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The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

Transformed: Considering transgender with Peter Lynas

Peter Lynas, author of Transformed: Understanding transgender in a changing culture, introduces the resource, including some of the key issues and how the church can respond.

Society/Why I wrote Transformed

I felt ill-equipped to answer these questions. The Bible has much to say on identity and the importance of the body, but I needed to understand more if I were to offer any guidance. I decided to read all I could and meet with people for whom this is a very real experience. So, I met with the trans…

29 November 2018
Peter Lynas

Society/Our hope is in Jesus

Last night MPs at Westminster voted to extend abortion and same-sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland. The Evangelical Alliance’s director for Northern Ireland, Peter Lynas, reflects on how Christians should respond. I read Psalm 2 last night and again this morning: the nations will always…

11 July 2019
Peter Lynas

Unity/Austen Ivereigh

He founded Catholic Voices in 2010 aiming to give the Church a voice on contentious issues. Peter Lynas asked him about the Reformation, ecumenical relations and the challenges facing the Church today. Tell us a little about your work with Catholic Voices Catholic Voices (CV) was founded in 2010…

1 September 2017
Peter Lynas


Barely a day seems to go by without a transgender news story. From the bathroom wars in the US, to arguments about sporting rules based on gender, from disagreements about school uniform policies, to advice from the British Medical Association to use the phrase 'pregnant people' in place of…

1 July 2018
Peter Lynas

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We love to visit member churches, organisations and communities. It is our privilege to share with the good news stories of what God is doing around the UK, preach on what we feel God is saying to the evangelical church, and offer our perspective on what is happening at this moment culturally and…

The Leader Northern Ireland

Updates for church and organisation leaders in Northern Ireland

Think Friday

Weekly updates from Northern Ireland

Statement in response to abortion referendum in Ireland

David Smyth, public policy officer at the Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland said: "Today many will mourn the loss of a vital protection for women and their unborn children from the Irish constitution."There are very strong feelings on all sides and we want to commend all those who advocated…

29 May 2018

Ashers: A win for everyone

Supreme Court rules to protect freedom from compelled speech The Supreme Court announced today that Ashers Bakery did not discriminate against Mr Lee when they refused to make a cake that said: ‘Support Gay Marriage’. The key outcome of today’s ruling is that no one can be compelled to say…

10 October 2018

Evangelical Alliance releases Transformed; an introduction on transgender

The Evangelical Alliance has produced Transformed as a brief biblical and pastoral introduction to understanding transgender in a changing culture. The resource follows an extended period of consultation and discussion and seeks to provide a nuanced contribution into a debate that creates…

28 November 2018

Evangelical Alliance welcomes the ruling of the Supreme Court on NI Abortion Law

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission does not have standing to challenge Northern Ireland's abortion laws. Former barrister Peter Lynas, NI director of Evangelical Alliance, commented: "This is a welcome judgment. It is obviously not a cause for…

7 June 2018

Northern Ireland

We serve and represent churches, organisations and individuals across Northern Ireland, encouraging churches to work together in evangelism and social action. We believe that together, we can see Northern Ireland transformed with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Westminster fundamentally undermines devolution on abortion and marriage

MPs at Westminster have voted to fundamentally undermine devolution potentially leading to far-reaching changes to abortion law and the redefinition of marriage in Northern Ireland. Peter Lynas, director of Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, commented on the abortion changes: “This is a deeply…

9 July 2019