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Discipleship/Pressing into God’s calling

I’m just not very target-orientated. So new year’s resolutions are always a bit hit and miss for me. Last week I read back on my end-of-year reflection from 2017 and it turned out that I’d committed myself to some faith-related goals which I had promptly forgotten about. I did manage to get all the…

3 January 2019
Alexandra Davis

Discipleship/Christmas: Emmanuel, God is with us, changes everything

God being with us has changed everything. At Christmas, we remember that God doesn’t watch us from the sidelines with His fingers crossed, hoping we’ll sort it out before it’s too late. At Christmas, we remember that God saw us, a broken mess of humankind, and decided to do something about it.…

3 December 2018
Alexandra Davis

Prayer/Praying for my family, the persecuted church

In prison. At work. In families. So many of those who have chosen to follow Jesus have chosen to do so at the cost of something else – community. Whether they love Jesus in secret because they are aware of the potential retribution of family and neighbours who are against their conversion, or…

15 November 2018
Alexandra Davis

Unity/One People Commission fifth birthday: a song of unity

Why have you decided to get involved with the One People Commission celebration? I very much believe that the church at large should be aiming to come together as one body, worshipping God together, growing together and winning souls to the kingdom together. This necessarily includes embracing…

23 October 2018
Alexandra Davis

Global/IDOP: Persecuted Christians around the world need our prayers

Around the world there are more than 200 million Christians in the top 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian, according to the Open Doors’ World Watch List. Countries including North Korea and Afghanistan, who are in positions one and two on the list, respectively, continue to…

15 October 2018
Alexandra Davis

Discipleship/The unchanging God in the changing seasons

That’s right – a mere three hours after I bounded into the office, full of enthusiasm about a new end-of-summer, early autumn season, I was over it. To be fair, the last week had been pretty busy, as I was part of the team behind the newly launched Evangelical Alliance website. (If you haven’t…

7 September 2018
Alexandra Davis

Church/It's here! Your guide to the new Evangelical Alliance website

We hope that the changes we’ve made to design and navigation will mean that you’re able to find everything you need to support you and your church as you serve God in the UK today. What’s new? Resources - We want you to be equipped in your life with Jesus so we’ve created a space which gathers all…

30 August 2018
Alexandra Davis

Church/Making church more accessible

The body of Christ is made up of people with a wide variety of abilities and needs. Consider how your church can accommodate every member of your congregation.Making church a time and place that's easy to access – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – often takes a conscious effort…

1 July 2018
Alexandra Davis

Society/Windrush 70th anniversary celebrates love, hope and unity

As the songs sung by the gospel choir filled Westminster Abbey, I found myself wondering whether recent migrants from the Caribbean would ever have imagined such a scene: a significant aspect of their cultural roots being celebrated in a royal church in the centre of London. It was a real privilege…

26 June 2018
Alexandra Davis

Society/Royalty and the upside down kingdom

Alexandra Davis is project and digital content lead at the Evangelical Alliance. How do you lead in times of chaos? We're watching a few different styles at the moment: leadership by Twitter from President Trump, leadership by threat from President Putin, leadership by default from Prime Minister…

13 April 2018
Alexandra Davis

Unity/Unity in diversity

We have all heard the stories of division and partisanship in our culture at present. We hear them in the news, in our neighbourhoods, even in our churches. We know the division that exists in our own hearts - the division between what we want to do and what we actually do. The church in the UK has…

1 March 2018
Alexandra Davis

Church/ Dave Cave, first co-ordinator of ACUTE, passes away

Dave Cave, the first co-ordinator of the Alliance's theology commission, has passed away. Dave's influence as the first co-ordinator, in 1993, of the newly founded Alliance Commission on Unity and Truth among Evangelicals (ACUTE) was considerable. ACUTE was established to provide a theological…

22 November 2017
Alexandra Davis

Mission/South Asian Forum: the world on our doorstep

The Evangelical Alliance has published The World on our Doorstep, a book written to equip and inspire mission and engagement with other faiths. Authored by Dewi Hughes, who was Tearfund's theological advisor for nearly two decades, the book mixes practical examples with pastoral advice for working…

23 November 2016
Alexandra Davis

Discipleship/Should Christians do yoga?

Ever since yoga hit the western world's fitness scene in the early 2000s, much of the UK has been hooked on the spiritual, mental and physical discipline that originated in India around the fifth century BC. And ever since our neighbours and friends have been attending the classes, Christians have…

1 January 2016
Alexandra Davis

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