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Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

Discipleship/Magnificently mundane

The post-holiday blues have led me to reflect more on the value of the everyday, ordinary activities of life, however. They’ve even caused me to try and embrace the mundane. Social media can make it seem like life is one big, ‘instagrammable’ adventure. Yet, at least in my experience, the majority…

19 September 2019
Richard Powney

Church/Forgetting the end to remember well

When I was younger, I used to be so desperate to know what would happen, that I’d let my eyes either skip to the bottom of the page, or scan over the next few pages. Yet, this significantly lessened the experience of the book. The author didn’t intend for me to know the end of the chapter halfway…

18 April 2019
Richard Powney

Theology/A hopeful absence

Richard Powney is theology and evangelism officer at the Evangelical Alliance.For the last week or so many of us have been taking part in Thy Kingdom Come, the prayer movement started by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Justin Welby and John Sentamu, respectively, in 2016 to encourage…

18 May 2018
Richard Powney

Society/Remembrance Day: peace built upon sacrifice

This Sunday marks the 100-year anniversary of the end of the First World War. Up and down the country people will gather to remember those who have died in conflicts and wars around the world.

8 November 2018
Richard Powney

Discipleship/Running with the ultimate pace-setter: Jesus

With the London Marathon taking place in April, this time of year is when many people are embarking on marathon training; two members of my family got a place in the ballot and started their training at the start of January. This means embracing early morning runs in the dark (a good head torch is…

7 February 2019
Richard Powney

Society/Why would I want to speak with a stranger?

It’s been a full-on few weeks learning to live with a very friendly but also very untrained animal. However, amidst all the toilet trips, chewing and play biting, we’ve both noticed an interesting phenomenon. As we’ve taken our puppy outside to get him used to traffic, other people, cyclists, other…

4 July 2019
Richard Powney