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Meet the team

Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

Let the mission to reach young adults begin

20s & 30s/Let the mission to reach young adults begin

I still don’t feel like I’ve been out of the education system long enough to have escaped the feeling that, in September, something new happens. Memories of emerging from long summer holidays into an autumn term, armed with a new pencil case, bag and good intentions to make this new school year or…

5 September 2018
Phil Knox

Finding the ‘missing generation’

20s & 30s/Finding the ‘missing generation’

If only I were able to tell you that we all had spent the last couple of decades doing just that. Today, I don’t know where most of my peers are at in their walk with Jesus, but I do know there are only a handful of us still going to church. Zoom out from this snapshot and see a wider panorama…

29 April 2019
Phil Knox

Reaching young adults: a journey of hope, not despair

20s & 30s/Reaching young adults: a journey of hope, not despair

Growing up at a time of global instability in the wake of a digital revolution was always going to make sociological and cultural waves. The effect of these are identified and analysed in a huge piece of research released on Tuesday by Barna Group and World Vision. Faith for the Future surveyed…

11 September 2019
Phil Knox

The church is the hope for a hurting generation

Society/The church is the hope for a hurting generation

These days, I barely go a day without checking news sites or current affairs and sports finding me as I thumb through social media feeds. And as the flickering pixels hit my eyes, there are some stories that make me laugh, some that make me feel warm inside, and others that provoke nothing more…

11 February 2019
Phil Knox

Andy Murray: lessons from a sporting great

Discipleship/Andy Murray: lessons from a sporting great

In the depths of winter, amidst the frosty mornings and shortened hours of daylight, it can be difficult to remember the feel of the British summer. But, if you close your eyes for a moment, you can take yourself there, to the smell of burgers sizzling on a barbeque, the sight of morning sunlight…

17 January 2019
Phil Knox

Spoiler alert... Jesus wins

Discipleship/Spoiler alert... Jesus wins

Caleb is growing up in an age when entertainment is instant. He cannot fathom a time when there were four TV channels, a few hours of children’s TV a day, and ‘on demand’ viewing consisted of putting a black box full of tape into a machine and listening to it whir as it wound to the start of the…

2 May 2019
Phil Knox

Three reasons why right now is the best time to share your faith

Mission/Three reasons why right now is the best time to share your faith

First, the extremity of the change it’s made to my life. My days and weeks used to have tangible, recognisable markers, familiar rhythms and reassuring milestones. School runs, work routines, takeaway on Friday, football on Saturday, church on Sunday; these are the sort of landmarks that have…

25 March 2020
Phil Knox

The contagiousness of hope

Mission/The contagiousness of hope

The conversation in coffee shops, colleges, corner shops and the corridors of power is how to stop it spreading – because powerful things spread. And they do so most potently and quickly through networks of relational connection. 2014 saw an outbreak of the Ebola virus that tragically killed many…

10 March 2020
Phil Knox

Angels on our streets

Angels on our streets

It all started in a stuffy church meeting. We were discussing plans for our church’s 50th birthday. I was 25 years old, idealistic and not particularly designed to sit still in church meetings. Frustrated by the predictable plans for a church birthday celebration involving quiche, a quiz and a few…

7 August 2019
Phil Knox

No ordinary church service: teens take their stand in Jesus

Church/No ordinary church service: teens take their stand in Jesus

But every so often, there are those that leave us knowing that things will not be the same again, where we have encountered God in such a compelling and authentic way that our lives are profoundly and irreversibly changed. I went to one of these services last Sunday. The service filled me with such…

17 September 2018
Phil Knox

Christmas: The proximity of Emmanuel

Mission/Christmas: The proximity of Emmanuel

Proximity. Noun. Nearness in space, time or relationship. Immanuel. Noun. God is with us. As human beings we are made with an inbuilt awareness of how close is too close. We ideally like to keep strangers at least three metres away. We feel comfortable with acquaintances coming as close as one…

13 December 2018
Phil Knox

Five inescapable tensions of COVID-19

Mission/Five inescapable tensions of COVID-19

All of us are getting used to new ways of doing things, new habits and new ways of seeing the world. Let’s begin with the superficial changes. Before COVID, I had never elbow-bumped anyone; now, extending my arm joint seems as natural as a handshake. Before COVID, coughs used to be background…

17 July 2020
Phil Knox

Sharing your faith with your friends during coronavirus

Mission/Sharing your faith with your friends during coronavirus

The most significant person in helping someone becoming a Christian is a friend. We all play a part in sharing good news.

5 May 2020
Phil Knox

Three practical ideas for evangelism during lockdown

Mission/Three practical ideas for evangelism during lockdown

But it is also hard. Many churches are grieving and comforting one another through grief and bereavement. Most churches’ income has been impacted by an absence of hall lettings, conference bookings and the fact you can’t pass around a virtual Sunday collection plate. We do need to continue to look…

30 April 2020
Phil Knox

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