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Evangelical Alliance
2013 Christmas message from Steve Clifford 16/12/2013
Carnival Kingdom: Biblical Justice for Global Communities 20/02/2013
Dealing with porn in the pulpit 10/05/2013
Evangelical Alliance 26/02/2016
Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland launches new podcast on faith in the public square 21/06/2018
Giving our voice in public life 27/10/2017
Horsegate - My confession 20/02/2013
Marriage, civil liberties and freedom of speech 20/02/2013
Walking the walls of London 22/05/2013
Christians urged to pray for the media on Sunday 15/05/2015
Church 12/01/2012
From darkness to light - an Easter letter from Steve Clifford 20/04/2011
Interview with Olivia Amartey, Elim’s new executive director 02/07/2018
Members’ briefing 06/05/2014
Punchline preachers 07/10/2015
Best of the Alliance
Best of the Alliance: February 2017 28/02/2017
Best of the Alliance 29/11/2016
Best of the Alliance 2016 23/12/2016
Best of the Alliance August 2016 26/08/2016
Best of the Alliance January 2017 26/01/2017
Best of the Alliance November 2016 25/11/2016
Best of the Alliance October 2016 28/10/2016
Best of the Alliance September 2016 23/09/2016
Best of the Alliance: July 2017 31/07/2017
Best of the Alliance: June 2017 28/06/2017
Best of the Alliance: March 2017 29/03/2017
Best of the Alliance: May 2017 31/05/2017
Billy Graham
Articles from our Archive 21/03/2012
Billy Graham 21/02/2018
Billy Graham & the Alliance 21/02/2018
Billy Graham's life 21/02/2018
Harringay Crusade 21/03/2012
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news 23/02/2018
Remembering Billy Graham 21/03/2012
Campaigns 24/01/2012
Public Leadership 22/05/2014
Speak Up! 23/03/2016
Confidence in the gospel
About Confidence in the Gospel 11/04/2012
Building confident churches 06/09/2013
Thinking Confidently 11/04/2012
Words and Actions 15/09/2011
A faithful gospel
A Biblical gospel 03/12/2012
A faithful gospel 03/12/2012
A faithful gospel: The elephants in the room 08/01/2013
A global gospel 03/12/2012
A Kingdom gospel 13/12/2012
A more expansive gospel 13/12/2012
A peaceful gospel 13/12/2012
A trinitarian gospel 03/12/2012
An Athenian gospel 13/12/2012
The apostolic gospel 03/12/2012
A public gospel
A public gospel 23/01/2014
A public gospel - Arts 23/01/2014
A public gospel - Good works or good news - must we choose? 23/01/2014
A public gospel - I 23/01/2014
A public gospel - Media 23/01/2014
A public gospel - NT Wright 23/01/2014
A public gospel - Politics 23/01/2014
A relevant gospel
"The Word ought to be exposed in the words." 17/05/2013
18-30s: A missing generation - Kiera Phyo 03/06/2013
A relevant gospel 03/12/2012
A Relevant Gospel: How should we contextualise the message for our 21st Century Britain? 03/12/2012
Communicating faith to a secular world 03/06/2013
Contextualised Church 17/05/2013
Leaping the hurdles 03/06/2013
Making the gospel heard in the inner city 03/06/2013
Making the gospel heard: What we can learn from the African Church 03/06/2013
NT Wright on Contextualisation 03/06/2013
Understanding digital culture 03/06/2013
A faithful gospel 07/01/2013
A Gospel for our cities and towns 08/02/2012
A Gospel for the City Centre 07/02/2012
A Gospel for the Streets 08/02/2012
A public gospel 23/01/2014
A relevant gospel 17/05/2013
Evangelism & The Missing Generation 08/02/2012
Lessons from Alpha 08/02/2012
Lessons from Black Majority Churches 08/02/2012
Lessons from Christianity Explored 08/02/2012
Other videos 29/11/2012
Setting the Scene 29/11/2012
Timothy Keller Interview (Part 1) 28/05/2012
Timothy Keller Interview (Part 2) 28/05/2012
Timothy Keller Interview (Teaser) 28/05/2012
Videos 11/04/2012
Time for Discipleship? 09/05/2014
Videos: Leaders reflect on key discipleship findings 13/04/2014
Why discipleship matters 13/04/2014
A global perspective on disciplemaking 13/04/2014
Creating a culture of disciplemaking 13/04/2014
Deeper Bible engagement is vital 13/04/2014
Developing virtue and character 13/04/2014
Equipping people for their frontline 13/04/2014
Jesus the disciplemaker 13/04/2014
The importance of mentoring 13/04/2014
Videos: Finding solutions to the discipleship deficit 13/04/2014
Great Commission
Great Commission 09/09/2016
Home for Good
Adoption Sunday service pack 11/10/2012
Adoption Sunday Video 23/10/2012
Home for Good 28/03/2013
What Kind of Society
Freedom in Action 25/09/2017
The Evangelical Alliance asks, What kind of society? 06/09/2017
What kind of society? 06/09/2017
What kind of society? - Full resource 06/09/2017
What kind of society? Summary booklet 06/09/2017
Whole Church
Alan Charter - Children Matter 08/03/2012
Bajo Akisanya - Jesus House 08/03/2012
Dave Niblock - Abundant Life Church 08/03/2012
How to stop the child exodus from church 08/03/2012
Interview with Kenda Creasy Dean 08/03/2012
Kay Morgan-Gurr - Children Worldwide 08/03/2012
Rob Parsons - Care for the Family 08/03/2012
Should Sunday Schools and youth workers be scrapped? 08/03/2012
5 ideas for hosting an EA Sunday 01/09/2016
About the Alliance - EA Sunday 01/09/2016
Celebrate unity with an EA Sunday 01/09/2016
Pray with us - EA Sunday 01/09/2016
Video: We are for you 01/09/2016
Member of the Month
Member of the Month 30/11/2016
Member of the Month: Bethany Church 15/12/2016
Member of the Month: Christians in Sport 18/10/2016
Member of the month: Compassion UK 14/06/2017
Member of the month: Girls' Brigade 13/09/2016
Member of the month: Home for Good 16/08/2016
Member of the month: Hope into Action 11/10/2017
Member of the month: Kevin Ashman 19/04/2017
Member of the month: Kingdom Bank 16/03/2017
Member of the month: London City Mission 22/11/2016
Member of the month: Mahabba Network 11/01/2017
Member of the month: Sailor’s Society 12/07/2016
Member of the month: Woolwich Central Baptist Church 11/07/2017
Member of the month: World Vision 13/09/2017
Movement Day
Go together: tales of a transformational Church 03/08/2017
Join Gavin Calver at Movement Day 03/08/2017
Were you at Movement Day? 03/08/2017
CICC 24/01/2012
CPPN 27/03/2012
Gather 23/03/2012
Gweini 25/01/2012
Marriage Week NI 24/01/2012
Missional Links Wales 30/11/2016
Networks 17/01/2012
New Generation Leaders 25/01/2012
SCYWF 24/01/2012
South Asian Forum 24/01/2012
The Net Wales/Cymru 17/01/2017
Waleswide 25/01/2012
CEOs Forum
2016 CEO Forum: In perfect harmony 05/04/2016
CEO Forum 2017: Partnerships that work 21/03/2017
CEOs Forum 06/10/2015
Global Connections CEOs Forum - Programme 17/05/2016
HR Network
Documents 10/02/2012
Essential employment law for churches and Christian organisations 11/04/2018
HR Network FAQ 10/02/2012
It's time to change the way we view appraisals 18/04/2016
Join the HR Network 10/02/2012
Links 10/02/2012
Policies 10/02/2012
Religious Liberty Commission
Churches urged to pray for the persecuted Church 10/11/2014
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church 2015 01/10/2015
One Month - One Church - One Prayer 04/10/2017
Pray for the persecuted church in 2017 28/12/2016
Religious Liberty Commission 20/09/2013
One People Commission
A great multitude: reflections from Nigeria 09/01/2014
A very British mission? 07/04/2014
About us 30/10/2012
One People Commission 30/10/2012
Pastor Yemi and Steve Clifford talk about issues facing the migrant Church 05/07/2017
Receive our Prayer Network emails 27/03/2018
Together we can build tomorrow’s Church 01/12/2015
Video celebrating our unity in diversity 22/06/2015
Who's who? 30/10/2012
Archbishop calls 40,000 to be ‘reconciled reconcilers’ 20/10/2014
Black and ethnic minority Christians lead London Church growth 25/07/2013
Daily Bread launches online 24/07/2013
Ethnic minority church leaders urge Christians to vote 17/03/2015
First pentecostal president for Churches Together in England 09/10/2013
Get to know the OPC: Yemi Adedeji 14/09/2015
Jesus House to raise a generation of entrepreneurs 11/02/2013
Millennial Christians survey - we need you 04/11/2014
One People Commission commits to showing up 13/03/2015
One People Commission joins calls to end FGM 25/07/2014
One People Commission speaks out against government plans 30/04/2013
Stories 30/10/2012
The changing face of UK Christianity 02/11/2013
UK leaders pay tribute to Myles Munroe: “a giant of our time” 14/11/2014
Where have all the young people gone? 04/11/2014
Pray with us
A prayer for Malala 16/10/2012
A prayer for the Middle East 05/09/2014
All praying together in Christian unity 06/09/2012
An Easter message from Steve Clifford 04/04/2012
Call to prayer as Parliament is recalled over air strikes 25/09/2014
Call to prayer as terrorist threat level raised 29/08/2014
Call to prayer for Egypt 23/08/2013
Christians urged to pray for Iran 14/09/2012
Day of prayer called for media 18/05/2012
Day of prayer for both lives 27/10/2016
Holy Week 2016: arise and shine 21/03/2016
Holy Week 2016: Arise out of waiting 26/03/2016
Holy Week 2016: Arising out of disappointment 23/03/2016
Holy Week 2016: Codwch 22/03/2016
Holy Week 2016: Good Friday 25/03/2016
Holy Week 2016: Snap 27/03/2016
Holy Week 2016: the first rock band 20/03/2016
Holy Week 2016: The good thief 24/03/2016
Keswick Convention: daily devotionals 16/07/2016
Let us pray - together 15/06/2012
Lord have mercy - A prayer for the refugee crisis 04/09/2015
Pray for schools 18/05/2012
Pray with us 13/01/2012
Prayer for NATO 05/09/2014
Prayer for our nations 29/03/2017
Prayer for Paris 07/01/2015
Prayer for peace in Gaza 16/07/2014
Prayer for Remembrance Day 11/11/2016
Prayer for the Middle East 23/04/2012
Prayer for the persecuted church 16/10/2014
Prayer for the US election 08/11/2016
Prayer for Westminster 22/03/2017
Praying as part of the Church in Europe 12/01/2015
Psalm 1: Prayer reflection 05/02/2014
Psalm 10: Prayer reflection 16/04/2014
Psalm 2: Prayer reflection 12/02/2014
Psalm 3: Prayer reflection 18/02/2014
Psalm 4: Prayer reflection 25/02/2014
Psalm 5: Prayer reflection 05/03/2014
Psalm 6: Prayer reflection 12/03/2014
Psalm 7: Prayer reflection 19/03/2014
Psalm 8: Prayer reflection 02/04/2014
Psalm 9: Prayer reflection 09/04/2014
The Lord's Prayer 27/02/2012
Thy kingdom come: passion for the one 08/05/2016
Research & Statistics
A to Z listing of Research & Statistics 05/04/2012
Age of Ministers 06/03/2014
Attitudes to Mission 21/02/2012
Attitudes to the Bible 16/02/2012
Building tomorrow's Church today 26/10/2015
Church membership: which denominations are growing? 18/12/2017
English Church Census 2005 20/03/2008
How many churches have opened or closed 18/09/2014
Ministers and church leaders 04/05/2012
Religion around the world 28/11/2014
Religion in the 2011 Census 17/04/2013
Research & Statistics 13/01/2012
Statistics on women in ministry 02/07/2012
Take our latest survey on evangelicalism 14/04/2016
Talking Jesus 22/09/2015
UK church leaders: what are the challenges and opportunities for evangelism today? 27/01/2016
A to Z listing of Resources 05/04/2012
Belief blockers busted by new resource 26/09/2014
Benefits of religion 08/07/2008
Bible resource to help tackle economic injustice 27/10/2014
Bring your community together this Christmas 24/11/2014
Christian counselling and pastoral care 09/09/2014
Christian environmental organisations 14/04/2014
Christmas and Advent resources 24/10/2017
Daily Advent prayers 28/11/2016
Evangelical Alliance Webbuilder 04/10/2013
Exclusive preview of new book examining evangelicalism 28/04/2015
FAQ 13/03/2012
First World War Centenary resources 19/03/2014
Halloween Resources 26/07/2017
Harvest resources for churches 01/09/2017
Helping Refugees 31/05/2016
idea magazine 22/02/2012
Inside Out 24/01/2012
Ministry to women 27/11/2015
Model governing documents for churches 04/04/2012
Parents - take control of your children's education with our new resource 22/02/2016
Reaching out to older people 14/03/2017
Resources 17/01/2012
Resources for home groups 17/06/2014
Resources for Lent and Easter 24/01/2018
Resources for Men's Ministries 27/06/2013
Resources for women in ministry 27/11/2015
Sources of information on Alternative medicine 29/11/2011
Speak Up: a brief guide to the law and your gospel freedoms 01/02/2017
Theological education 17/06/2014
“Time with the one who loves us the most” 08/05/2014
21st Century Evangelicals 28/02/2012
21st Century Evangelicals - Discuss 06/02/2012
21st Century Evangelicals - Order your copies 01/02/2013
21st Century Evangelicals - Resources 14/09/2012
21st Century Evangelicals: A snapshot 11/01/2011
Are we communicating? 05/12/2011
Are we good neighbours? 21/08/2014
Confidently sharing the gospel? 26/11/2012
Do we value education? 26/02/2013
Does belief touch society? 05/09/2011
Does money matter? 10/09/2012
Faith in politics? 19/02/2015
Good news for the poor? 31/05/2015
How's the family? 06/02/2012
Life in the church? 29/05/2013
Opportunity for organisations to join our Research Club 01/05/2014
The world on our doorstep? 25/05/2012
Time for Discipleship? 13/04/2014
What's next? 05/12/2011
Working faithfully? 04/10/2013
The Bible series
Episode 1: Beginnings 08/11/2013
Episode 2: Homeland 08/11/2013
Episode 3: Hope 08/11/2013
Episode 4: Mission 08/11/2013
Episode 5: Passion 08/11/2013
The Bible TV series 08/11/2013
Theological articles
Am I free to choose my future? 01/11/2005
Am I significant in the universe, or just an accident? 01/01/2006
Aren't Christians responsible for most wars? 01/01/2007
Board statement on the atonement 27/02/2006
Can a Christian believe in evolution? 01/05/2005
Charismatic Renewal in Britain 03/08/2006
Do only Christians go to heaven? 01/09/2006
Don’t all religions lead to God? 01/05/2004
Don't my genes determine my behaviour? 01/09/2005
Evangelicals and the Bible 19/03/2014
Faith, Health and Prosperity 01/03/2003
FAQ on Islam 28/02/2005
Has science disproved religion? 01/03/2005
How can I believe in God when there's so much suffering? 01/07/2004
