings are at an all-time high. After only just finishing the hottest June on record, globally this first week of July witnessed the warmest day ever recorded. With contradicting and contested proposed solutions to the climate crisis, challenging…

Unconditional friendship

Words are powerful. They can build up and tear down, console and wound. All of us carry words said to us over the years, some by those we thought of as friends or loved ones, that have fed into a sense of not being enough, or even of being worthless and without value. Some of us may have been in…

10 July 2023
Liz Carter

Why we must oppose assisted dying proposals in Scotland

The Bill would allow for “mentally competent adults” (those over the age of 16) who are terminally ill to request assistance to end their life. The person must have been a resident of Scotland for at least a year. The last time proposals came to the Scottish Parliament to change the law on assisted…

11 July 2023
Matthew Holden

We need friends

Phil shares a spoken word about friendship

Friendship on the frontline

Unless we know what friendship truly is, and how to cultivate it in a Christlike way, we’re missing out on one of life’s greatest gifts which we’re called to freely share. So, how do we practise friendship well, like Jesus and the early church did, as a witness to our lonely and fragmented…

17 July 2023
Dr Dave Benson

The government are reviewing relationship and sex education in England: here’s what you should know

Since September 2020, relationship education has been compulsory in schools across England. While secondary schools are required to teach on sex and LGBT issues, this is optional in primary schools. As the government have released no guidance on RSHE since this legislation came into play, much of…

13 July 2023
Nicola Martin

UK Covid Inquiry invites evangelicals to share experiences in new campaign

Since February, you will have seen high-profile politicians such as Matt Hancock, David Cameron, and others being questioned on the first theme of the Public Inquiry, ‘resilience and preparedness’. But the Inquiry continues into the next stages, examining a wide range of themes around the UK’s…

13 July 2023
Alicia Edmund

Westminster round-up: Making sense of it all

This break provides time for the Westminster team to reflect on the last six months and prepare and respond to calls for evidence from parliamentary committees and statutory bodies in August. The advocacy work here at the Evangelical Alliance is built around two core pillars. The first is to…

21 July 2023
Alicia Edmund

‘Therapy speak’: what’s the big deal?

From Prince Harry’s memoir to self-care TikToks, ‘therapy speak’ is becoming increasingly prevalent online, and even seeping into friendships, dating, and the workplace. It’s language that might have previously existed only in clinical settings but has now evolved into the mainstream (whether…

How friendship with Jesus changes us

I’ve often related to Martha in the kitchen in this gospel story, so I was surprised to resonate with Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus too. As the scene unfolded in my imagination, I saw Jesus protect me against the older sister who burst into the room with heated indignation: “Jesus! Tell her to…

24 July 2023
Amy Boucher Pye