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Prayers as we engage in the lead up to the election

Please be praying, using and sharing these prayers personally and in your churches as together we petition God for ourselves and our country in this time.

Girls' Brigade Ministries: Koko

Films, blogs, insights and support about living life to the full – enabling girls to ‘keep on keeping on’ in a hope-filled way. Produced by Girls’ Brigade Ministries, a UK-based mission network, committed to raising hope in this generation of girls and women especially through the provision of…

Sports evangelism: Could you share Jesus with others this summer?

It was such a delight for me recently, to join Christians in Sport on their podcast, to talk about how people are coming to faith presently and how, as an organisation, they are using their platform to invite people onto the next stage of their faith journey this summer. There were four key…

7 June 2024
Phil Knox

Three guiding principles for Christian women ahead of polling day

It is important to start with a reminder to make sure you are registered to vote on 4 July and to check you have the approved photo ID to take with you on the day. You have until Tuesday, 18 June (23:59) to register to vote and Wednesday, 26 June (17:00) to apply for a ‘Voter Authority Certificate…

10 June 2024
Alicia Edmund

The Whole Life Podcast

LICC’s Paul Woolley and Grace Fielding are joined by well-known experts to discuss just about everything, from AI taking over the world to what makes good stand-up, from the existential dread of ecological crisis to the simple benefits of prayer. There’s literally everything to talk about and just…

Thank you to our members!

Between September and the end of March, our advocacy team had 94 meetings with MPs, organisations and church leaders. Find out more about our advocacy team, and what they are working on here.In the past year we have produced dozens of innovative resources to equip the UK church. You can view just…

Father's Day: what being a stay-at-home dad taught me about being a child of God

My friend’s message popped up on my phone about two weeks after the birth of my eldest son. Blurry-eyed from the cumulative effect of many consecutive nights’ sleep interrupted by the new rituals of nappy changes and bottle feeds, I managed to fire back the reply: “Simultaneously the most exciting,…

10 June 2024
Jonathan Murnane

A prayer for Father's Day

Join us in a prayer this Father's Day

How we can celebrate South Asian Heritage month

Background You may be wondering what South Asian Heritage Month is – in simple words, it is a celebration of those of who have South Asian roots. There are British-born South Asians, those who have come to work or study here over many years, those who came as refugees in the 70s when Idi Amin…

18 June 2024
Rani Joshi

Prayer points

Be it on our knees by our beside or standing in a gathering with our church family, prayer reminds us that our ultimate allegiance is to Jesus our king, and that our ultimate hope within and beyond this election is to see His kingdom come “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).In the document…

How to organise election hustings

If you are thinking about holding a hustings event, you will need to follow some rules. We’ve provided some key information that aims to help you understand these rules and provide helpful information to plan a hustings. You can read the Electoral Commission’s full hustings guide here.

Seen, heard, valued and honoured: let’s increase our awareness of learning disabilities

Jamie’s story reminds us of the need to build fresh perspectives on faith and intellectual disabilities, something which we at Tio Associates are working together to build, through teaching, training and consultancy. Did you know that this week is officially Learning Disability Awareness Week 2024?…

20 June 2024
Dr Jill Harshaw

Will you stand with us as we stand up for you?

During this general election and in the months and years to come, the Evangelical Alliance is committed to ensuring that the church is equipped and encouraged to speak out and demonstrate the gospel hope we have for all of society. We will do this through: Prayer – Our engagement with politics…

The gift of words

Of course, averages being averages, some of us, whether because of circumstances or personality, will land well short while others will exceed their daily quota! The ability to communicate is a significant part of our humanity. Communications expert Richard Almonte claims that communication with…

28 June 2024
Alan Wilson

Heart Behind The Art: an interview with Nicola Morrison

Those who know Nicola as the bubbly, confident and assured presence she is today might be surprised to learn of the difficult start she had in life. “People will struggle to reconcile the girl in the book with the reality of me today, but at the same time I think that’s an amazing testament to…

28 June 2024
Helen Locke