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The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

Politics/Be reconciled

Imagine a violent guerrilla war breaks out in the UK from city tower blocks to quaint country villages. Your ‘enemies’ are indistinguishable in a crowd, trust fades and communities polarise. Neighbours and work colleagues are mentally re-categorised by their perceived allegiances. The conflict…

20 November 2018
David Smyth

Society/Public leadership: Seeking God’s kingdom first

A foodbank, a new business venture, mums and tots in the portacabin at church, recycling your plastic bottles. A teacher bringing knowledge to her students, a lawyer fighting for justice, a nurse compassionately binding up wounds. Kingdom seems to be used as a neat shorthand for everything we used…

2 September 2019
David Smyth

Politics/Enemies no more

This was just a few days before traditional republican commemorations which take place every year to commemorate the Easter Rising. Public outcry following her death was swift and sincere, contrasting with the hollowness of the ‘apology’ from the IRA which “claimed responsibility” for the killing.…

29 August 2019
David Smyth

Discipleship/A right royal birth

Congratulations came in from Hollywood A-listers, the Obamas and people adorning Union Jack jumpsuits as they lined the streets in a show of support. The birth also prompted Prince William to welcome Harry and Meghan to the 'sleep deprivation society’. As a fellow member of this esteemed society,…

9 May 2019
David Smyth

Society/Who do you trust?

David Smyth is public policy officer at the Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland. I don’t do Facebook. As an adult in the UK this puts me in a minority of about 22 per cent. Globally more than 2.2 billion people are active monthly Facebook users with over 1 billion people using it daily. This…

23 March 2018
David Smyth

A perspective on the General Election from Northern Ireland

We are just a day away from what has been described as the most important election in a generation, though it seems to me this is how every election is described.This election is certainly unusual: it is the first December election in the UK since 1923 and has fallen outside of the normal election…

11 December 2019
David Smyth

Politics/Recall of Stormont offers slim hope abortion law could be blocked

Regulations will be consulted upon and implemented after the criminal law has been removed and before 31 March 2020, but this creates the potential for up to five months where there are little or no regulations or restrictions on abortion. We are very concerned that this is a bad law being…

18 October 2019
David Smyth

Politics/Ashers bakery case is going to European Court of Human Rights

Mr Lee ordered a cake with the slogan ‘support gay marriage’ from a bakery owned by a Christian family in 2014. The bakery initially accepted and then declined the order to make the cake. Mr Lee, backed by the Equality Commission in Northern Ireland, sued the bakery for damages for alleged…

21 August 2019
David Smyth

Discipleship/A diplomatic incident

US President Donald Trump called the British ambassador to the US, Sir Kim Darroch, a “pompous fool” and “a very stupid guy” on Twitter. This followed the leaked publication of sensitive emails which Sir Darroch had sent back to the British government in which he called President Trump “insecure”…

11 July 2019
David Smyth

Society/Fyre Festival: The boundaries of the impossible

The phrase ‘the boundaries of the impossible’ was part of the PR campaign for what has been dubbed the “the greatest party that never happened”. The Fyre Festival happened, or didn’t, back in April 2017 and is back in the news again this week, following the release of a new documentary on…

31 January 2019
David Smyth

Politics/Christmas: Presence, power, purpose and public policy

As public policy officer at the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, I represent the views of many Christians generally and our members more specifically to government and the media. The everyday currency in public affairs and ‘lobbying’ is influence, power and spin. I’ve observed that it’s all…

19 December 2018
David Smyth

Politics/Ashers Bakery – when the icing sugar has settled

On Wednesday, 10 October the Supreme Court in London delivered judgment in the now famous Ashers bakery case. It is the latest and perhaps final twist in the case, which began four-and-a-half years ago when a man walked into Daniel and Amy McArthur’s bakery and asked for a cake with the message…

25 October 2018
David Smyth

Society/Ford and Kavanaugh hearing: a Supreme Court injustice?

In the last 24 hours university professor Dr Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh have both appeared before a US Senate Committee. Dr Ford alleges that Judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party in 1982. Judge Kavanaugh rejects the allegations and claims no such encounter ever…

28 September 2018
David Smyth

Politics/Brexit and 'the Irish question'

After March 2019, the invisible international border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland becomes the land border between the EU and the UK. The issue cannot simply be resolved between the Irish and British governments – the border no longer divides one country from another, but one…

20 September 2018
David Smyth

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