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Inspiring choice

Politics/Inspiring choice

Unlike opt-out provisions available to parents who do not want their children to attend Religious Education lessons, the new Relationships Education curriculum will be compulsory for all children in primary and secondary school in England and Relationships and Sex Education will now have a diluted…

1 July 2019
Peter Mitchell

Education? Education? Education?

Politics/Education? Education? Education?

The Government is asking a lot of questions about education at the moment. This includes the consultation on relationships and sex education (see our response and poll results here); the Government’s response to the out-of-schools consultation (see our press release here); the integrated…

17 May 2018
Peter Mitchell

Calls to reform religious education

Politics/Calls to reform religious education

On 9 September the Commission on Religious Education (CoRE), released their final report, noting in their press release that “religious education must change to better reflect life in modern Britain”. CoRE is an independent commission of the Religious Education Council for England and…

20 September 2018
Peter Mitchell

A tale of two REs

Politics/A tale of two REs

At the same time, the government published its new statutory guidance on these subjects, which covers the content to be taught and stipulates that in secondary schools there will be no right of withdrawal from RE and a now limited right to withdraw (if the headteacher agrees) from sex…

2 May 2019
Peter Mitchell

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