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Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

Church/A legacy of generosity

As long-standing and committed members of the Evangelical Alliance since 1986, Trevor and Celia generously decided to support the charity through regular donations and a legacy gift. Living in the South West, Trevor and Celia have always felt comforted and reassured knowing that a Christian…

20 November 2018
Lizzie Thomson

Discipleship/Christmas: A handful of rice

In this incredibly poor Indian state, each family puts aside a handful of rice every time they prepare a meal, which is then gathered together and resold by the church to fund local Christian ministry work. What struck me most is the faithful obedience of the Mizo people, in that, despite living…

10 December 2018
Lizzie Thomson

Could you leave a legacy to the Evangelical Alliance?

We want to see a church that is confident in its voice and inspired in its mission so that more people in the UK come to know Jesus. Thanks to the legacy gifts of our wonderful supporters, there have been many milestones and success stories in Evangelical Alliance history - but our work is far…


We are currently facing both phenomenal opportunities and profound challenges. All around us we see change. People are entering into a relationship with Jesus in numbers we have not seen in decades. We celebrate good news stories of church growth, Christian favour and God’s blessing from every part…

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Join a legacy coffee morning

Our legacy coffee mornings are organised for our members and supporters, to share the amazing work that has been made possible in part by the vital support of legacy gifts. These are to thank our wonderful supporters and explain how a legacy gift could serve the evangelical church and pave the way…

How to leave a legacy gift to the Evangelical Alliance

If you would like to join Trevor and Celia in leaving a legacy gift to the Evangelial Alliance in your will, explore the options here. We strongly recommend that you enlist the help of a solicitor for this process. Types of legacy gift We understand that family and friends come first, and when it…

Discipleship/Leaving a legacy - Heather Rayner

Why have you chosen to remember a number of charities in your will?I see leaving a legacy as a way of giving at another stage of life; leaving a portion of the many gifts that I have received and want to share with others.When it came to making our wills, my husband Tim and I made provision for our…

1 November 2017
Rebecca Taylor