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Boost for young, hurting and at-risk

Society/Boost for young, hurting and at-risk

As a teenager I struggled with overwhelming feelings of hopelessness. I frequently thought about ending my life and tried to cope day by day through self-harm and disordered eating. But I had one or two key people who refused to give up on me, who held onto hope for my life, and gradually I began…

28 October 2019
Joy Wright

Nurturing the leaders of the future

20s & 30s/Nurturing the leaders of the future

This means that bringing hope and good leadership into the public arena is needed now more than ever. From the local community centre to our national parliaments, from the staff room to the boardroom, we need hope-filled Christian public leaders who are living out the kingdom of God in every area…

1 March 2018
Kieran Turner

Book review: Home – The quest to belong

Discipleship/Book review: Home – The quest to belong

The author is the writer of several books and married to an Anglican clergyman, originally from the US. She has lived in the UK for more than 15 years now, but during her earlier life lived in a lot of different places in five countries and three continents. During her lifetime she has lived in…

4 November 2019
Graham Hedges

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