If Christians are supposed to love everyone, why do they hate homosexuals? 01/09/2004
Is the Qur'an the Word of God? 01/07/2006
Is there more to Jesus’ life than the Gospels tell us? 01/05/2006
Isn't it all just a matter of faith? 01/03/2006
Isn't science more rational than faith? 01/03/2007
Isn't the Bible full of contradictions? 01/05/2007
Isn't the Bible sexist? 01/07/2005
Resources for church leaders - Biblical and pastoral responses to homosexuality 17/07/2012
The big question series 03/09/2012
The Missing Generation 16/09/2009
The Nature of Hell 28/02/2000
The UK Church: Big shots, wimps or just humble servants? 16/01/2012
Theological articles 17/01/2012
Transsexuality report 05/07/2000
Visit to Israel and the Occupied Territories 29/04/2005
What's wrong with sex before marriage? 01/01/2005
Why can't I just be a good person? 01/11/2004
Why doesn't God answer my prayers? 01/07/2007
Why should Christians care for the planet? 01/11/2006
Brain-friendly Bible study guide launched 23/01/2014
Christian charity supports UN Day of Happiness 20/03/2014
Christians 'ready and willing' to help refugees 18/11/2015
Darkness masquerading as light 29/05/2018
In, up and out: Festive celebrate 10 years of further education mission 14/08/2017
Let’s share the gospel, says Church of England 02/04/2014
New book launched at Street Pastors conference 29/05/2014
PassionArt brings Easter alive 05/03/2014
Remembrance 100: 100 days of prayer 01/08/2018
Revamped website shows people can come to faith online 08/06/2015
Young song writer, Sam Evans, on faith and music 11/07/2013
"God, I'm depressed." 17/12/2012
"Help, I need somebody!" 21/10/2011
"I went to the school of humility and came top" 12/02/2016
#Do1NiceThing every day in 2012 13/03/2012
#iamgb video marks International Day of the Girl 11/10/2016
‘First lady’ visits TLG Reading 22/02/2011
‘We Are Men United’ kick off 27/09/2016
“Messy Church” a non-traditional way of bringing families into church 04/03/2011
1,000 day call to meet poverty goals 09/04/2013
1,300 church leaders meet ahead of NDOP 29/09/2012
10 blogging commandments 29/09/2008
10 great things about the Church of England 22/11/2012
10,000th toilet twinned 16/11/2012
100 days till The Games 18/04/2012
100 riders raise money for UK charities 10/07/2013
14 tips for sharing your faith in the workplace 02/09/2016
17:21 – that the world may believe 05/04/2017
2,700 young Christians commissioned at St Paul's 26/04/2012
20,000 inmates complete The Prisoners Journey in 2015 05/01/2016
2014 Christmas message from Steve Clifford 17/12/2014
24/7 prayer for London estates 22/06/2013
3,000 NDOP Wembley tickets sold in first week 21/06/2012
3,000 young people to gather for gospel 04/07/2013
300-strong Gideon Army reclaim the hoodie at NDOP 29/09/2012
40 years of sharing Jesus with the Asian community 23/04/2018
5 great women of the Evangelical Alliance 08/03/2017
5 questions about Judas that can help you make the most of Easter 14/04/2014
5 reasons why Above and Beyond is an essential day for your church 02/01/2018
60,000 shoeboxes airlifted to Northern Iraq 12/12/2014
60th anniversary of Harringay Crusade 07/07/2014
7:14 event unites prayers around the world 02/12/2011
9 ways to undermine Christianity in the media 29/08/2014
A Bed for the Night? 27/01/2011
A community Bible experience 10/06/2014
A fresh look at the Easter story 19/03/2015
A girl and her dog’s long walk for charity 03/06/2011
A heartless generation? 21/03/2013
A joyful noise 22/02/2013
A mandate to care for the poor 08/06/2015
A model of community engagement 05/11/2014
A Mother's Day message 08/03/2013
A revolutionary road trip 10/03/2010
A right royal thank you 27/09/2012
A springtime afternoon tea - and you're invited 20/02/2017
A third of Brits still want a Bible on their desert island 17/10/2016
A tolerant society? 05/06/2013
A tribute to Maurice Rowlandson 24/08/2015
Abigail’s Court: “We try to reach them before it’s too late” 06/08/2018
Above & Beyond - churches and charities run well for the glory of God 10/11/2017
Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury at official opening 29/08/2013
Adoption Sunday 2015 30/10/2015
Adoption Sunday a huge success 06/11/2013
Advent Calendar to equip Kenya baby clinic 24/09/2014
Alan Hirsch 01/05/2009
Alan's story: Dealing with depression 15/07/2015
Alister McGrath: The unpredictable text 08/03/2010
All Souls Orchestra celebrates 40 years of music-making with gala concert 28/03/2012
Alliance backs Christmas Starts with Christ campaign 11/12/2014
Alliance board member becomes Girls' Brigade president 14/11/2013
Alliance chair to speak at Greenbelt 03/08/2012
Alliance communications director to take up new role at World Vision UK 05/01/2017
Alliance Council discusses mission and social class 02/03/2015
Alliance Council responds to 21st Century Evangelicals survey 10/03/2011
Alliance Council responds to need for Christians in power and politics 18/09/2014
Alliance director welcomes final step in women bishops legislation 21/11/2014
Alliance general director welcomes women bishops vote 15/07/2014
Alliance members join East Africa crisis appeal 15/03/2017
Alliance pays tribute to Council member Margaret Ferguson 14/06/2017
Alliance pays tribute to former general secretary Gordon Landreth 08/03/2017
Alliance pays tribute to former UCCF leader Oliver Barclay 16/09/2013
Alliance urges prayer for family of Daniel Spargo-Mabbs 27/01/2014
Alliance welcomes appointment of new WEA secretary general 26/01/2015
Amy Grant 27/07/2011
An expanding church brings Christ “to the centre of town life” 10/07/2010
Andy Flannagan 31/03/2011
Angelina Jolie-Pitt tells faith leaders that faith values are more powerful than armies 09/02/2015
Angels to attend Leeds festival 08/08/2016
Anti Leprosy law repealed in eastern Indian state of Orissa 06/03/2012
Appeal launched for young refugees 17/12/2015
Archbishop condemns Islamic State violence against Christians 04/09/2014
Archbishop of Canterbury resigns 16/03/2012
Archbishop of Canterbury: There’s a move of the spirit going on 09/02/2017
Archbishop to become patron of debt charity 16/04/2015
Archbishop welcomes debt advice training 28/05/2015
Are we really good neighbours? 05/09/2014
Are you GDPR ready? 11/05/2018
Art to bring peace to Manchester during Lent 15/01/2016
Arts showcase final offers hope to unemployed 23/07/2014
Ashers ruling: majority of evangelicals believe businesses should have the right to choose what they publish 25/10/2016
Asia Bibi appeal adjourned again 13/10/2016
Asian Christians in ‘Naujavan’ uncover their vision 19/08/2010
Associate Director for HOPE appointed 07/07/2011
Aviation Fellowship helping to rebuild Haiti 03/02/2011
Baking a way 12/08/2014
Bangladesh: Communicating the catastrophic impact of climate change 22/02/2012
Bank holiday round up 05/05/2011
Baptist chaplain heads to Vancouver 10/03/2010
Baptist pioneer collective launched 19/12/2013
Baptists and the Evangelical Alliance - a historic relationship 02/03/2015
Bark! The herald angels sing: more Advent calendars for pets than Christians 13/11/2015
Barnet churches distribute free Christmas hampers 21/12/2013
Bazil Meade 25/01/2012
BBC to air King James Bible series 11/02/2011
Be part of the Bible Book Club 01/02/2017
Beach hut open their doors for an 'advent pilgrimage' 23/12/2009
Beautiful Cards. Better Lives. 13/01/2011
'Beheading of Christians is clearest indication yet of religious cleansing' 16/02/2015
Being a fool for Jesus 05/12/2011
Being still in a busy world 22/06/2012
Belonging: a Church for all 01/12/2017
Bible Society extends an Advent challenge 22/11/2016
Bible stories in a box 08/01/2015
Big Church Day Out funds more than a million meals 01/06/2016
Big promise 2014 08/10/2013
Big Society: Good News for the community 13/10/2011
Biggest birthday party ever 03/06/2014
Birthday prayers for the Queen issued 04/02/2016
Bishop jumps for justice 15/05/2014
Bishop of Rochester for bishop of prisons 20/11/2013
Bishop unveils UK’s largest Christmas ad 11/12/2012
Black and minority ethnic Christians discuss Big Society 13/12/2010
Black and white preaching: what can we learn from each other? 11/02/2011
Black church leaders encourage community to vote 01/06/2016
Blackout weekend to give persecuted Church a voice 03/01/2014
Bobbie Houston speaks ahead of Hillsong Conference 22/07/2015
Book donations build up Ugandan libraries 22/12/2011
Book review: Phoebe 23/05/2018
Books for Gibraltar 30/07/2015
Boris blesses the peacemakers as Christians win London Peace Awards 29/09/2010
Boys' Brigade Launches Campaign 09/10/2015
Brand Christianity? An Easter message from Steve Clifford 16/04/2014
Breakdown 22/02/2011
Breaking cultural barriers 15/05/2014
Breaking food poverty cycle in Uganda 26/11/2015
Brian McLaren 01/10/2008
Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat 03/11/2008
Bringing HOPE to communities this Easter 16/02/2017
Bringing hope to prisoners this Christmas 08/12/2011
Brooklyn Tabernacle pastor, Jim Cymbala 'honoured' to meet UK leaders 26/02/2013
Building cross-cultural church relationships 23/10/2015
Burton homeless shelter launches 19/08/2010
Cafe brings life to the Isle of Dogs 08/08/2013
Call for more action to end modern day slavery 05/08/2016
Call for prayer for Christians in media 18/04/2016
Call to pray as Christian death toll in South Asia reaches record high 07/11/2014
Call to prayer for peace 08/12/2015
Call to protect Egypt's Christians 25/11/2015
Calling people of goodwill: the Bible and the common good 25/04/2017
Calling, culture-shaping and ‘everything’ 27/03/2012
Cameron honours Church Army Evangelist’s contribution to 'Big Society' 31/01/2012
Campolo: Church must wake up to corporate evil and global corruption 22/05/2013
Can your church reach the 10 million people who play sport a week? 20/02/2017
CAP launches emergency Christmas food aid campaign 22/11/2013
CAP launches new ministry for unemployed 08/03/2013
CAP named as a best employer in Sunday Times awards 17/03/2013
Care for the needy central to churches Christmas 22/12/2009
Care launches campaign to protect families online 11/02/2011
CAST holds festival to raise awareness of slavery 26/08/2011
CAST launched to oppose slavery 13/12/2010
CCPAS urges churches to prepare for child abuse inquiry 26/07/2016
Celebrating 10 years of Street Pastors 02/12/2013
Celebrating 30 years of mission at work 25/10/2012
Celebrating inspiring women 07/03/2014
Celebrating International Women's Day with inspirational women 06/03/2015
Celebrating mums for good 23/03/2014
Celebrating SEAN 15/11/2011
Celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday 21/04/2016
Celebration of faith takes over Norwich city centre 25/06/2010
Challenge for Life helps youth engage with people with learning disabilities 12/07/2013
Champion of Respect now Champion of Hope in Haiti 05/02/2010
Change the world with 40 acts of generosity 07/01/2013
Charities mark International Day of Prayer for the persecuted Church 31/10/2016
Charities team up to support dementia-friendly churches 29/06/2016
Charities unite to tackle irresponsible tax practices 17/11/2015
Charity urges churches to up the happiness index 21/11/2016
Children at risk from pornography 16/06/2016
Chinese Christian dies after being buried alive 22/04/2016
Chocolate egg surprise for thousands this Easter 01/03/2016
Chris Wright 01/06/2009
Chris Wright: Primary and secondary issues among evangelicals 13/09/2010
ChristChurch Fulham: stepping into the supernatural 08/08/2018
Christian Aid calls for The Big Shift 16/01/2017
Christian Aid photos auctioned for charity 04/11/2015
Christian Aid responds to events in Aleppo 25/08/2016
Christian Aid targets tax dodgers 27/01/2016
Christian Aid urges governments to build a Noah’s ark at climate summit 30/11/2011
Christian charities on their way to Wembley 18/09/2012
Christian charities welcome Church of England environment debate 11/02/2014
Christian charity honoured with top care services award 12/12/2017
Christian charity named most admired in UK 28/06/2013
Christian couples to advertise dating website on the tube this Valentine's 12/02/2016
Christian disability charities team up 16/05/2016
Christian drug education charity wins Big Society award 03/10/2012
Christian leaders celebrate first black Church manifesto 16/03/2015
Christian leaders looking forward to Wembley 2012 16/04/2012
Christian leaders pay tribute to Howard Marshall 18/12/2015
Christian media team to report from Olympics 01/08/2016
Christian nightlife ministries reach out to England’s party scene 21/07/2010
Christian prisoner released in Iran 19/01/2016
Christian project to be featured on Secret Millionaire tonight 03/05/2011
Christian Solidarity Worldwide granted UN accreditation 20/04/2017
Christian students on a mission to reach London 28/11/2011
Christian teen representing the UK at the UN 24/01/2017
Christian venue ‘Elemental’ makes a difference at Glastonbury Festival 05/07/2010
Christian witness in a multi-religious world 21/07/2011
Christianity alive and kicking in London’s universities 23/01/2012
Christianity Explored to reach one million prisoners 26/06/2014
Christians and same-sex attraction: the other side of the story 15/08/2014
Christians at heart of refugee response 11/09/2015
Christians called to pray following Boston and Baghdad bombs 16/04/2013
Christians giving more than ever 14/09/2016
Christians hail historic climate change agreement 14/12/2015
Christians in Alexandria ask for worldwide support from believers 05/01/2011
Christians in construction unite to work in a different way 01/07/2013
Christians in Sport appoints Andy Reed OBE to manage Olympic legacy 28/01/2013
Christians in Sport launch 2012 quiz 06/12/2011
Christians in Sport launch sports mission pack 07/06/2016
Christians join 7,300 carrying the Olympic flame 26/03/2012
Christians 'more generous' in organ donation 09/07/2013
