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Meet the team

Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

Unity, truth and reconciliation - the foundations of the future

Society/Unity, truth and reconciliation - the foundations of the future

From my experience, New Zealand was an incredibly welcoming and inclusive country. Everywhere we went – despite the vast number of other tourists – we were received with warmth and kindness. I was shocked, therefore, when I learnt more about the country’s history and the journey that they’ve been…

12 December 2019
Eve Paterson

Born in the age of the internet

Society/Born in the age of the internet

Ronald Reagan was handing over to George H. W. Bush, the UK had its first female Prime Minister, and Trump was hosting the Tour de Trump – America’s response to the Tour de France. We can all recognise that the world has changed dramatically in the last thirty years, and not just politically, and…

14 March 2019
Eve Paterson

Getting in to the rhythm of mission

Mission/Getting in to the rhythm of mission

We have a rhythm of life across the UK that focuses in on holidays, events, the seasons. We're always gearing up to the next thing – right now we're all ready for Easter, and for the coming of spring! Believe it or not, our ability to share Jesus isn't dependent on the calendar. We're not better at…

22 March 2018
Eve Paterson

World Cup 2018: the dark side of offside

Society/World Cup 2018: the dark side of offside

Is it me or does it feel like this World Cup has already gone on for at least 10 years? Unfortunately, there's no end in sight as, in December, I'm marrying a man who loves the game.While I don't see the appeal, I'm not disputing the potential benefits of football – although I do deeply believe…

25 June 2018
Eve Paterson

Love Island, Hugh Grant, and Jesus: Who does it better?

Discipleship/Love Island, Hugh Grant, and Jesus: Who does it better?

If you're looking to split a crowd as dramatically as the parting of the Red Sea, might I suggest bringing up Love Island?We've probably all witnessed a colleague innocently ask, "Has anyone been watching Love Island?". Given the pandemonium this causes in workplaces across the country, I'm rather…

27 July 2018
Eve Paterson

Jesus' great commission: we all can fulfil it

Mission/Jesus' great commission: we all can fulfil it

Born out of a desire to equip the UK church for mission, Great Commission has shared story after story of people stepping out in their context, sharing their faith and making Jesus known. Now two years in, we’re certainly not done yet. It can sometimes feel like evangelism is best left to the…

29 August 2018
Eve Paterson

Great Commission to share Jesus at CRE

Church/Great Commission to share Jesus at CRE

That’s why I’m so excited that we’re going to be running three seminars at the Christian Resources Exhibition, a three-day event that shares our vision of working together to get the very best inspiration and innovation for the UK church. Individual members of the Evangelical Alliance can get their…

3 September 2018
Eve Paterson

Top tips for an ethical Christmas

Discipleship/Top tips for an ethical Christmas

Start small To create long-lasting change in any area, it’s key not to start everything at once. When God changes things in us, He is slow and gentle, drawing us towards intimacy with Him and a better way of living. The same should be true in our walk towards loving His creation better. You could…

20 November 2018
Eve Paterson

Christmas: Our co-mission with God

Mission/Christmas: Our co-mission with God

Have you ever had something not quite go to plan? One morning, when I was no more than eight, I decided to surprise my family by baking them a cake for breakfast. With an overzealous amount of Nutella and mashed banana, and a total lack of any raising or binding agents, I popped my Franken-cake in…

17 December 2018
Eve Paterson

How to Simply Eat

Mission/How to Simply Eat

Just a few months after its release, it’s amazing to be able to see the path that Simply Eat is already carving, and the legacy it is leaving. If you’ve not got your copy yet, or you've had a read and want to know how you could put it into practice, here are some of my tips and reflections:Change…

3 April 2019
Eve Paterson

D-Day: preparing the way

Church/D-Day: preparing the way

What my grandad didn’t know was that his older brother, Ron, had been on the MMS28 in the preceding days, sweeping through those very same waters to check for Nazi minefields. Having had little to no contact during the war, the brothers couldn’t have known each other’s whereabouts, but as…

6 June 2019
Eve Paterson

Fear silence, not doubt

Discipleship/Fear silence, not doubt

Turkish author and activist Elif Shafak was in conversation with writer and feminist Sam Baker about Elif’s latest book 10 Minutes and 38 Seconds in This Strange World. Sam started by asking typical questions about Elif’s writing process, how she creates her characters, and what deeper issues she…

10 October 2019
Eve Paterson

Will you share yours?

Mission/Will you share yours?

Alongside his research and resourcing at the Evangelical Alliance, Phil has also been carefully putting into words the passion he has always felt for sharing Jesus and sharing stories. His first book, Story Bearer, encourages all Christians, whatever age and life stage, to treasure their story and…

11 March 2020
Eve Paterson

Looking back at celebrating the OPC's fifth anniversary

Looking back at celebrating the OPC's fifth anniversary

More than 400 guests attended the event and roughly 60 individuals were involved in hosting and participating in various aspects of the evening’s programme. The aim of the celebration was to celebrate the One People Commission’s (OPC) five-year anniversary, the journey it has been on, many key…

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