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Public policy Wales update: October

Politics/Public policy Wales update: October

On Thursday, 3 October education Secretary Kirsty Williams announced the Welsh Government's plan to remove the right of withdrawal for both Religious Education (RE) and Relationship and Sex Education (RSE). There will be an eight-week consultation where the Welsh Government is seeking views on this…

18 October 2019

Public policy Wales update: December 2018

Politics/Public policy Wales update: December 2018

We had the last First Ministers Faith Community Forum with Carwyn Jones. The Faith Communities Forum was established after the events of 11 September 2001 to bring faith leaders, politicians and civil servants round a table for discussion.This meeting is a great opportunity for Evangelical Alliance…

3 December 2018

A response to the new First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford

Politics/A response to the new First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford

Once elected, Mark gave a passionate acceptance speech in which he thanked his predecessor and focused heavily on the former First Minister, Rhodri Morgan. During this speech, Mark Drakeford declared that he wanted to be a "beacon of hope in darkening skies". Perhaps, because it was Christmas,…

14 January 2019

Leadership Elections in Wales

Politics/Leadership Elections in Wales

Our new public policy officer in Wales, Sam Pritchard, introduces the state of different political parties in Wales, and gives us an overview of the leadership and policy challenges that all the Welsh parties will be facing over the next year. There is no denying that politics in Wales is in a…

25 October 2018

Lessons from the life of John Owen

Theology/Lessons from the life of John Owen

My wife and I decided to travel to London and do some site-seeing for my birthday weekend. When asked what I wanted to spend my time doing in London, I probably gave a surprising answer that might have made my wife re-evaluate the trip, if not her vows. I said that the one place I would love to go…

22 November 2018

Mars landing: a reminder of our creator God

Discipleship/Mars landing: a reminder of our creator God

Mars landing: a reminder of our creator God Recently, as the US Space Agency NASA managed to land a robot on Mars, there was a tense seven minutes while the probe hurtled towards the surface of the planet in radio silence. The objective of this project was to study the interior of the planet,…

29 November 2018

Public Leader course is coming to Wales

20s & 30s/Public Leader course is coming to Wales

Wales is the land of revival, a place where God has undoubtedly blessed and been visible powerfully. The power of the Welsh revival is most clearly visible in this, sinners had their eternal destination changed when they found Jesus. People received life that can only come from Jesus and that is…

27 September 2019

Public policy Wales update: March 2019

Politics/Public policy Wales update: March 2019

Paul Flynn was first elected as an MP in 1987 representing Newport West, where he diligently served as an MP for over three decades. He was described by one Labour MP as a, “kind, principled and fascinating man”. The Prime Minister also commented saying he was “an outstanding parliamentarian”.As…

11 March 2019

Public Leader: Wales

Public Leader: Wales

We are very excited that the Evangelical Alliance’s Public Leadership course will be launched in Wales in September 2020. Applications will open in March 2020 and more information will be available then. The introduction in Wales makes the course available across the UK, and we are thrilled to play…

Public policy: the year in review

Public policy: the year in review

Our country continues in a state of political uncertainty over the Brexit negotiations, and few people are confident about what the New Year will bring. Meanwhile, the Government has consulted on a range of proposals which could have a great impact on churches and on civil society. Throughout this…

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