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Theology/Book review: Phoebe by Paula Gooder

Paula is well known as a New Testament scholar and as a populariser of Christian theology and biblical studies. In Phoebe she adopts a new role as a writer of Christian fiction in an attempt to bring to life some of the characters and situations mentioned in the biblical text.The central character,…

22 May 2018
Graham Hedges

Church/Barking Churches Unite: taking faith onto the streets

Michael, who has worked for many years as a teacher of special needs children, shared that around the time of his fiftieth birthday, and during a week at Spring Harvest, he had become convinced that God was calling him to begin a ministry leading and promoting joint church initiatives. When he…

15 July 2019
Graham Hedges

Discipleship/Book review: It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way

The theme of the book is living with disappointments and the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries has certainly had more than her fair share in the recent past. In the last few years she has had to come to terms with marital breakdown, serious illness, and treatment for breast cancer. Her book…

8 April 2019
Graham Hedges

Global/Is God's creation still in crisis?

Some years ago, when I was working for the library service in London, I remember a conversation with a young woman who was concerned about the environment, and such issues as global warming and climate change. Louise told me that she had been brought up in the church, but when she raised her…

30 October 2018
Graham Hedges

Society/Justice for the poor and great

This gave the media licence to refer to Sir Philip in conjunction to the story, and he has received saturation coverage since. Sir Philip broke his silence when he told the Mail on Sunday on 28 October that he had suffered the “worst week of his life” and that there was “zero evidence” to support…

2 November 2018
Graham Hedges

Discipleship/Book review: Catching Contentment: How to be holy satisfied

If, as a casual browser, I had persevered, however, I would have discovered that the book comes with commendations from several well-known Christians including author Jennifer Rees Larcombe, who describes it as “the best book I have read in years”. So, what is it about this book that inspires such…

6 February 2019
Graham Hedges

Society/The Test Room: a real life story of passing the test of love

Through the pastor’s book The Test Room, I discover a lot more about this ministry to some of the most vulnerable men in London, and the challenges that Rev Alex Gyasi, his family and his church congregation have faced along the way. In his foreword for the self-published book, Dr Jonathan…

25 March 2019
Graham Hedges

Church/Book review: Jesus in Town

Elizabeth Mednick, the author, is well qualified to tell this story, as she is married to Michael, the instigator of Barking Churches Unite and a pioneer of inter-church cooperation in the boroughs of east London. The book begins with short biographical sketches of the author and her husband, and…

15 July 2019
Graham Hedges

Theology/Paula Gooder's Phoebe: let your imagination run loose

Being a firm believer in the Holy Spirit's ability, and assignment, to unpack God's word in order to help my heart grasp His will and purpose, I had a few reservations about Christian fiction. I wondered, how could fiction help me better engage with the Bible and God? Not only did Paula help me to…

23 May 2018
Naomi Osinnowo