Christians putting the treat back into Halloween through alternative celebrations 18/10/2010
Christians sign up to Safer Internet Day 09/02/2016
Christians to shape future of adoption and fostering 20/01/2016
Christians unite for those facing Christmas alone 02/12/2015
Christians urged to ditch electricity this Ash Wednesday 10/02/2016
Christians urged to pray during Ramadan 09/06/2016
Christians urged to pray for refugees on World Refugee Sunday 18/06/2018
Christians urged to pray on eve of the election 24/04/2015
Christians urged to unite despite culture differences 10/09/2014
Christmas and the Book of Boaz 15/12/2015
Christmas starts with? 17/12/2013
Christmas tree decorations with a message 08/12/2011
Christmas unwrapped brings Jesus into schools 29/11/2013
Church and charity to partner on disability 27/04/2016
Church and the digital age 18/12/2013
Church Army celebrates Mission Community future 25/11/2011
Church Army launches Mission Community 19/09/2012
Church Army launches ONE 03/07/2014
Church Army launches Xplore 27/03/2014
Church Army’s royal opening for new facilities in Sheffield 08/06/2011
Church campaign promotes justice for Bangladeshi workers 09/10/2013
Church committees: How to get the best from them 25/01/2012
Church for Ragamuffins? gives space to those on the margins 09/08/2016
Church for the night offers space for clubbers to explore God 21/12/2009
Church groups challenge ‘lies’ about UK poverty 02/04/2013
Church in a Cheltenham pub seeks to build authentic Christian community 16/02/2010
Church leaders help those living out 29/11/2013
Church leaders stand in unity to pray for the nation 09/06/2017
Church missing the opportunity to speak to young people about key issues, report warns 10/01/2017
Church money advice services still vital 11/02/2011
Church of England attendance figures stabilise 07/05/2013
Church of England commits to largest evangelism project this millennium 16/02/2016
Church of England promotes christening at national Baby Show 04/11/2015
Church officials should be liable for neglect of children too, says Christian charity 04/03/2015
Church on TV 28/05/2012
Church prepares for ageing population 12/09/2014
Church to hold urban mission experience day 11/04/2011
Church urges consumers to back British farmers 17/08/2015
Churchads campaign: Christmas starts with Christ 14/12/2011
Churches aid flood victims 12/02/2014
Churches asked to pray for Zimbabwe 08/07/2013
Churches breaking addictions that cause poverty 22/06/2015
Churches buck the trend to reach 'missing generation' of young adults 15/05/2013
Churches called to mark National Outreach Day on Pentecost Sunday 31/03/2016
Churches encouraged to increase Aids awareness 19/11/2012
Churches failing in push for blood and organ donation 05/03/2013
Churches in Staplehurst set good example for unity 26/03/2010
Churches join together to shelter homeless from the cold 07/01/2014
Churches offered chance to attend Chariots of Fire red carpet event 21/06/2012
Churches reveal 2013 Christmas campaign 09/09/2013
Churches seizing opportunities to create community gathering places 04/03/2011
Churches start 40 days with Jesus 20/01/2014
Churches step up to stop UK hunger 18/03/2013
Churches supply Solace to rockers 13/06/2011
Churches to come together in Caledonian Park 03/06/2014
Churches to go for golf 10/06/2014
Churches to unite against corruption 27/09/2012
Churches Together back HOPE 23/11/2011
Churches told to be alert but not alarmed after priest’s murder 28/07/2016
Churches urged to use "wonderful opportunity" of Rugby World Cup 06/07/2015
Churches working together for mission across the globe 06/05/2014
Cinnamon Network wins Big Society award 07/06/2013
Clergy shoe shine 17/04/2014
Coffee with clout 30/03/2011
Come on! Come on! Manchester based football ministry scores big in the lives of marginalised men 21/07/2010
Communities gearing up for this month's National Prayer Weekend 03/09/2015
Compassion UK celebrates 100,000 children sponsored 03/12/2015
Competition time: one month left to enter your script 10/08/2015
Competition to find UK’s best modern church architecture 08/05/2013
Conference issues call to action for Christian women suffering double persecution 15/03/2016
Connecting children with God 23/03/2015
Connecting mentors to grow leaders 19/05/2015
Conversation with Tom Wright 21/12/2011
Coptic Christians forced to flee 04/10/2012
Cornwall commissioning and outreach 21/06/2011
Could you become a Roofbreaker? 18/07/2017
Could you join with the persecuted Church during 2017? 03/01/2017
Could your church roof benefit from government grant? 06/07/2016
Courageous Christianity will combat the 'fairy tale' of atheism 25/06/2013
Crossing borders: growing in Christ 04/07/2018
Crossing the Faith Divide 28/09/2011
Crown of thorns replaced by syringes 23/03/2016
Cycle challenge begins to tackle trafficking 13/10/2014
Cycle challenge fights trafficking 29/10/2013
Dads Army vicar embarks on national tour 13/04/2016
Dalit Child Sleep Out 04/01/2011
Dallas Willard 01/06/2010
Dave Cave, first co-ordinator of ACUTE, passes away 22/11/2017
David Cameron visits Open Doors 25/11/2015
David Jackman 01/09/2008
Death - a fact of life 20/05/2011
Death of the UK Church 'greatly exaggerated' 27/06/2013
Dedication's what you need 22/07/2011
Delivering life this Christmas 10/12/2015
Demands of ministry 'put church leaders under pressure' 06/06/2013
Denis Alexander and Ranald Macaulay 02/11/2009
Designer clothes and food parcels for the needy this Christmas 22/12/2011
Diamond Jubilee Grace released on Commonwealth Day 13/03/2012
Disability: the elephant in the church? 10/06/2014
Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes - a story of success 22/05/2015
Displaced Christians preparing to return home in Iraq 15/11/2016
Do you believe in angels? 09/01/2017
Doing church differently 11/05/2011
Doing mission with a disability 07/01/2011
Domestic violence to rise during the Euros, and the Church must not stay silent 10/06/2016
Doncaster: a passion for unity 22/07/2015
Duchess of Cornwall visits London evangelical church 03/07/2012
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit XLP 09/03/2016
Easter Bunny 'more popular than Jesus' 26/03/2013
Easter changed my life: Alexandra's story 10/04/2017
Easter changed my life: Dan's story 11/04/2017
Easter changed my life: Ian's story 12/04/2017
Easter changed my life: Steve's story 13/04/2017
Easter eggs and golden tickets 25/02/2015
Education transcends culture to bring hope to young people 22/11/2011
Egypt uprising: renewed calls for justice 29/01/2013
Encouraging men to arise as champions through radio 30/07/2015
End hunger fast 05/03/2014
Engaging with your South Asian neighbours 23/07/2018
Enterprising East-ender opens Christian library 07/12/2010
Esther or Saul? Survey compares political leaders with Bible characters 03/05/2015
Eternal Easter Experiences 22/03/2011
Europe: Work in progress or Doomsday? 15/10/2013
European road trip raises awareness of human trafficking 18/01/2010
Evaluation report reveals success of Biblefresh 27/04/2012
Evangelical Alliance - tell us your thoughts 26/02/2016
Evangelical Alliance becomes a Living Wage employer 18/11/2014
Evangelical Alliance calls on government to keep promise of ending violence against women 25/11/2015
Evangelising the UK - help needed 21/06/2012
Everyday heroism helping the nation's most vulnerable 23/06/2016
Exhibit new art this Easter 11/01/2016
Experiencing Burkina Faso 25/11/2011
Experts unite to tackle youth mental health issues 05/12/2014
Exposed – Shining a Light on Corruption 09/09/2013
Facing redundancy, but trusting God 28/02/2011
Fairer Times 08/03/2011
Faith communities ‘vital’, says former home secretary 27/08/2011
Faith community must respond to climate change, says former Archbishop 29/01/2015
'Faith helps schools to become moral communities' 05/03/2013
Faith in tough times 04/06/2014
Faith leaders call for radical economic reform 29/01/2013
Faith leaders unite to reject domestic violence 15/07/2015
Faith minister praises inspiring Christians 04/12/2012
Faith-based organisations crucial for humanitarian work 24/05/2016
Faithfulness Matters campaigns against website profits 29/11/2011
Father's Day call for more foster carers 03/06/2013
Feeding the Five Thousand? 21/03/2011
FGM rife in Mali 03/10/2014
Film festival promotes justice and the gospel 08/08/2013
First all-church gospel music summit 05/06/2014
First church planting bishop appointed by Church of England 10/07/2015
First lady : Prayer is the greatest power in the world 07/03/2014
Five female Anglican church leaders on the women bishops vote 15/07/2014
Food for thought 10/06/2011
Food, glorious food 28/03/2012
Fresh Expressions vital for the future of the Church 16/01/2014
From Bill Mason Band to Dalit Candles 27/08/2011
Fulcrum joins Evangelical Alliance membership 11/06/2015
Fusion invites students to #TryChurch 26/04/2017
Games Pastors serve visitors to London during the Games 06/08/2012
Gary Habermas and Tim Keller 01/04/2009
Gather conference brings unity movements together 22/02/2012
GATHER heads north 03/12/2014
Gavin Calver becomes chair of Spring Harvest 24/02/2017
Gear up for a period of powerful prayer 18/03/2018
Geeks with a heart 14/11/2012
Genetic manipulation: medical breakthrough or moral mistake? 05/02/2016
Get excited about Jesus: in the beginning is awe 16/07/2018
Get ready for the Great Commission 20/10/2016
Get ready to 'cross' London 01/11/2012
Get Set for the Olympics 02/03/2012
Get set, Commonwealth, Go! 24/07/2014
Getting in to the rhythm of mission 13/03/2018
Gift boxes reveal world of human trafficking to Olympic tourists 10/08/2012
Girls' Brigade Grace at Buckingham Palace launch 27/11/2013
Girls Brigade joins campaign to find missing Nigerian schoolgirls 09/09/2014
Girls' Brigade members to receive free New Testament 02/10/2015
Girls' Brigade receive government funding 10/10/2012
Girls Brigade sends a prayer wave across world 10/06/2015
Girls’ Brigade gives hope in Manchester 11/07/2018
Girls’ Brigade Ministries: here’s to another 125 years of mission 09/08/2018
Give a little HOPE this Christmas 13/11/2017
Give blood in National Blood Week 11/06/2013
Give out not up for lent 2014 10/02/2014
Global Church groups commit to caring for creation 19/11/2012
Global Church uniting with South Korean Prayer Mission in UK 07/07/2015
Global mission must adapt to a ‘messy’ world, says WEA 06/12/2011
Go! Sign proclaims the gospel in BSL 05/07/2018
God of wonders and the World Cup 27/05/2010
God's Justice Bible celebrated at Houses of Parliament 09/09/2016
Going to the Keswick Convention? Download the brand new app 07/07/2017
Good eggs 18/04/2011
Gospel's time to shine 08/05/2013
Great Commission: together let’s make Jesus known 28/12/2016
greatcommission.co.uk celebrates first anniversary 30/10/2017
Greater Love - Communities commemorate World War 1 28/03/2014
Greenbelt Festival 2011 kicks off 27/08/2011
Guvna B new Youth For Christ ambassador 06/12/2011
Halloween: Obstacle or Opportunity? 31/10/2014
Have you pledged to pray with Thy Kingdom Come? 25/05/2017
Heartbroken for Mexico 29/06/2011
Help provide clean water in Africa 04/03/2013
Help, I also need somebody! 24/11/2011
Helping churches tackle addiction 30/04/2014
Helping more ex-offenders in London 06/03/2012
Henley YMCA communicates a Christian message through providing facilities and activities for the community 20/07/2010
Hillsong hosts another sell-out carol service in Wembley 22/12/2015
Hillsong hosts UK's largest carol service 18/12/2014
Home for Good launch: a landmark moment for the Alliance 01/09/2014
Homeless at Christmas 23/12/2014
Homosexuality & hermeneutics: creating counter-cultural communities 15/01/2013
Hoodies for the homeless 20/12/2013
HOPE 2014 launched at huge night of prayer 22/10/2013
HOPE in the Lakes 02/04/2014
HOPE launches resources for Big Jubilee Lunch 06/02/2012
Hope UK gives festival-goers ‘drunken’ experience to challenge binge drinking 05/03/2010
Hospital ship completes voluntary mission 14/12/2011
House of Lords celebrates new Turkic Belt ministry 11/06/2015
Housing the homeless 22/06/2015
How a memory cafe is saving a forgotten community 05/04/2017
How can you change the world? 21/06/2017
How did the Bible help your family during WW1? 05/08/2013
How did you become a Christian? 20/05/2015
How 'Discovering Jesus' is changing lives 20/04/2018
How my car breaking down became the best day of my life 27/01/2016
How social media changed the game for 40acts 12/06/2018
How the Church can support junior doctors 26/04/2016
How your church can use Disney's Queen of Katwe 25/10/2016
Hundreds bid farewell to John Stott – a radical disciple 16/01/2012
Hundreds of young people commit to Christ 22/08/2012
Hundreds of young people find faith at Soul Survivor 27/08/2014
Hundreds saved as Higher Tour kicks off 30/03/2016
Hungry families double as economic crisis takes its toll 02/05/2012
I am a mother – but not in the traditional sense 26/03/2017
Idea short story competition the short list 15/09/2017
Idea short story competition update 20/06/2017
Idea short story competition: the long list 01/09/2017
Idea short story competition: the winners 29/09/2017
Importance of Christians in power examined by Council 17/09/2014
In the wake of another youth stabbing, XLP Showcase presents a platform for positive young people 05/07/2010
Innovative Bible offers access to God's word for millions of readers 30/05/2017
Inspired praise 09/11/2011
Inspiring – Connecting – Equipping: the Home for Good Summit 02/09/2015
International church leaders meet at evangelical forum 11/03/2016
International Day of the Girl 11/10/2013
International mission agency appoints first non-Western director 10/08/2012
Introducing Jo Frost, director of communications and marketing 29/08/2017
Introducing... Godbaby 03/09/2012
Iraqi Christians suffer effects of war 08/07/2016
