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Anti-Slavery Day 2018: time to think outside the box?

Society/Anti-Slavery Day 2018: time to think outside the box?

Creativity is a word we use a lot, but which we rarely stop to think about properly. What does creativity really look like? Is it just the preserve of a special and enlightened few? Is creativity just a nice, fuzzy concept, maybe a little insular, a little privileged, confined to esoteric artwork…

15 October 2018
Christine Gilland Robinson

Answering the call to leadership

20s & 30s/Answering the call to leadership

A simple Google search of “Are millennials lazy?” yields more 4.3 million results. Author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek says that millennials don’t stick with things long enough, preferring to drift through life in pursuit of our ‘purpose’ rather than working towards becoming competent…

4 March 2019
Christine Gilland Robinson

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