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Mission/Soul Survivor: Season of change

In this interview with Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa, Mike pours out his heart for young people and talks from decades of experience about what the wider church, young and old, can do to help children and teens enter into a personal relationship with Jesus and remain excited about their faith. Mike also…

13 March 2019
Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa

Church/Mental health: The church needs to talk about mental health

So, as Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa finds out in this interview, Lade set up The NOUS Organisation in 2015 to raise much-needed awareness of mental health conditions and the steps those who are struggling with their mental health can take to prevent conditions getting worse, aid recovery or avoid a…

8 May 2019
Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa

Mission/My paintings are a testimony and witness

In this interview, the British painter shares how he experiences God through art, the mission and journey of his series of Holy Spirit-inspired paintings, ‘Amen’, and talks powerfully about fully trusting and relying on God with his move into faith-based art, despite the challenges. “As faith…

28 January 2019
Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa

Global/Compassion UK: campaigns that change lives

After David Lammy MP lambasted Comic Relief this year for continuously using “tired, unhelpful tropes” in its fundraising for African communities, the London-based politician renewed his plea for fresh imagery that celebrates the progress made within the continent, rather than marketing collateral…

10 June 2019
Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa

Politics/CCND: “Let's unite and say no to nuclear”

These are the words of Russell Whiting, development manager at Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Christian CND). In this interview, he reveals that after becoming a Christian, he reviewed his outlook on different life issues and, “scared” by the potential threat of nuclear weapons,…

23 September 2019
Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa

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