Is Christianity good news for animals? 22/03/2017
Is fear paralysing mission? 12/01/2015
Is your church inclusive to those with additional needs? 12/03/2015
Is your worthwhile cause worth £10,000 more? 04/05/2016
Ishmael: finding answers 18/08/2011
Islington church saving lives a knife at a time 21/04/2010
I've got your back 11/03/2015
Jesus House offers pampering treatments to 'unsung mothers' 08/03/2013
Jesus House sends 8,000 Christmas shoeboxes to Liberia 10/12/2012
Jesus on the cross: Reflection 1 13/04/2014
Jesus on the cross: Reflection 2 14/04/2014
Jesus on the cross: Reflection 3 15/04/2014
Jesus on the cross: Reflection 4 16/04/2014
Jesus on the cross: Reflection 5 17/04/2014
Jesus on the cross: Reflection 6 18/04/2014
Jesus on the cross: Reflection 7 18/04/2014
Jesus: man, myth or messiah? 22/03/2016
Jeweller wins Observer Ethical Award with his golden initiatives 14/06/2011
Jews for Jesus says, “Behold your God, Jerusalem” 20/06/2018
Jogger dressed as rabbit surprises Clapham residents 17/04/2014
John Buckeridge: Mergers and acquisitions 13/09/2010
Join the National Prayer Weekend and help your community 01/09/2016
Join us at GATHERSOUTH this November 21/10/2015
Join us in praying for the evangelisation of the nation 29/04/2016
Joyride launched by comedian Tom Elliot 07/09/2017
Jubilee New Testaments to be given out at Big Lunches 17/04/2012
Just a 'child'?initiative launched by Arise Ministries 18/01/2011
Keep Sunday Special campaign steps up in light of government consultation 09/07/2015
Keswick Ministries set to grow 20/11/2015
Khmer Rouge regime survivor keeps his 40-year-old promise to God 17/04/2015
Launch of '21st Century Evangelicals in the UK' 12/01/2011
Launch of '21st Century Evangelicals in the UK' (Part 2) 12/01/2011
Launch of new food banks highlights problem of poverty in the UK 05/10/2010
Leading Christian charities team up to help those in poverty 15/02/2017
Leading for safer churches: the art and heart of communication 27/02/2017
Leaving lent behind: habits of grace 29/03/2016
Lent: 40 ideas to transform your community 18/04/2014
Less than half of Christians think poverty is being made history 06/07/2015
Let the truth about corruption be unearthed 24/02/2012
Leuven Consultation: persecuted women shamed into silence 12/06/2017
Lewisham churches unite for the good of the community 05/06/2013
Leyton Orient welcomes 9,000 worshippers 25/11/2011
Life in a changing world – a pupil gives her perspective 09/02/2017
Life isn’t easy 26/06/2012
Light parties: sharing Jesus at Halloween 01/08/2017
Lighting up the darkness with Compassion UK 14/08/2018
Liverpool leaders seek to make Jesus known 15/04/2016
Lives saved through charity’s media coverage 16/12/2011
Living below the line 12/04/2013
Living for Christ in the Middle East 27/08/2015
Local Church in Scotland opens doors to those suffering from addictions 06/03/2012
London church raises £150,000 by renting car spaces 30/05/2013
London City Mission joins membership 03/08/2015
London’s largest women’s hostel reach out to homeless women this Easter 01/04/2015
Londoners aim to bring a 'light to every street' 09/02/2010
Looking back, moving forward – new home for the Evangelical Alliance 18/03/2013
Looking for Jesus? Try a garden shed 19/12/2013
Losing carbon for lent 17/03/2011
Love, St Valentine 11/02/2011
Loved this Christmas 27/11/2015
Loving the local estate 01/06/2013
Major appointments at New Wine 28/05/2015
Make Lunch among winners at Christian social action awards 14/11/2014
Making tax justice part of worship 15/10/2013
Male Christian leaders: the women who inspire us 08/03/2013
Managing new year debt 08/01/2014
March held in memory of Shahbaz Bhatti in London 14/03/2012
Mark Driscoll 01/12/2008
Mark in the Park 18/05/2016
Marriage vow world record attempt 06/02/2014
Mars, God and the Big Bang 13/07/2016
Massacre of students in Nigeria religiously-motivated 04/10/2012
Matt Redman receives ASCAP Award for Our God 22/11/2011
Mayor of London hands £1.3m to GB 06/02/2012
MBE awarded to pioneering youth worker and Big Society Champion 14/07/2011
Member of the Month: The Word One to One 23/02/2017
Messy Church gets scientific 19/06/2017
Methodist charity wins communications award 04/10/2012
Methodist youth president awarded for ‘making a difference’ 04/04/2012
Methodists wake up to the need for exam stress relief 08/07/2013
Michael Frost 01/08/2008
Michael Palin does peace and quiet in church 27/07/2016
Mike Pilavachi 02/07/2009
Minority takes on might of an old empire 06/07/2011
Miroslav Volf 21/12/2010
Mission Academy Live: helping young people share Jesus 27/06/2017
Mission conference with a difference to be held in the US and Britain next year 05/07/2011
Mission pioneers set to change lives 08/07/2015
Mission Possible 30/06/2011
Mission possible for Cardiff churches 23/08/2013
Mission returns to Harringay 60 years after Billy Graham's crusade 10/10/2014
Momentum builds for National Day of Prayer 03/07/2012
Money seized from criminals brings funding boost to the Boys’ Brigade Scotland 11/02/2016
Mongolian Christians seek new London venue 16/12/2010
More needs to be done to protect children in churches 23/01/2014
More work needed to tackle human trafficking 14/09/2012
Mother- of- two cycles around the world for 2 years for charity 21/05/2010
Mother's Union launch child protection resource 14/11/2016
Mothers’ Union offer summer holidays to Grenfell families 20/07/2017
Movement Day Doncaster: church unity for God’s kingdom 21/06/2018
Movement Day: for the future of our cities and towns 30/03/2017
Much-loved British actress features on Entertainment Sunday DVD 15/12/2010
Multiple marathons campaign 08/11/2011
Mums in ministry say having children makes them better vicars 13/03/2015
Mum's the word 28/03/2011
Muslims and Christians building community 28/06/2013
Nationwide ‘Trolley Push’ to help stop UK hunger 05/04/2013
Need Bibles? Givingbibles.com is here to help 18/08/2016
New aircraft to make a difference in Sudan 12/08/2013
New app gives refugees a helping hand 11/04/2016
New art and community fusion project opens 05/07/2013
New Bible translation for Paraguayan believers 03/05/2016
New chief executive for Pilgrims’ Friend Society 30/10/2014
New chief executive for Traidcraft 01/07/2013
New Christian free school celebrates success 17/10/2014
New Dean of St Paul’s announced 06/03/2012
New Education Commission 27/11/2013
New Iranian Bible to tackle 'scripture famine' 23/09/2014
New leader for Fresh Expressions 25/11/2013
New manifesto for UK girls launched to celebrate International Women's Day 08/03/2016
New Methodist president announced 10/07/2013
New pack helps Churches to address domestic abuse 07/03/2016
New report shows Christian social action projects having massive impact 26/05/2015
New research centre launches to innovate youth work in the Church 29/02/2016
New research combats adoption myths 03/11/2013
New resource helps churches connect with older people 02/10/2015
New single commemorates CAP UK's 20th birthday 21/09/2016
New study finds nine per cent of churchgoers sponsor a child 16/06/2015
New study looks at disconnection from the Church 05/04/2012
New video series explores the problem of suffering 21/06/2016
New WEA post renews focus on social justice 30/08/2012
New year reading: book reviews 09/01/2018
Newbury town chaplains launched 01/12/2011
No easy job for Christian healthcare professionals 05/10/2012
No tomorrow? Church Army Evangelists in World War One 08/05/2014
Noah made relevant: The Ark sails to BBC1 tonight 30/03/2015
Noisy weekend 26/04/2011
Nomad Youth and Community Project brings Henley families together 28/07/2010
Norwich church to help Haiti earthquake victims 22/01/2010
Not radical enough 15/01/2013
Official opening with the Archbishop of Canterbury 29/08/2013
Olympians win prestigious Eric Liddell Award 08/08/2012
One billion Christians demand G20 action on corruption 04/11/2014
'One in a million' campaign gains momentum 21/10/2015
One in every 100 UK citizens to get Jubilee gift from UK churches 28/05/2012
One VW campervan, every university 01/11/2013
One week on: bringing God's love to the Grenfell Tower community 21/06/2017
One year on: how can we help the Chibok girls? 14/04/2015
Online evangelism service launched 21/03/2012
Open air church services to remember the persecuted 22/04/2013
Open Doors presents World Watch List in parliament 13/01/2017
Operation Christmas Child launched by school children 27/09/2012
Our top 10 most read articles - ever! 02/07/2012
Our top 10 of NDOP Wembley 29/09/2012
Outlook Trust connects older Christians with 'vibrancy of youth' 22/03/2010
Over 600 Christians part of 'The Noise’ 2011 in North Bristol 08/06/2011
Paralympic athlete announced as Mercy Ships ambassador 03/05/2013
Parent finances stretched to breaking point 02/09/2013
Parliament declares atrocities against Christians to be genocide 21/04/2016
Passing on the faith: charities publish report for Christian parents 03/04/2017
Pastor Agu: Unity across ethnic lines 13/09/2010
Pastor hailed a champion after incredible church transformation 28/04/2010
Pastor Shi Enhao’s release: new hope for Christians in China? 06/02/2012
Paula Gooder's Phoebe: let your imagination run loose 23/05/2018
Pentecost celebrations grow 28/05/2013
Pentecost prayer for UK and Syria 08/05/2013
Persecution of Christians highlighted in parliament 16/04/2013
Personal invitations key to coming back to church 27/09/2013
Peter Williams 01/09/2009
Philip Yancey 21/12/2010
Picking up the pieces - floods 26/02/2014
Pioneer minister appointed by CPAS 16/07/2013
Planting gospel-centred churches in Europe 24/02/2014
Playdough, really? Syncing children and adult teaching is not done on the hop! 28/06/2016
Plenty of space in Open Heaven 18/03/2011
Pope thanks Salvation Army for unity work 16/12/2014
Porn scars 23/09/2013
Pray as you go with Orison 25/03/2010
Pray for Europe says mission in Zimbabwe 21/05/2015
Pray for parents and toddlers 31/05/2013
Pray for sailors on Sea Sunday 11/07/2013
Pray for Syria this Christmas 17/12/2012
Prayer appeal for Sydney hostages 15/12/2014
Prayer at the gym? Watch out for your local gym chaplain 10/07/2017
Prayer day for Middle East 27/05/2015
Prayer for the world's most vulnerable children 07/08/2012
Prayer is first response to Iraq and Syria crisis, Synod told 18/11/2014
Prayer movement for climate change 27/10/2014
Prayer vigil for torture victims 25/06/2014
Prayers continue for Chibok girls 20/05/2016
Prayers for peace as South Sudan crisis deteriorates 20/01/2014
Prayers on the move 01/02/2016
Prayers said for South Sudan in wake of peace agreement 16/09/2015
Primary school Bible instruction project reaches impressive milestone 27/06/2011
Primary schools kids transformed into recording artists 14/04/2010
Prisoners set free 12/01/2015
Prisons Week organisers urge action over prison despair 17/11/2014
Projecting Matthew on to Luke 07/12/2010
Prospects appoints an executive ambassador 30/05/2013
Providing a home 26/05/2011
Prussian prince apologises for First World War while in the UK spreading message of hope 09/12/2014
Puppets and gospel ballooning: celebrating 25 years of creative ministries 19/09/2016
Put your church on the map for National Adoption Sunday 04/09/2013
Put your thumbs up for Church unity 06/06/2017
Putting hope into action 20/02/2014
Queen awards community action 24/06/2014
Question and answer session with the Archbishop of Canterbury 29/08/2013
Questions and doubts identified as key factor for “churchlessness” 29/05/2015
Rachel Gardner 31/03/2011
Rapping for Jesus 07/04/2010
Reaching out to dads 17/05/2018
Real Easter egg campaign launches 11/02/2013
Rebuilding lives in Sierra Leone 08/05/2012
Recognition needed for Church networks in Syria 04/02/2016
Reflections on fatherhood 15/06/2012
Refreshing politics 05/03/2010
Refugee girl's message to world leaders 04/01/2016
Remember refugees this Sunday, urges WEA 12/06/2013
Remember those living in ‘stupid poverty’ 29/09/2012
Rene Padilla 01/07/2010
Research shows British women 'depressed' by body image 16/10/2014
Restart gives ex-offenders a fresh start 21/01/2013
Rhythms launches to raise up a generation for justice 01/11/2012
Rising Theologian crowned 05/07/2013
Rising theologian: the future of the UK Church 05/07/2013
Rock in the community 17/06/2011
Rose Dowsett and Dewi Hughes 03/08/2009
Rose Hudson-Wilkin 20/04/2011
Row for Freedom 13/10/2011
Row For Freedom: world record holders 23/01/2012
Rowan Williams to speak at fresh expressions conference 31/10/2012
Running effective committee meetings 20/04/2011
Ruth Valerio 02/02/2009
Sacrificial love 14/02/2014
Sailors' Society marks 30th anniversary of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster 02/03/2017
Sailors’ Society combats maritime kidnapping 27/01/2017
Saints in the Stadium 03/10/2013
Salvation Army joins fight against Ebola 18/09/2014
Samaritan’s Purse finds hope in the rubble of Nepal earthquake 03/07/2015
Samaritan’s Purse provides disaster response for UK flood victims 06/01/2016
Samaritan's Purse responds to Hurricane Matthew 10/10/2016
Samaritan's Purse to Turn on the Tap for South Sudan 04/04/2016
Save the date - Gather Global: Uniting for our cities 03/03/2014
Save the date: World Refugee Sunday 15/05/2017
School assemblies are about to get much cooler 03/06/2016
Schools desperate for Bible story app 24/10/2016
Schools get the gospel 07/04/2015
Science and faith research grants launched 05/02/2016
Scorsese film 'Silence' challenges Church on issues of persecution 07/12/2016
Scottish youth work conference gets underway 16/01/2015
Scripture Union: sharing God's love for 150 years 22/05/2017
Seafarers to be remembered on Sea Sunday 05/05/2016
Seasonal social media 07/12/2011
Seeing for myself in Cambodia 20/03/2014
Seeing the need 22/09/2011
Seeking peace and prosperity for our towns and cities. 10/10/2017
