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Discipleship/Disagreeing well

Ever since the garden, as God declared “it is not good”, conflict has been part of our story and has driven us forward. Without opposition, there can be no momentum, no dynamism. God acknowledged the problem of Adam’s loneliness, which led to the creation of Eve, and the diversity of God’s nature…

27 February 2019
Jo Frost

Church/Ekklesia 2019: church leaders' conference

As the body of Christ in a country that is presently trying to break through a whole host of challenges, including those around uncertainty and division, Evangelical Alliance member Share Jesus International (SJI) has sensed that it’s the right time to hold the Ekklesia conference. It is SJI’s…

17 February 2019
Naomi Osinnowo

Society/Elon Musk is at it again

The man on a mission to single-handedly save the human race from its own destruction has just opened his one-mile-long prototype tunnel under LA. Built in response to his frustrations of "soul-destroying" congestion trying to get from his house to LAX airport, he is seeking to further revolutionise…

20 December 2018
Jo Frost

Discipleship/Andy Frost's book Long Story Short has got me thinking

In his beautiful, yet simple, book Long Story Short, Andy Frost combines enjoyable stories with vignettes from his life and Christian instruction to encourage the reader to think bigger than their own life’s journey. He leads us from the narrow, insignificant confines of our own stories without God…

8 October 2018
Berlind Fellermeier

Mission/A deeper relationship yields greater results

“When the storm comes and the fierce winds, when all around it is battered and besieged, the tree with deep roots will not be uprooted. It will not fall.” A board meeting, a training session and a church sermon. I have heard the same analogy and the same call to the church in three very different…

29 August 2018
Jo Frost

New Evangelical Alliance website resources and equips UK church

The Evangelical Alliance launches its brand new website today, as a key part of its mandate to serve and resource the UK church. Focused on the Evangelical Alliance’s commitment to build confidence in the gospel and be a trusted voice in society, the new site is packed with resources,…

28 August 2018

Church/The Evangelical Alliance to lead a series of seminars at CRE

The law and our gospel freedoms. Cultivating an evangelistic culture in our churches. Tips on how to resolve conflict. Nurturing public leaders within our congregations. How to keep God at the heart of business. These are just a handful of the topics that a team from the Evangelical Alliance will…

31 July 2018
Naomi Osinnowo

Discipleship/Created for relationship

There was a joke doing the rounds on social media a few weeks ago: "Why does no one talk about the miracle of Jesus having 12 close friends in his 30s?" We live in a fast-paced, rapidly changing, hyperconnected world, yet loneliness is becoming a national epidemic. I visited a church last week…

1 July 2018
Jo Frost

Discipleship/Establishing God’s kingdom in the next generation

"Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:9-13, KJV)." This manner in which Jesus taught us to pray inspires me to make my life count for the purposes of God. It inspires me to play my part in seeing churches…

26 April 2018
Andy Frost

Discipleship/Christ is King, not me

At the heart of the kingdom of God is the King. For me to learn how to be a citizen of that kingdom, I need to learn how to submit my rule to Him. Submission does not come naturally to me: I like to be in control, I heed my own opinions, and I trust my own judgement. I don't even like the word…

26 April 2018
Jo Frost

Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.


Council is made up of church leaders, heads of organisations and key influencers from across the evangelical community in the UK. Members meet twice a year to hear about and engage with the work of the Evangelical Alliance, as well as to explore the issues affecting the Christian world.


The Evangelical Alliance unites hundreds of organisations, thousands of churches and tens of thousands of individuals for the sake of the gospel. Working across the UK, with offices in London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast, we are an alliance dedicated to sharing fresh ideas, celebrating best…

GDPR webinar

With new data protection regulations coming into force from 25 May 2018, charities and churches will need to make sure their data protection guidance meets the new regulation standards. Our webinar featuring Kenji Batchelor from Barlow Robbins and Jo Frost, director of communications here at the…

Conflict Resolution - top tips

Seminar presentation by Jo Frost at CRE.