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Catching faith: raised in a Christian home

Catching faith: raised in a Christian home

I grew up in a Christian home. Those of you with that classic testimony-opener will know what I’m talking about. Childhood involved multiple showings of ‘The Miracle Maker’ and tugging on your mum’s sleeve every week after her ‘final’ post-church coffee… Mine was a typical Christian upbringing. My…

20 March 2019
Gina Vaughan

Why I wrote Transformed

Society/Why I wrote Transformed

I felt ill-equipped to answer these questions. The Bible has much to say on identity and the importance of the body, but I needed to understand more if I were to offer any guidance. I decided to read all I could and meet with people for whom this is a very real experience. So, I met with the trans…

29 November 2018
Peter Lynas

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