Sentamu encourages work with street children 04/04/2012
Serve Scotland: MSPs commend work of faith groups in Scotland 13/09/2017
Sevenoaks churches come together to train Christians to address local needs 12/03/2010
Shane Claiborne 02/06/2008
Sheep point to the shepherd in Liverpool city centre 07/12/2010
Ship of dreams 13/04/2012
Shoe box appeal sends 118,000 boxes 23/01/2014
Shortlist announced for £10,000 Michael Ramsey Prize 28/01/2013
Should all students be taught in a single-sex environment? 02/12/2013
Showing Jesus is relevant in school 31/07/2015
Sir Fred Catherwood remembered 02/12/2014
Six challenges for the Church when engaging with contemporary culture 12/08/2014
Skydive Vicar 08/10/2015
Small but mighty: call for prayer for children at risk 28/04/2016
Smart move for Christmas 18/12/2013
Solar-powered audio Bibles spread gospel to hard-to-reach groups around the world 07/08/2018
Soul Survivor continues to see young people come to Christ 24/08/2016
Soul Survivor reports record success 02/09/2015
Source of hope for Aldershot young people 06/04/2010
South Koreans embark on UK prayer mission 10/09/2014
Southall's churches unite in multicultural event 05/10/2012
Sowing faith in the next generation 12/07/2013
Speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves 04/09/2015
Spring Harvest 2016: changing the game 25/01/2016
Spring Harvest 2016: everyday game changers 19/01/2016
Spring Harvest 2016: game changers 12/01/2016
Spring Harvest 2016: game changing faith 03/02/2016
Spring Harvest 2016: international game changer 10/02/2016
Spring Harvest and Samaritan's Purse go local to encourage Church unity 20/07/2016
Spring Harvest and Samaritan's Purse partner up 12/11/2015
Start a conversation: Christians urged to be part of Jo Cox commission on loneliness 24/03/2017
Statement on the republication of Taming the Tiger 23/07/2015
Stepping into evangelism 26/05/2014
Steve Clifford joins church leaders at Number 10 01/03/2017
Steve Clifford's Christmas message 15/12/2016
Steve Timmis 01/01/2009
Stewardship launch new online fundraising service 15/11/2012
Still holding out hope behind bars: Daylight celebrates best year yet 14/12/2010
Stories 12/01/2012
Stories for Ramadan 2015 from Mahabba 18/06/2015
Stories of hope: how faith has changed prisoners' lives 11/10/2017
Stuart Townend 01/10/2009
Summer success in Sidcup for HOPE14 16/09/2014
Support charities through Make a Will month 2015 06/11/2015
Sweet talk, the Bible and why people mess up 27/10/2016
Syria’s civil war – three years too many 07/03/2014
Tackling loneliness and isolation 20/02/2015
Tackling mental health stigma in churches 26/01/2015
Take prayer seriously, says National Prayer School 06/10/2014
Taking up the £1 challenge 04/05/2012
Talking Jesus New Year prayer call 01/12/2015
Tanzanian graduate is helping African refugees after winning her fight for a UK visa 23/07/2010
Tea at Number 10 for the Girls’ Brigade 25/06/2012
Teaching evangelism in Egypt 03/08/2012
Tearfund blogging challenge 17/12/2013
Tearfund is Premier Radio's charity of the year 11/07/2011
Tearfund receives leadership award 03/10/2012
Tenants of faith 26/04/2013
Terry Virgo 01/05/2008
Terry Waite opens celebrations for Swanwick Conference Centre's 100th Anniversary 06/06/2011
Tesco and Sainsbury’s put Jesus egg on trial: A ‘meaningful’ milestone 04/03/2013
Thames Christian College pupils show The Apprentice how it's done 07/12/2010
The Archers and talking about domestic violence 06/09/2016
The Bible & Homosexuality: a response to Steve Chalke 15/01/2013
The Bible in pictures at Teddington Baptist Church 12/04/2011
The Big Church Day Out has a ‘night in’… 04/12/2012
The Church and the Games: An "outstanding success" 13/08/2012
The Church in Africa praised for ‘crucial’ role in tackling malaria 25/04/2012
The Church is out for blood 14/06/2015
The Church of England told to trust in God’s authority following Brexit 08/07/2016
The Church vs global corruption 12/10/2012
The colour purple 10/10/2012
The cross: more than just a logo 29/03/2013
The danger of leaving it to others to defend our faith 01/12/2016
The day war broke out 01/08/2014
The Diamond Jubilee and much more... 29/02/2012
The Entertainer to raise money for Open Doors on Giving Tuesday 30/11/2015
The Evangelical Alliance to lead a series of seminars at the Christian Resources Exhibition 31/07/2018
The Final Frontier 22/07/2011
The gold standard 02/10/2012
The Gospel is bigger than you think 02/07/2008
The heart of the community 12/02/2014
The Holy Mo 06/11/2013
The house that UCB built 03/04/2012
The Jesus Agenda: inspiring Christians to seek justice 25/01/2013
The journey: week of prayer 14/01/2018
The next government must do more to help slavery survivors, CARE says 05/05/2017
The ongoing legacy of the Pentecostal Movement 04/11/2015
The Pitch winner on his way to Hollywood 08/02/2017
The power of women to change the world 20/11/2012
The pressures of teenage life 09/12/2014
The Queen's faith is celebrated as she becomes Britain's longest-serving monarch 09/09/2015
The Real Easter Egg is back for 2017 25/01/2017
The real-life effects of climate change 13/06/2012
The Rt Rev Dr Graham Tomlin: “Grenfell calls for a radical look at how we live together” 19/06/2018
The Theology of Everything 02/07/2008
The thinking behind Godbaby 05/10/2012
The UK's favourite church buildings 17/07/2013
Think before you tweet 23/01/2014
This is not a time for the Church to be silent 04/09/2015
This Lent, will you be Talking Jesus? 19/02/2018
Those who mourn 01/08/2014
Thousands attend global Christian event in South Korea 30/10/2013
Thousands of churches host Diamond Jubilee street parties 08/06/2012
Thousands of European students responding to the gospel 15/04/2013
Thousands of images of Christian worshippers wanted by Guardian 20/05/2013
Thousands to pray for vulnerable children 29/05/2013
Thousands will forego food to urge G8 action on global hunger 25/05/2013
Thumbs up for Religious Education, say young people 20/12/2010
Thy kingdom come: how my new pets help me to pray 11/05/2016
Thy kingdom come: Jason Gardner on the importance of prayer in evangelism 09/05/2016
Thy kingdom come: life-transforming good news 14/05/2016
Thy kingdom come: pray for your friends 15/05/2016
Thy kingdom come: the power of praying through Pentecost 12/05/2016
Thy kingdom come: the united pursuit 13/05/2016
Thy kingdom come: why churches should join in prayer for evangelism this Pentecost 10/05/2016
Tie up your trainers for a challenge that releases children from poverty 02/02/2017
Tim Hughes 02/03/2009
Time to tackle local poverty this Volunteer Week 04/06/2015
Time to talk marriage 10/09/2014
Together we are neighbourly 21/08/2014
Toilets top the church repair charts 08/10/2014
Tom Wright 01/07/2008
Tony Blair calls on Christians to fight poverty 14/11/2012
Tony Blair speaks to Christian leaders 18/05/2012
Tony Campolo 19/05/2010
Too many children waiting for a home for good 10/04/2013
Top comic teams up with Christmas campaign 28/10/2014
Training churches to respond to drug and alcohol addiction 10/06/2015
Trans World Radio Reaches Migrants 22/10/2015
Tributes flood in for Eldin Corsie 27/04/2016
Tributes for Oak Hill Bible College principal Mike Ovey 10/01/2017
Turkish Christians call for prayer for nation 16/03/2016
TV vicar to speak at Christian Ecology Link event 09/02/2011
Twin every church loo, says London minister 09/01/2013
UK Church told to stop being religious 05/12/2014
UK churches gather to pray for new government 17/05/2010
UK churches to get their wellies on 10/07/2013
UK churches to support trauma centre in Nigeria 06/09/2016
UK gospel concert to bring two worlds together 14/08/2013
UK government partners with Christian project in Uganda 30/01/2014
Under our Roof? 28/06/2011
Unique Bible reading event in braille 05/05/2011
Uniting against slavery 25/03/2014
Unlock London annual walk to focus on history of King James Bible 04/02/2011
Unsung heroes receive Inspire awards 29/11/2013
Unwrapping Christmas for schoolchildren 22/12/2009
URC continues past case review 06/10/2016
Video: Official opening – Being good news 29/08/2013
Vine Church in Fife answers call to Haiti 26/01/2010
Visions for Belfast 02/10/2013
Viva at UN launch to end violence against children worldwide 05/07/2016
Viva founder skydives for charity 03/07/2013
Vote for us as the People's Choice in the Christian New Media Awards 23/09/2014
Waking up from the consumer dream 05/02/2009
Wales building initiative honours 15-year-old. 07/02/2014
We need your photos 30/10/2012
We should be selfless like the Queen, says Archbishop 06/06/2012
WEA issue Bible translation recommendations 01/05/2013
Welby calls on Church to model racial unity 28/08/2013
Welby leads call for renewed global Church unity 04/11/2013
Welcoming the convert in Wales 20/11/2013
Welcoming the stranger 04/08/2014
What can I do to share Jesus? Pray, say, give, invite. 18/09/2017
What difference do faith groups make? 25/09/2014
What do you think about belief and unbelief? 23/08/2016
What does Mothering Sunday mean to you? 11/03/2015
What every young evangelist needs 13/12/2010
What has Jesus got to do with the values of the western world? 07/09/2016
What it means to be a Christian doctor 17/10/2012
What next for the coalition government? 05/05/2011
Wheels for the World distribute wheelchairs to Paralympic athletes 14/09/2012
Wheels to enrich lives among Africa’s disabled 22/04/2010
When mission takes us to a holiday cottage 03/07/2018
Where is God in dementia? 29/04/2014
Who cares? 24/06/2014
Who let the dads out? 01/12/2016
Why I'm tackling porn from the pulpit 17/05/2013
Why supermarkets should stock the real Easter eggs 31/03/2015
Why the NHS needs Christians 15/12/2015
Widow forgives husband's killers 19/07/2013
Widows spared a life of begging 19/06/2013
Will Graham 21/10/2011
Will you grow a Holy Mo? 29/10/2014
Will you help to end water poverty this World Water Day? 12/02/2015
Will you make a will? 16/09/2014
Will you share the miracle this Easter? 06/03/2017
Will you suck a lemon to help raise families? 01/06/2017
Will your church pray for the persecuted Church? 30/09/2014
Wimbledon churches love all, serve all 27/06/2013
Windrush 70th anniversary celebrates love, hope and unity 26/06/2018
Winners and losers in Northern Ireland 12/05/2011
Winners of Inspire Awards 2011 revealed 16/11/2011
Winners of the Inspire Awards announced 30/11/2012
Women offered 'Beautiful Feet' at Shropshire conference 03/02/2011
Women with vision 25/11/2011
Words of Jesus on the cross 15/04/2014
Workers protected as Sunday trading plans defeated 10/03/2016
Working together to offer Christmas hampers 29/11/2011
Working Together: the Church and civic authorities 26/02/2013
World Aids Day 01/12/2015
World Cup: Jeanette shows red card to domestic violence 21/06/2010
World faith leaders pledge to end modern slavery by 2020 05/12/2014
World prayer for children at risk 01/05/2015
World Refugee Sunday 18/05/2015
XL-mentoring goes national 10/04/2013
XLP's Tackling Britain's Knife Crime conference to look for way forward 05/11/2015
Yorkshire churches enter groundbreaking partnership 04/10/2012
Young Adults in Havering Simplify their lives 07/04/2010
Young Christians ‘invade’ York 11/04/2012
Young Christians ask: Is there a better way for Syria? 11/09/2013
Young Londoners showcase talent at XLP event 16/07/2012
Young people from churches in central Birmingham get to know their Muslim neighbours 05/07/2010
Young Public Leaders Gathering 11/03/2015
Youngsters reversing negative press 27/08/2011
YWAM faces government action 05/01/2015
Inspire Awards
Community hub in barnet 04/09/2013
CRIBS help young flourish in Bexley schools 10/09/2013
Encouraging young people through outdoor adventure 05/09/2012
Feeding the hungry 12/09/2012
Gifted to flourish 24/09/2013
Giving hope to young troubled women 26/09/2013
Green Pastures 18/05/2015
Helping Rwandan orphans to have a better life 06/09/2012
Home-made meals for the homeless - the latest Inspire Award nomination 05/08/2015
Housing the homeless 10/08/2012
Inspire award nominations 01/04/2015
Inspire Awards 12/02/2015
Inspiring Christians to be awarded in parliament 27/11/2012
Lifeline Community Action 14/05/2015
Open Arms for the marginalised 24/09/2013
Shine Project helps teenage girls rediscover worth 01/07/2013
Supporting asylum seekers in Manchester 30/08/2012
The Well 27/09/2013
The word on the street at number 72 27/09/2013
Thetford Family project bringing hope on deprived estate 26/09/2013
Thriving communities 19/09/2012
West End impact project 11/07/2013
Working with ex-offenders 19/09/2012
2012 Olympics
1,000 NDOP Wembley tickets available for the homeless 28/08/2012
Articles 16/05/2012
Churches host Paralympic opening ceremony event 28/08/2012
Explosion of creative events to greet London’s Olympic visitors 21/06/2012
Free Bibles in Olympic village 16/07/2012
More Than Gold 16/05/2012
O Thou who changest not 02/08/2012
Paralympian visits disability sport centre in Haiti 05/07/2012
Paralympics show "everyone is equal" 30/08/2012
Resources for the Olympics 16/05/2012
Salvation Army venue to take its place in the Olympics 06/08/2012
The Olympic and Paralympics Games 2016 16/05/2012
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Matt & Dan Withers, The Greatest Of These clothing 11/02/2013
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Friday Night Theology
#OscarsSoWhite: where the Oscars fail, the Church needs to succeed 22/01/2016
29-point swing against heaven 25/10/2013
3 things to remember when praying for Scotland 12/09/2014
50 Shades of Mindfulness 21/09/2012
50 Shades: testing our Grey matter 13/02/2015
A common treasury 14/06/2013
A different kind of scandal 16/02/2018
A few good people? 12/07/2013
A healing community 13/06/2014
A holy huddle or a light which cannot be hidden?  06/10/2017
