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Charities Bill in Scotland: What does it mean for you?

In Scotland, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) registers and regulates over 24,000 charities for the Scottish Government. Charities must be registered on its Scottish Charity Register, which includes us at the Evangelical Alliance. Since its establishment in 2005, charity law…

25 July 2023
Chris Ringland

Welcome to the One People Commission

We celebrate the texture that these expressions of our faith bring and are sensitive to ways of 'doing church' which reflect the variety of ethnic backgrounds that we come from. But ultimately we are one people, with one voice and one hope. While we affirm this diversity, we long to see the…

Unity in Christ: A prayer for March

A prayer of thankfulness for the unity we are called to in Christ, as we seek to love one another and make Jesus known

Being Human podcast - season four

The Being Human podcast is back with another season full of insights, humour, cultural commentary and biblical truth.

Being Human S4 E01

The Being Human podcast is back! Jo Frost and Peter Lynas return with another season full of insights, humour, cultural commentary and biblical truth. Episode one recaps what's been happening since we last sat in front of a microphone... We live in a fast-paced, rapidly changing and increasingly…

Changes to RSE in Northern Ireland

Disturbing stories have emerged about teaching on issues such as gender identities or graphic and sometimes dangerous sexual practices. As a result, many parents, of different faiths and none, have expressed concerns about the methods and content of some lessons. So, the teaching of RSE is being…

3 August 2023
David Smyth

Being Human S4 E02

We know that the stories we live in can affect us and our world, but how? And how can we see clearly what’s good and what’s not in terms of who we are and how we live? Let us introduce you to the Being Human lens – a new tool to help us recognise the cultural stories of our day and help build…

OPC mentoring event

OPC mentoring event

Being Human S4 E03 - Tim Mackie

How can we recognise and fall in love with the big, underlying narratives of the God Story? How do we learn to study the Bible on its own terms? Co-founder of the BibleProject, pastor, scholar and ‘life-long learner’ - Tim Mackie, is credited as one of the best Bible teachers in North America. As a…

Being Human S4 E04 - Karen Swallow Prior

When much of contemporary Christianity is suffering an identity crisis, how do we engage well with cultural conversations? As followers of Jesus, we need to return to Christianity’s rich DNA and uncover the ‘why’ behind the vision for our lives and the lives of others. We are welcoming author,…

The UK's first mainstream gospel festival

Omedeyi, is the music director at the Liverpool Lighthouse, a National Portfolio organisation for Arts Council England, where she is involved in developing a National Gospel Music Centre. In 2015, she left her profession as a barrister to commit to directing her local church gospel choir where they…

31 August 2023
Carla Jacobs

What’s happening with RSE in Northen Ireland – A quick take bringing you up to date.

David give a brief explanation of what’s happening with RSE in Northen Ireland.

What’s happening with RSE in Northen Ireland – A quick take bringing you up to date

VIDEO: David Smyth (Head of Evangelical Alliance, NI) talks about changes to RSE and how you can respond.

RSE response event at Fermanagh Christian Fellowship

Join us for an RSE response event to equip you to respond to the changes and challenges happening in this space. Event details Where: Fermanagh Christian Fellowship, Enniskillen BT74 4RL When:Tuesday 17 October, 8pm