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Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

20s & 30s/The head, not the tail

I love these verses not only because of their focus on justice, mercy and humility, but because they are active, intentional actions that effect our relationships with each other and with God. We are instructed not to simply approve of the theoretical concepts but to embody justice, mercy and…

27 February 2019
Abi Jarvis

Society/Inspired to lead

Over the last fortnight the Public Leadership team at the Evangelical Alliance has delivered nine seminars at Spring Harvest conferences, run a weekend training retreat and facilitated a day long workshop for a group of churches in Essex. It’s been a busy period, but also an exciting one as we’ve…

19 April 2018
Abi Jarvis

Society/Leaders, you're not alone

A name you are likely less familiar with (unless you’re a space enthusiast) is Chris Kraft, the first flight director of NASA, who died two days after the anniversary. Kraft invented the planning and control processes for crewed space missions and set up Nasa's Mission Control operations to manage…

25 July 2019
Abi Jarvis

20s & 30s/Book review: Leading – The Millennial Way

Using the research and Simon’s extensive leadership experience, the book investigates major traits of millennial leaders and considers how these traits can be considered benefits, rather than the stereotypical negative assumptions often made about them. For example, the authors challenge the idea…

17 June 2019
Abi Jarvis

Society/Turning the tide on youth-related violence

On Saturday I was part of a crowd at Trafalgar Square, London, that had come out to show locals and tourists from around the world that the church stands against knife crime. That evening I went to the cinema and a request that some people stop talking during the film resulted in a young woman…

11 April 2019
Abi Jarvis

Society/Julian Richer – what a Christian public leader

In addition to this, a third of the £9.2m he received for the shares is being given back to the staff (excluding the directors), who will receive £1,000 for every year they have worked for the retailer. The average pay-out will be £8,000 but there are 39 employees with more than 20 years’ service.…

20 May 2019
Abi Jarvis

Society/Marie Kondo and the charitable giver

Anecdotal stories suggest that charities have seen a great upswing in donations this month, partially due to a Netflix series from tidiness expert Marie Kondo. Kondo’s show apparently encourages people to ask whether their possessions are giving them joy and if not, they’re advised to give them…

24 January 2019
Abi Jarvis

Society/Ten podcasts for public leaders

Cultural intelligence Q Podcast Q, a website of videos and articles, was birthed out of Gabe Lyons’ vision to see Christians, especially leaders, recover a vision for their historic responsibility to renew and restore cultures. The podcast ( covers a large subject-base…

17 April 2018
Abi Jarvis

Society/Stephen Hawking and hope for the future

This week brought the sad news of the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. Among the many articles posted in the wake of the news was an article from the BBC outlining some of Hawking’s predictions for the future. They aren’t optimistic. Hawking’s view of the future included expecting the…

16 March 2018
Abi Jarvis

Society/Christmas: Emmanuel in public leadership

It might seem like an obvious message, but there was great power in hearing these words from senior national leaders in politics, the army and the charity sector. These weren’t just theories, this is the reality for men and women who have spent decades fulfilling their calling from God. Knowing…

7 December 2018
Abi Jarvis

Church/A heritage from the Lord

I don’t have children, but I recognise the crucial role that early years child care provision can play. If I’m honest, my main memory from play school is being called Abigail and not recognising it as my own name (I was always Abi). What I only understand as an adult is that my time at play school…

13 June 2019
Abi Jarvis

20s & 30s/Millennial leadership

On Tuesday, Forge Leadership released the findings of their research into the leadership development needs of millennials working across all sectors, including both church leaders and public leaders. The research, which has a strong evangelical bias in its respondents, corroborates many anecdotal…

18 October 2018
Abi Jarvis

Society/Prenatal testing for Down’s Syndrome: a slippery slope?

If you don’t know much about Down’s Syndrome testing then, on first viewing, Jane Fisher’s statements on Radio 4 this week might sound appealing. The new non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), she says, is safer and more accurate than the current test, is already available in Wales, is being held…

21 September 2018
Abi Jarvis

Society/Four ways to support Christians in the arts

In July 2018 we hosted a roundtable for Christians working in, or supporting those in, the arts. This included church leaders, filmmakers, Christians in fashion and the fine and performing arts, and representatives from Morphē Arts and the Arts Centre Group. The conversation revolved around three…

20 September 2018
Abi Jarvis