A hopeful absence 18/05/2018
A love that knows no borders 23/09/2016
A message of hope for Scotland 29/08/2014
A resounding yes 25/11/2016
A sense of story 25/05/2012
A shocking story 23/12/2016
A tale of two consensuses 24/06/2016
A thoughtful octopus 15/04/2016
A world of difference 17/05/2013
A world without imperfection 07/10/2016
Access all areas 27/04/2012
Advent 02/12/2011
All change 20/05/2016
An army of adolescents 02/03/2018
An attitude of hospitality 29/06/2012
An honour for Oscar 22/05/2015
Apologies, absolutes and stinking fish 28/09/2012
Are we ready to be the good news? 14/09/2012
At the end of a very bad week 26/02/2016
Back to school 02/09/2016
Bale: overpriced? 06/09/2013
Banking on the Church? 30/11/2012
Battle for religious freedom: a piece of cake? 04/05/2018
Belgrade's frozen hell 03/02/2017
Bert and Ernie cake, anyone? 20/03/2015
Best laid plans... 08/12/2017
Beyond the labels 29/11/2013
Bongo bongo land and people not like us 09/08/2013
Breaking the cycle of violence 16/03/2012
Building a new nation 19/09/2014
Can peace precede justice? 19/01/2018
Caring for the stranger 11/09/2015
Censoring Matthew 25: Do prisoners deserve our sympathy? 22/08/2014
Challenging the sacred/secular divide. 04/10/2013
Charity really does start at home - why the 0.7 per cent matters 05/05/2017
Choices, choices 16/11/2012
Christmas carols 16/12/2011
Christmas, comfort and compassion 22/12/2012
Church: where no subject is taboo? 15/08/2014
Circles of Hope 20/11/2015
Comic relief 24/08/2012
Communities of hope 23/06/2017
Community and celebration: finding joy and taking heart… 30/06/2017
Compassion as vast as an ocean 04/09/2015
Compassion fatigue? 14/11/2014
COP21: Now's the time to stand for the vulnerable 11/12/2015
Could it be the bishops wot won it? 20/02/2015
Counting the cost at Christmas 22/12/2017
David Cameron’s Christian country 22/12/2011
Desperation meets celebration 01/09/2017
Do cheats ever prosper? 25/09/2015
Do not be afraid 26/05/2017
Do we need to talk about Kevin (or Harry)? 27/02/2015
Donald Trump and your mental health 22/04/2016
Donald Trump's Bible 27/01/2017
Donald's Trump card 24/07/2015
Doris and the art of Toyota maintenance 08/11/2013
Drawing a line in the sand 04/04/2014
Drugs aren't the problem, the gods are. 13/11/2015
Eco Church: a tectonic shift in Christian Culture... 29/01/2016
Economic migrants or refugees? 15/05/2015
Embryo editing: a societal problem? 20/07/2018
Endeavour 03/08/2012
Euro 2016 - a chance to unite? 10/06/2016
Euromillions and the meaning of life 17/02/2017
Eurovision: it's not about the music 13/05/2016
Evangelicals, Trump, power and freedom 14/10/2016
Everyday heroes 10/10/2014
Everyone is equal 24/01/2014
Faith in outer space 09/02/2018
Faith, foraging and flight 18/03/2016
Fake news and finding the truth that sets you free 31/03/2017
Fear or focus? 09/01/2015
Feet of Clay 26/10/2012
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José Mourinho: football’s ‘special one’? 03/06/2016
Justice and the sins of our youth 02/02/2018
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Leaving a leadership legacy 17/11/2017
Legitimate privacy 25/11/2011
Lent: beyond self-denial 15/02/2013
Les Misérables: a grace-fest 18/01/2013
Let's commit to engaging relationally with politics 08/05/2015
Life on Mars 10/08/2012
Like a child 28/02/2014
Looking to Him 24/02/2012
Love all 10/07/2015
Love and rescue 06/04/2012
Love Island, Hugh Grant, and Jesus: Who does it better? 27/07/2018
Loving the forgotten 18/10/2013
Mad cows and crazy horses 22/02/2013
Magna Carta: the battle today about yesterday for tomorrow 12/06/2015
Making poverty personal 03/05/2013
Mandela: mourning the death of our dreams 13/12/2013
Margaret Thatcher and Solomon 19/04/2013
Me, myself and other people 13/09/2013
Meekness and weakness 06/02/2015
Mental health: does the Church have anything to say? 27/10/2017
Missing mothers 13/03/2015
More real than gravity itself 21/02/2014
Murder and the value of truth 02/08/2013
Nailing your colours to the mast 04/11/2016
National treasures 14/03/2014
Naturally Supernatural 31/08/2012
New year, new me 06/01/2017
Noble lives 07/10/2011
Not to be served but to serve 29/04/2016
Nothing but the truth 11/04/2014
Occupy’s imaginative space 04/11/2011
Olympian Shambles…. 20/07/2012
On getting nude and being rude 19/06/2015
On lobbying 09/12/2011
On Pistorius, innocence, guilt and grace 07/06/2013
On speaking the truth 09/09/2011
One true voice 28/03/2014
One year on: mourn with those who mourn 25/05/2018
Opening the future 01/02/2013
Our awkwardly plural society 14/12/2012
Our own worst enemies 07/03/2014
Paying your tax? 10/11/2017
Philip Seymour Hoffman and the urgency of the gospel 07/02/2014
Pick me 17/04/2015
Plan A 23/09/2011
Power, corruption and lies 28/06/2013
P-p-p-polling a penguin 11/03/2016
Pressed for time 06/01/2012
Profits and prophets: are you watching? 24/02/2017
Qatada: Grace goes where the law cannot 26/04/2013
Questions, questions, questions... 20/10/2017
Race and the UK Church: a personal reflection 25/08/2017
Radical action 20/09/2013
Read the Bible? Whatever next! 05/08/2011
Reason to forgive 10/05/2013
Rebellions are built on hope 09/12/2016
Religion’s premature obituary 15/03/2013
Remembering sacrifice and heroism 06/11/2015
Render to Ivanka 28/04/2017
Respecting authority, and defending freedom of conscience. 26/01/2018
Restorative justice 19/08/2011
Rich lists and ill manors 04/05/2012
Rioting and restoring 12/08/2011
Ripping off the sticking plaster 21/11/2014
Roman’s fallacy 09/03/2012
Royalty and the upside down kingdom 13/04/2018
Safe spaces and dangerous ideas  16/09/2016
Searching for Jesus 02/03/2012
Self-serving altruism 31/10/2014
Shall we dance? Risk and the transforming God 10/03/2017
Shalom, Syria and me 12/04/2013
Shame or sympathy: What does Lord Sewel deserve? 31/07/2015
Shelter 02/11/2012
Social media, trolling and unfollowing followers 06/07/2018
Soul security 21/03/2014
Sound of 2012 13/01/2012
Southgate and Trump: leadership in an age of extremes 13/07/2018
Speaking truth to power 05/09/2014
Spiritual lessons and sporting glory 02/10/2015
Spring is in the air 01/03/2013
Stand up and be counted 09/06/2017
Stand-up and be authentic 31/01/2014
State of Play: The Sequel 15/07/2011
Stephen Hawking and hope for the future 16/03/2018
Stop blaming the victims 24/10/2014
Stop playing politics with TV debates 06/03/2015
Storms of life 27/01/2012
Suarez, England & World Cup glory 27/06/2014
Syria and the battle of ideas 04/12/2015
Tales of the unexpected 06/05/2016
Tennis balls and the table-turning Jesus 10/02/2017
Thank God it's Friday 28/11/2014
The 10 Suggestions 08/02/2013
The beautiful game 10/02/2012
The big shame 11/07/2014
The Cadbury question: does Jesus care about an egg hunt? 07/04/2017
The certainty of the perfect love of God 02/06/2017
The comfort of the cross? 03/03/2017
The discipline of celebration 08/06/2012
The disruptive power of the gospel 31/05/2013
The Euro's in the alltogether, the alltogether... 28/10/2011
The fallen and the frail 06/06/2014
The God who offers us home 28/10/2016
The gospel and nationalism 18/11/2016
The intentional vacancy 05/10/2012
The master of time: for when change is too slow 19/05/2017
The medium is the message 13/04/2012
The moral and the spiritual 11/11/2011
The myth of scarcity 19/10/2012
The news that didn’t make the headlines 20/12/2013
The people's pregnancy 07/12/2012
The Politics of Food 30/03/2012
The power of words 16/08/2013
The pursuit of happiness 27/03/2015
The question of legacy 20/01/2017
The right to be forgotten 16/05/2014
The search for a legacy 17/08/2012
The secret to being content 18/07/2014
The silence of the lambs 20/04/2018
The spy who went to Salisbury 09/03/2018
The summer has ended 07/09/2012
The things we lose 08/03/2013
The Time Lord and the Lord of Time 21/07/2017
The two-faced Church? 17/01/2014
The UK Church and the problem with class 19/02/2016
The vulnerable mind 22/06/2012
The war on womankind 01/11/2013
The Way of the Cross 23/03/2012
The weak things of the world 11/10/2013
Thumbs-up 30/05/2014
Time, times and half a time 09/10/2015
To be heard, seen and acknowledged 14/10/2011
To die is gain 29/07/2016
To kill a king or sing his praise? 10/04/2015
Too young to vote? 27/09/2013
Trick or treat? 30/10/2015
Trump meets Kim: present justice and future hope 15/06/2018
Truth and the Panama papers 08/04/2016
Truth in the hidden 06/07/2012
Typhoon Haiyan: what’s God got to do with it? 15/11/2013
Un lugar celestial (a heavenly place) 01/07/2016
Very superstitious? 13/01/2017
Virtuous governance 01/06/2012
Waking up to the horrors of trafficking 20/10/2014
Wandering into 2013 04/01/2013
Watch over your heart 27/11/2015
Water footprint 20/04/2012
We don't do weakness 13/10/2017
We need to intercede 06/04/2018
We’re doing great! Aren’t we? 17/03/2017
Weeping for Eva as the news goes on… 13/07/2012
Welby vs Wonga 26/07/2013
Welcome the stranger as if they’re royalty 29/06/2018
Welcome to my world 08/01/2016
What are you racing for? 14/07/2017
What difference can one life make? 30/09/2011
What if they're angry for a reason? 24/04/2015
What is enough? 05/04/2013
What makes you human? 25/04/2014
What will people say about me when I die? 15/01/2016
What's in a name? 01/12/2017
What's the message? 27/07/2012
When hindsight isn’t so beautiful and hope is much better looking… 08/07/2016
When politics gets personal... 12/05/2017
When saying 'sorry' is just not enough 22/07/2011
When sorry matters 22/11/2013
When the ‘phoney’ met the ‘stiff’ 02/12/2016
When to move on 20/06/2014
Where does your treasure lie? 30/09/2016
Where is God in an earthquake? 01/05/2015
Where there is strife let there be unity 22/07/2016
Where's Christ in civil unrest? 15/07/2016
Who cares? 02/05/2014
Who counts in this world? 22/09/2017
Who do you trust? 23/03/2018
Who is hearing you? 15/06/2012
Why Disney should let Frozen go 05/12/2014
Why I'm ditching the 'digital detox' this January 30/01/2015
Why is violence against women so common? 17/07/2015
Will we turn hate mail into love mail? 16/06/2017
Will we widen the boundaries of welcome? 08/09/2017
Will your heart be stirred by slavery? 16/10/2015
Willful blindness 11/05/2012
Women bishops, disagreement and division 22/11/2012
Woolwich calls us back to our basic competence 24/05/2013
Words of life and death 28/07/2017
World Cup 2018: the dark side of offside 22/06/2018
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12 Years a Slave: A reflection 09/01/2014
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Different Eyes 01/07/2009
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First ‘holy horror’ film set to cause controversy 31/10/2014
Generous Justice 01/11/2010
How your church can engage in the new Ben-Hur 25/08/2016
Matt Redman: 10,000 reasons and one special song 19/07/2016
One: unity in diversity - a personal journey 26/02/2017
Passing the baton: what the Olympics can teach us about discipleship 11/07/2016
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Adrian Smith - a victory for common sense 16/11/2012
‘Ludicrous’ to use Prevent to stop Christians Unions says Prime Minister 08/06/2016
Christianity far from being extinct, new report reveals 21/09/2015
Mayoral candidates promise churches they’ll crack down on "predatory" betting shops 20/04/2016
New government must work to protect religious liberty and help the poorest in society 08/05/2015
New research reveals key concerns for Christian young adults 26/10/2015
Reaction to the new Archbishop of Canterbury from the general director of the Evangelical Alliance 09/11/2012
‘Mobile’ Christianity in vogue among evangelicals 13/04/2014
1,000 people sign up for Marriage Week’s main event 03/02/2012
5 ways the Church can respond to the refugee crisis 04/09/2015
70% of Britons say they are Christian 24/09/2010
Act now on problem gambling 21/11/2011
After Leave vote the Alliance calls for unity and reconciliation 24/06/2016
Agu Irukwu nominated for London's most influential list 14/10/2011
Alliance tells Scottish government: “Christian values can lead to a better Scotland” 24/04/2014
Alliance welcomes delay of sectarianism Bill 24/06/2011
An open letter to our new prime minister 15/07/2016
Anti-slavery coalition calls for Modern Slavery Bill to be strengthened 16/12/2013
Archbishop of Canterbury appeals to Evangelical Alliance to help break disunity within the Church 29/08/2013
Archbishop of Canterbury to address persecution at launch of Religious Liberty Commission 21/01/2015
Are Christians better neighbours only during storms, floods and disasters? 24/02/2014
Are South Asians 'unwelcome' in mainstream churches? 09/07/2010
Ashers Bakery back in court for vital freedom of expression case 06/05/2016
Ashers Bakery decision should cause alarm 06/11/2014
Ashers cake case is about fundamental freedoms 25/03/2015
Ashers case concludes - judgment reserved 02/05/2018
Ashers decision – a blow for freedom 19/05/2015
Ashers ruling - will justice be done? 21/10/2016
Assisted Dying Bill defeated in parliament 11/09/2015
Astounding UK hunger figures 02/04/2014
Baffled by the Bible? Get A Grip! 12/09/2011
BBC backs Alliance recommendation that journalists must improve religious literacy 04/07/2013
Biblefresh launches across Scotland 24/05/2010
Bikers take Viral Bible from Skegness to rest of Britain 18/04/2011
Black church leaders urge government to increase child protection measures for pastors 12/08/2010
Britain’s South Asian Christians lobby Cameron to stop execution of Pakistani woman 16/11/2010
Calling views extremist is extremely unhelpful 16/07/2017
Calls for changes in human rights law to protect individuals 18/01/2011
Campaign to cancel Pakistan's debts 20/09/2010
Cautious welcome for government action on alcohol pricing 26/03/2012
Charities urge opposition to government plans for church youth work registration 18/04/2016
