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Story Bearer Session with Yemi Adedeji and Marie Aitken

Yemi and Marie share inspiring stories to help articulate the importance of prayer in evangelism.

25 June 2020
Evangelical Alliance

A clarion call for justice

Society/A clarion call for justice

Let us stand together as brothers and sisters in Christ, as we cry out for justice, as we stand with those suffering oppression, as we weep with those grieving and in pain. We all have a responsibility to act against discrimination and systemic racism in our workplaces, in our churches, in our…

1 June 2020
Gavin Calver

The [Im]possible Dream

The [Im]possible Dream

The [Im]possible Dream is the latest book from the Evangelical Alliance. On the night before Jesus died, He prayed that His followers would be one so that the world would know God’s love and then believe. It is that dream of a unified church that has inspired The [Im]possible Dream, a workbook for…

Believing for an integrated, ethnically diverse church

Believing for an integrated, ethnically diverse church

In a landmark book published by the Evangelical Alliance, outgoing general director Steve Clifford and director of the One People Commission, Yemi Adedeji, set out their vision and hope for an ethnically diverse church in the UK.The [Im]possible Dreamis the culmination of years of work by the…

3 December 2019

One People Commission

One People Commission

It is the gathering together of God's one church in all its vibrant expressions, modelling the unity of God's people. Find out more about the OPC and how you can help work for the unity of the church in the UK.

A union that transcends differences

Unity/A union that transcends differences

Chapter 17 of the gospel of John, where Jesus prays for all believers before He goes to the cross, is at the heart of the One People Commission (OPC), as well as the Evangelical Alliance, through which the group was formed. Anyone who's been to the Evangelical Alliance's offices in London will have…

26 April 2018
Naomi Osinnowo

Celebrate with us! Marking five years of the OPC

Unity/Celebrate with us! Marking five years of the OPC

At the Evangelical Alliance we are fully committed to working together to see a more unified, integrated, and diverse church across the UK, which is why we established the One People Commission (OPC) in 2013. Spearheaded by director Yemi Adedeji, this network connects hundreds of church leaders…

19 September 2018
Rachael Heffer

How can we be true transformers through the gospel?

Mission/How can we be true transformers through the gospel?

"Understanding of the community you are in is vital," says Yemi Adedeji, director of the Alliance's One People Commission, a body committed to celebrating ethnicity and unity. "We need to transform in unity by understanding each other's situations," Yemi continues. "Going into each other's worlds…

1 January 2018
Guest writer

Looking back at celebrating the OPC's fifth anniversary

Looking back at celebrating the OPC's fifth anniversary

More than 400 guests attended the event and roughly 60 individuals were involved in hosting and participating in various aspects of the evening’s programme. The aim of the celebration was to celebrate the One People Commission’s (OPC) five-year anniversary, the journey it has been on, many key…

United we stand in Christ

United we stand in Christ

I still remember the humble beginnings and how my husband, Jonathan Eden and Christina Balasingham would knock on the doors of people’s homes in Southall, share the gospel, and work among the UK’s growing Tamil community. Southall Tamil Church (STC) was birthed out of this mission work, but God had…

27 December 2018
Chrishanthy Sathiyaraj

A chance to open our ears and our pulpits

A chance to open our ears and our pulpits

George Floyd’s tragic death last month triggered a series of protests around the world. It led to many of us facing the heart-breaking reality that racism still exists, and the consequences of such discrimination are brutal. The protests in the UK have shown us that, while we as a country have made…

17 June 2020
Vicky Pici

The 21st century Reformation – re-painting the fence

Mission/The 21st century Reformation – re-painting the fence

"If you have a white fence, and want to keep it white, you have to keep re-painting it." That's the analogy Roy Crowne uses when talking about the Reformation. "If you want to keep the gospel bright and attractive, you have to keep 're-painting' - reviewing and re-presenting it for today's…

1 September 2017
Guest writer

The [Im]possible Dream: a review by Jonathan Lamb

Church/The [Im]possible Dream: a review by Jonathan Lamb

We know that because of our shared identity in Christ, there should now be a radical inclusivity amongst believers of different backgrounds. We know that, whilst the racial, social and sexual distinctions are not eradicated in the Christian church, there should be a rich diversity within the family…

17 June 2020
Jonathan Lamb

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