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How to avoid fast food Christianity

How to avoid fast food Christianity

Over the years, I’ve observed those who God has used in wonderful ways. And I’ve realised more and more that the folk God uses are often not the most gifted or the most able, they’re simply those who are most prepared. So often, preparation is an ingredient that, in our instant society, we don’t…

24 January 2018
Mike Pilavachi

Soul Survivor: Season of change

Mission/Soul Survivor: Season of change

In this interview with Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa, Mike pours out his heart for young people and talks from decades of experience about what the wider church, young and old, can do to help children and teens enter into a personal relationship with Jesus and remain excited about their faith. Mike also…

13 March 2019
Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa

Getting Your Kids Through Church

Getting Your Kids Through Church

Getting Your Kids Through Church is a flexible, DVD-based course for parents, church leaders, youth and children’s workers – in fact for anyone who is passionate about nurturing and encouraging faith in the next generation. The sessions are presented by Rob Parsons, OBE and Katharine Hill who are…

Soul Survivor summer success

Mission/Soul Survivor summer success

The Christian movement, which announced last June that this year’s series of summer events would be its last after 27 years, held its final summer festival on Tuesday. The team have shared that the festivals have been a great success, with more than 32,500 people in attendance and 2,100 people…

2 September 2019
Naomi Osinnowo

Soul Survivor: “Our summer events in 2019 will be our last”

Mission/Soul Survivor: “Our summer events in 2019 will be our last”

After 27 years running Christian events in England and Scotland, which have enabled thousands of young people to meet Jesus for the first time, Soul Survivor will be brought to a close in 2019. The Christian movement announced on Friday that after "much prayer and consideration" a unanimous…

6 June 2018
Naomi Osinnowo

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