Child guardians bill tramples international child protection laws and “undermines parental authority” 16/02/2014
Christian groups: The Scottish government’s plans to redefine marriage are deeply flawed 02/09/2011
Christian leaders and Jewish community oppose hate rally 02/07/2015
Christian leaders sweeping money under the carpet 23/06/2010
Christian marriages are messy but have a higher chance of success 07/02/2012
Christian men who are changing the world of fostering 08/06/2014
Christians called to pray for the new Parliament and Government 21/05/2010
Christians called to unite in prayer for missing girls 13/05/2014
Christians encouraged to Speak Up and use their freedoms to share the gospel 02/09/2016
Christians find that sharing their faith with friends is working 28/11/2012
Christians most readied and powerful agent to eradicate global poverty 21/01/2011
Christians to quiz candidates for mayor 19/03/2012
Christians wanting to adopt need not fear political correctness 01/11/2012
Church leaders commit to joining forces for UK mission 20/03/2015
Church opens bowling alley 26/02/2010
Church vital in tackling poverty and injustice 03/06/2010
Churches bring election to the heart of communities 14/04/2015
Churches call government to act on problem gambling rise 15/02/2011
Churches encouraged to build unity with South Asian Christians 11/11/2011
Churches must be free from fear of lawsuits over civil partnerships, says Evangelical Alliance 03/03/2010
Churches partner with local MPs to end global poverty 09/11/2010
Churches should get stuck in to the Big Society 19/07/2010
Churches unite to provide relief in aftermath of London riots 09/08/2011
Churches unveil Big Society benefits 26/08/2010
Churches’ reaction to new Scottish government policies 26/11/2014
Clearing the Ground inquiry 28/02/2012
Comment on acquittal of Pastor McConnell 05/01/2016
Comment on the government's counter-extremism strategy 22/10/2015
Comment on the Woolf Institute report, Living with Difference 07/12/2015
Concern over extremism commission plans 21/06/2017
Conference unites church with South Asians seeking truth 08/07/2011
Consultation on Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill 30/08/2012
Director Elfed Godding will leave the Evangelical Alliance in September 15/06/2018
Disappointment for Ashers as appeal unsuccessful 24/10/2016
Do evangelicals make good neighbours? 21/08/2014
Don't airbrush the differences 21/06/2010
Dr Krish Kandiah appointed president of London School of Theology 22/08/2014
EA Scotland responds to supreme court ruling on Glasgow midwives 19/12/2014
Easter comes a(LIVE) as hundreds share their lent reflections on the web 16/03/2010
Easter tweeters to tell a snappy story for Lent 16/02/2010
Easter(LIVE) hosts a mosaic of Passion Plays 18/04/2011
Election result statement from the Evangelical Alliance 10/05/2010
Equality and Human Rights Commission makes landmark move 12/07/2011
Equality and Human Rights Commission pushes religion below other rights 05/03/2012
Eritrean Christians are positive about parenting 09/06/2010
Evangelical Alliance appoints first black female director 16/12/2014
Evangelical Alliance backs independent abortion counselling amendment as common sense 05/09/2011
Evangelical Alliance comment on Assisted Dying Bill 10/09/2015
Evangelical Alliance files complaint over offensive newspaper advertisement 11/06/2014
Evangelical Alliance launches new evangelism hub 26/10/2016
Evangelical Alliance pays tribute to the late John Stott 28/07/2011
Evangelical Alliance prays for people of Norway 25/07/2011
Evangelical Alliance rallies its members against The Sun newspaper 05/03/2014
Evangelical Alliance reponse: Belfast High Court abortion legislation ruling. 30/11/2015
Evangelical Alliance Scotland statement on outcome of referendum vote 19/09/2014
Evangelical Alliance welcomes common sense amendment to Equality Bill 26/01/2010
Evangelical Alliance welcomes Government recognition of faith groups in transforming communities 17/03/2010
Evangelical Alliance welcomes new equality chief 05/10/2012
Evangelical Alliance welcomes the ruling of the Supreme Court on NI Abortion Law 07/06/2018
Evangelical Alliance: 'The Sun has done the right thing dropping Page 3 print edition' 20/01/2015
Evangelical charity launched to rescue Britain’s vulnerable children 31/08/2014
Evangelical Christians at forefront of volunteering 24/11/2010
Evangelical Christians: firm faith and active citizenship 05/09/2011
Evangelical votes are up for grabs 19/02/2015
Evangelicals and the Reformation - 500 years on 31/01/2017
Evangelicals back Pope's bid to protect religious liberty from secular sabotage 13/09/2010
Evangelising the UK - help wanted 20/06/2012
Evangelism threatened by counter-extremism measures 28/08/2015
Feeding the 3,000 in Cardiff 22/09/2010
FOI request reveals government's disregard for impact of gay marriage in schools 04/07/2012
Foster care age extension will be hugely beneficial 04/12/2013
Free online guide for viewers of The Bible TV series 27/11/2013
Freedom of religion or belief must be at centre of foreign policy 29/03/2016
Gambling set to rise with stakes doubled on fruit slot machines 13/06/2011
Gavin Calver appointed director of mission/England at Evangelical Alliance 16/12/2014
Gay marriage consultation was run like an election in a tinpot state 12/12/2012
Gender injustice comes to Cardiff 04/07/2010
Get out and vote 21/04/2010
Getting evangelical about the Great Commission 07/10/2016
Getting hot under the collar of gender 09/06/2010
Global Church and Zimbabwean Christians join hands in prayer and action to break cycle of famine 27/08/2010
Government confusion over equality blinds it to the far-reaching consequences of redefining marriage 14/06/2012
Government easing of adoption process is encouragement for Church 18/05/2012
Government plans to cut betting machine stakes welcomed 25/09/2012
Government raise the stakes on gambling machines 10/10/2013
Government's Counter Extremism Strategy poses a serious threat to religious freedoms as call for evidence opens 11/12/2015
Greed ‘one of the greatest sins of our time’ according to evangelicals 26/02/2016
Green light for more hard gambling on the high street 24/07/2012
Growing demand by UK Asians for Christian resources 19/06/2012
Gweini hosts conference in Newport 27/09/2010
Hate crime on the increase 24/08/2011
Head of Elim Pentecostal Church appointed to top post in Evangelical Alliance 07/11/2014
Head to church this New Year - good for your health and your soul 01/01/2016
Heart for Haiti - Evangelical Alliance gives support 10/05/2010
Here’s your chance to tweet your part in the greatest story ever told 10/03/2011
He's on His Way 16/12/2010
Hope springs up 2010 16/02/2010
How to be distinctly Christian in the workplace 11/03/2011
In God we trust: Salmond and Darling urged to pray before referendum vote 01/09/2014
Inspirational Christians to be honoured in Parliament 08/11/2011
Inspire Awards 2012 open for nominations 18/05/2012
Inspiring community-changers to be awarded in parliament 25/11/2013
Is the Green Party intolerant of religion? 07/09/2012
It's time to change the world 20/06/2017
Jesus and giving at the heart of Christmas 16/12/2016
Jesus Through Asian Eyes 06/09/2011
Jo Frost to take up director role at the Evangelical Alliance 29/08/2017
Joint Evangelical Alliance and Avanti Ministries statement 12/07/2013
Koran burning receives international condemnation 10/09/2010
Launch of the Cymru Institute of Christianity 29/03/2010
London's Gujarati Christians celebrate milestone birthday 15/11/2010
Marriage ‘consultation’ discredits democracy 15/03/2012
Marriage Week launches with positive message: family breakdown doesn’t have to be the norm 01/02/2012
Meet, Live, Praise 15/09/2011
Move to change composition of education committees is but a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” 11/02/2014
MRDF and Evangelical Alliance collaborate on Lent videos 10/02/2010
Muir's mission to start new family and public life charity 16/04/2010
Natwivity - the social media natwivity - is back for Christmas 2011 29/11/2011
New book highlights the joys and challenges of evangelical unity 21/03/2017
New Christian outreach programme hailed as ‘missing piece of puzzle’ for British Asians 15/05/2014
New director for Northern Ireland 28/02/2011
New directory of expertise published 09/03/2010
New extremism law is extremely dangerous for religious freedom 18/05/2016
New government must do more to tackle poverty 31/05/2015
New Marriage Foundation launched on Divorce Day 09/01/2012
New report is critical of the term 'Spiritual Abuse' as well intended, but not fit for purpose. 05/02/2018
New resource responds to Asians asking questions about Jesus 01/05/2014
Next generation directors appointed to Evangelical Alliance leadership team 16/12/2014
Nissar Hussain conversion attack 23/11/2015
Northern Ireland marriage on the rise 10/02/2012
Noson Gymreig In Ystrad mynach 12/03/2010
Now I know the greatest story ever told 15/03/2011
Now that's what I call an amazing story 22/12/2010
Ofsted chief calls for registration of Sunday schools 15/01/2016
One year on: Sunday schools still under threat 12/01/2017
Only atheists need apply 04/09/2012
Open letter to party leaders 06/05/2010
Oxfordshire churches launch first Adoption Sunday 30/10/2012
Pakistan flood response 05/08/2010
Pakistan government must protect Christians from attacks 17/03/2015
Pakistani Christians drum up support for their protest against blasphemy laws 30/06/2011
Parliamentary group to examine if Christians are marginalised 04/11/2011
Parliamentary inquiry launched to assess Christian freedoms 24/08/2011
Party leaders court the evangelical vote 03/03/2015
Pastors learn how to minister to a nation at odds in times of trouble 21/10/2010
Playwright turned property tycoon to unite South Asian Christians 15/10/2010
Poll shows parents must be included in relationships education decisions 30/01/2018
Pray for the persecuted Church this November 18/10/2017
Prayer for Trump and the United States 09/11/2016
Praying for the miners 16/09/2011
Press releases 23/01/2012
Pro-life advert found to be accurate by the ASA 02/08/2017
Protest march as pressure on minorities increases in Pakistan 28/07/2010
Protest march makes 'clear statement of concern' for Pakistan's minorities 05/08/2010
Protestant work ethic is alive and well 07/10/2013
Prudence means Christians are no longer poor church mice 13/09/2012
Pulling out of the nosedive 12/11/2013
Quarter of evangelical votes still up for grabs 26/04/2015
Question Time at Evangelical Alliance Wales 01/01/2010
Racism has no place in our communities, say ethnic minority church leaders 06/07/2016
Rare agreement among politicians at first church referendum debate 04/06/2014
Reaching the world on your doorstep 05/10/2016
Referendum debate needs refocusing, say evangelical churches 20/04/2014
Religious beliefs need common sense protection – response to European Court judgement 15/01/2013
Remember the poor, calls Micah Challenge at the What's Your Promise? launch 30/06/2010
Replacement of nativity scene is “extreme political correctness” 03/12/2014
Responding to the Spending Review 25/11/2015
Response to assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti 02/03/2011
Response to prime minister's speech: 'confronting extremism' 07/10/2015
Results of equality survey show religious beliefs are not treated equally 12/03/2015
Review of Love Wins 29/03/2011
Roman Emperor Augustwus begins online Christmas story 18/11/2010
Schools need more values and fewer league tables 01/03/2013
Scots asked to give one hour for people suffering with leprosy in 2010 21/01/2010
Scottish same-sex marriage bill is "legal fiction" 05/02/2014
Social media habits reveal depth and range of Christian activity in the public square 06/12/2011
South Asians taking their claim 24/02/2011
St Patrick’s Day launch of ‘100’ magazine to reflect on 1916 centenaries 17/03/2016
Standing up for love, freedom, justice and truth at this election 09/05/2017
Statement in response to abortion referendum in Ireland 29/05/2018
Statement on Advertising Standards Authority ruling on offensive advertisement 06/08/2014
Statement on Avanti Ministries' membership of the Evangelical Alliance 23/09/2013
Statement on the plight of Christians and other minorities in Iraq 08/08/2014
Statement on the third reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill 16/07/2013
Statement: Oasis Trust membership 02/05/2014
Sunday schools protected in key religious freedom victory 10/04/2018
Synod expresses its confidence in the Bible 24/02/2010
Take the Viral Bible Challenge and win an iPad 2 10/11/2011
Tani Omideyi becomes first ethnic minority chair of Alliance board 21/03/2016
Ten myths about marriage 13/02/2012
The Alliance hails Mandela’s unification legacy 06/12/2013
The Bible: Tedious and taboo or transforming and true? 02/02/2010
The Evangelical Alliance calls on The Evening Standard to apologise for its comments about Pastor Agu Irukwu 14/10/2011
The fall of Farron: neither liberal nor democratic 15/06/2017
The government should celebrate and protect marriage, not re-define it 19/09/2011
The language of abuse 19/01/2018
The Sun’s advertisers need to consider response to Page 3 22/01/2015
Three named as unsung heroes of the year for their community-changing work 29/11/2013
Time for an authentic shared society 09/01/2017
Top Scottish politicians in referendum debates hosted by evangelical churches 27/05/2014
Tweeting the Christmas story 19/10/2010
Twitter resurrects Easter with live passion play 29/03/2010
UK & African evangelical churches appeal to David Cameron over FGM 20/07/2014
UK Christians call for prayer as Christian death toll in South Asia reaches record high 12/11/2014
UK Christians call on Pakistani government to spare Muslim life 30/01/2014
UK Christians rally behind believers in Egypt 07/01/2011
UK evangelical Christians distinct yet diverse 10/01/2011
Unsung Christian heroes celebrated at parliamentary awards ceremony 03/12/2012
Unsung Christian heroes recognised at parliamentary awards ceremony 17/11/2011
Viral Bible begins epic journey from Spring Harvest Festival in Skegness 11/04/2011
Voluntary work from Scottish faith groups ‘produces almost £100m of economic impact’ each year 13/09/2017
'We must speak out for religious freedom’ – Welby condemns silence over 'creeping climate of fear' 05/02/2015
We need a new vision for society 06/09/2017
Welsh church leader baffled by top scientists 19/09/2011
West African nation with 66 languages set for new translation 08/03/2011
Westminster urged to act against execution of Pakistani Christians 12/11/2014
What has Biblefresh done for Britain? 27/07/2011
What have Christians ever done for us? 10/06/2013
What kind of society? 19/04/2017
Where have all the young people gone? Survey launched 10/11/2014
Which of the seven deadly sins holds you back? 11/11/2013
Women should lead in every church – findings from latest survey 04/06/2013
Would Jesus vote Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, or UKIP? 27/08/2014
Young Christians will buck the trend and vote, says Evangelical Alliance 12/02/2010
Young people in Northern Ireland still in love with marriage 02/02/2010
What kind of United Kingdom do we want to become? 28/03/2017
"Corruption a way of life in Africa," conference told 15/09/2015
"Fair and commonsense" approach to gay marriage needed following reshuffle 06/09/2012
‘Beware of a Euro-centric approach to human trafficking’ 09/03/2012
‘Cameron’s Bible backing should encourage UK Christians’ 20/12/2011
1.2 million viewers watch The Bible 05/12/2013
20 years of Jesus Surf Classic 24/07/2012
2011: The year in tweets 19/12/2011
2013: The year that was. 20/12/2013
300 years since the birth of William Williams Pantycelyn 19/10/2017
45,000 demand action on hunger 11/06/2013
5 things we learnt this week about child refugees 10/02/2017
A fresh family focus 19/08/2014
A response to the resignation of the BBC director-general 12/11/2012
A riposte to Damian Thompson’s crisis of faith 24/06/2015
A second Scottish referendum: how should Christians respond? 15/03/2017
A whistle-stop tour of Northern Ireland public policy 14/03/2018
Act now to reduce the impact of debt on children 29/09/2014
Action still needed in Syria despite no-vote, say church leaders 30/08/2013
Adoption 01/11/2011
Aid continues as Nepal suffers second quake 13/05/2015
Alliance backs blood and organ donation campaign 28/01/2013
Alliance calls for prayer as churches destroyed in Egypt 15/08/2013
Alliance director takes part in persecuted church vigil 03/10/2011
Alliance hopes new equality chief will regain confidence of faith groups 05/10/2012
Alliance joins call for government to stop gagging the poor 10/12/2013
Alliance joins call to release Bahá’í prisoners in Iran 14/05/2013
Alliance responds to ‘senseless’ murder of Kristy Bamu 01/03/2012
Alliance speaks out against Sinai kidnappings 26/06/2013
Alliance welcomes both ASBO and Plymouth Brethren decisions 09/01/2014
Alliance welcomes upholding of ban on assisted suicide 01/07/2014
An interview with Don Horrocks 17/09/2015
Anti slavery Christian groups congratulated by PM 28/10/2011
Appeals launched for desperate Nepal earthquake survivors 27/04/2015
April Jones case: "We will stand with them in this dark hour" 08/10/2012
Archbishop calls for EU help for migrants 28/04/2015
Archbishop condemns refugee crisis as "wicked" 03/09/2015
Archbishop of Canterbury calls for ‘respectful diversity’ in the Middle East 14/12/2011
Archbishop visits News UK to speak about life with Jesus 09/07/2015
Are our bare necessities fair necessities? 30/01/2015
Arguments against abortion limit review 'stuck in the past' 08/10/2012
Ashers appeal: will justice be done? 09/05/2016
Attacks on Christians over Christmas 08/01/2014
Baby P case in Haringey dominates news and causes public outrage 17/11/2008
BBC under fire for misleading public 20/08/2013
Below the breadline 10/06/2014
Bert and Ernie - icing on the cake 09/07/2014
Betting machines curbed in crucial victory for campaigners 17/05/2018
Bible stories vital for future generations 07/02/2014
Biggest rise in UK foodbank use a ‘wake-up call’ 24/04/2013
Bishop’s amendment defeats government’s £26k benefit cap plans 24/01/2012
Black majority churches pledge more political engagement 23/07/2012
Both Lives Matter in Westminster 19/07/2018
Bring back our Nigerian girls 02/05/2014
Bringing hope in Scotland 20/12/2017
Bringing hope, preventing suicide 10/09/2012
C of E criticises government’s same-sex marriage plans 12/06/2012
C4M campaign set to become ‘biggest active petition’ 14/03/2012
C4M petition passes 300k mark 26/03/2012
Call for action over "acute crisis" in Central African Republic 17/01/2014
Call for government to act against persecution of Christians 02/02/2015
Call for government to recognise marriage in tax system 26/10/2012
Call for people to give blood over Christmas season. 02/12/2013
Call for the Church to address body dissatisfaction among women 31/05/2012
Call for unity following women bishops veto 21/11/2012
Call to end modern day slavery 13/12/2013
Call to pray ahead of Scottish same-sex marriage decision 06/07/2012
Call to prayer as Syrian crisis intensifies 12/03/2013
Calls for equality on global wealth 30/01/2014
Calls for new law to support teenagers as one third too stressed to sleep 30/06/2015
Campaign launched to stop the 'crack cocaine' of gambling 13/02/2013
Campaigners call for the end of FGM in The Gambia this International Women’s Day 05/03/2015
CAP named a 'top place to work' 14/03/2012
Celebrating Black History 18/10/2011
Celebrating the Bible at Westminster Abbey 17/11/2011
Census: is Britain still a Christian country? 12/12/2012
Christian agencies welcome climate change promise 05/12/2012
Christian aid to troubled Burundi 20/05/2015
Christian boss up for Women in Public Life award 06/02/2013
Christian campaigners welcome payday loan cap 25/11/2013
Christian cases rejected by European court 29/05/2013
Christian charities helping flood victims in India 27/09/2012
Christian charity features on Secret Millionaire 22/06/2012
Christian events at party conferences - 2013 16/09/2013
Christian former topless model backs No More Page Three campaign 12/06/2013
Christian group welcomes charity tax turnaround 31/05/2012
Christian groups welcome high court ruling in Nicklinson case 17/08/2012
Christian leaders pay tribute as pope resigns 11/02/2013
Christian leaders pay tribute to Lawrence family 04/01/2012
Christian leaders welcome new pope 14/03/2013
Christianity: Good for society but squeezed out of public life? 14/02/2012
Christians awarded in Queen’s Birthday Honours List 18/06/2012
Christians killed protesting against church bombings 16/03/2015
Christians recognised in the Queen's birthday honours list 18/06/2015
Christians respond to Hawking anti-creation claim 03/09/2010
Christians stand in solidarity with Iraqis facing persecution 01/09/2014
Christians support robust measures against child abuse 14/07/2014
Christians take religious liberty cases to European court 03/09/2012
Christians will be ‘wooed and booed’ by the state and the media 23/10/2013
Christmas Truce memorial 12/12/2014
Church challenged to care for lonely 31/10/2013
Church leaders join the call for action on hunger in the UK 08/12/2014
Church leaders unite in biggest call on food poverty yet 16/04/2014
Church of England drives social action, says report 11/07/2013
Church of Scotland moves towards ordaining ministers in same-sex relationships 23/06/2011
Church planting in France 26/11/2012
Church role ‘vital’ in reducing poverty 29/05/2012
Churches and faith groups urge the Government to be strong on reforms to fixed odds betting terminals 31/10/2017
Churches helping in Typhoon Haiyan clean-up 11/11/2013
Churches lead Ebola education in Sierra Leone 29/10/2014
Churches set for a record response to the 2012 Games 26/07/2012
Civil society and the church: have your say 19/04/2018
Clearing the Ground inquiry starts in Parliament 17/11/2011
Climate change: the biggest challenge in the next decade? 17/06/2015
Climate justice discussion on the table in Dublin 17/04/2013
Coalition for Marriage petition passes 420k 11/04/2012
Common Sense Prevails as McConnell is Acquitted 05/01/2016
Conference discusses the flight of black British youths to radical Islam 26/07/2013
Conference on religious conversion in Cardiff 15/11/2017
Could Sunday trading laws be relaxed? 15/08/2012
Council prayer ban "outrageous" and "undemocratic" 10/02/2012
Crucial Syria peace talks - call to prayer 22/01/2014
Curfew imposed following deadly attacks in Nigeria 08/08/2012
Dealing with the pain 15/10/2012
Death sentence sparks outrage 16/05/2014
Debt crisis calls soar 20/02/2014
Debt-counselling ‘saving people from suicide’ in Northern Ireland 25/06/2012
Debt-ridden Londoners need the churches' help, say CAP 21/03/2012
Desmond Tutu visits inner city youth 18/07/2012
Desmond Tutu wins prestigious Templeton Prize 04/04/2013
Desmond Tutu: Unity at all costs 23/05/2013
Devolution and Christianity in Wales: 20 years on 28/09/2017
Diversity, doubt and faith: young adults reflect on landmark research 27/10/2015
Does child sponsorship work? 10/05/2013
Does Ofsted need to be inspected? 19/07/2018
Does religion count at the ballot box? 27/01/2014
Don't forget Iraqis, one year on from Mosul, says Tearfund 10/06/2015
Drink and drugs abuse hit children 23/05/2014
Ealing Council’s decision to institute a censorship zone is a brazen attack on civil liberties 19/04/2018
Ebola attacks what makes us human, says Archbishop 28/11/2014
Education? Education? Education? 17/05/2018
Egypt election results welcomed, but Christians urge protection 28/06/2012
Empowering women and girls 07/03/2015
Ending sexual violence against the world's women 08/03/2013
Engagement on gambling policy: a retrospective 21/06/2018
Enough food for everyone … if 23/01/2013
Equality Commission calls for evidence on belief in public life 18/08/2014
Equipping the leaders of tomorrow to transform Scotland 15/11/2017
Evangelical Alliance ‘valuable to black-majority churches’ 25/06/2013
Evangelical Alliance celebrates the Queen's birthday with Royal archive 09/06/2016
Evangelical Alliance welcomes The Sun dropping Page 3 20/01/2015
Evangelical Christians encouraged to build bridges with Muslims 05/02/2016
Evangelical hospitality 14/03/2018
Evangelicals and apartheid 11/12/2013
'Excluding children is not the answer' 13/05/2013
Exploring the God Question 12/08/2013
Exposing corruption 02/04/2014
Eyewitness of Pakistani Christian couple's murder calls for peace 21/11/2014
Faith groups urged to tackle the scourge of FGM 06/02/2014
Faith in the Community 10/06/2013
Faith leaders unite to call for climate change action 25/09/2014
Faith partnership principles launched 27/06/2012
Faith schools: the debate continues 27/07/2012
Faith-based chaplaincy 20/12/2017
Falconer report on assisted dying criticised 10/01/2012
Falling child mortality 19/09/2012
Fear and faith: global persecution of Christians increases 13/01/2014
Five lessons for Christians in politics from William Wilberforce 23/03/2017
Fixed Odds Betting Terminals - A guide to the debate 15/11/2017
From deal-making to peace-making 15/11/2017
Fuel poverty poses risk to children’s health. 16/01/2014
G8 and the truth about power 18/06/2013
Gambling addict helped by The Salvation Army 25/02/2014
Gangs still causing 'chaos' 31/10/2012
Gay cake case is about fundamental freedoms, Alliance director claims 26/03/2015
Gaza: who wants peace? 16/07/2014
Global persecution on the rise 08/01/2015
God in the recovery: the tragic story of Sandy Hook 20/12/2012
God, the Guides and the myth of secular neutrality 19/06/2013
God, us and the Higgs boson 04/07/2012
Government backs Alliance workshops between faith groups and councils 03/07/2013
Government celebrates social action from groups who "do God" 18/02/2013
Government finally sees the light on Section 5 16/01/2013
Government internet safety flawed, says CARE 04/02/2014
Government nuisance behaviour climbdown “a victory for free speech” 24/01/2014
Government urged to keep current Sunday trading laws 20/08/2015
Green light for more hard gambling on the high street 24/07/2012
Harvest for the city worker 25/09/2012
Has Russia banned evangelism? 20/07/2016
Have your say on government plans to redefine marriage 07/05/2012
Healing on the Streets advertising appeal 08/03/2012
Helping Typhoon Haiyan victims 13/11/2013
Human trafficking charity single storms the UK charts 09/03/2012
Hunger could threaten Ebola response 21/10/2014
Hungry for more 16/10/2013
Impact of debt on children revealed 09/05/2014
In the public eye of the storm 18/02/2016
Interacting with Parliament 28/01/2010
Iranian Christians under attack 10/07/2014
Is muscular liberalism on steroids? 15/03/2018
Is there a ‘religious right’ emerging in Britain? 01/02/2013
Japanese earthquake: one year on 12/03/2012
Jim Wallis: Tackle refugee crisis, don’t drop bombs 03/09/2013
Justin Welby announced as new Archbishop of Canterbury 09/11/2012
Keep calm and carry on - how we can respond to politics 14/02/2017
Kurdistan becomes safe haven for fleeing Christians 25/07/2014
Launch of Marriage Foundation 03/05/2012
Legalising abortion on demand up until birth is ‘both unnecessary and unwanted’ 07/03/2017
Lessons to learn from Meibion Glyndwr? 23/03/2017
Let the people decide about changing marriage 10/12/2012
Leveson – ethics without morality? 29/11/2012
Life beyond the safe house 17/07/2015
Lobbying Bill changes welcomed, but more needs to be done 10/01/2014
Lord Ahmad’s appointment as PM’s special envoy on freedom of religion or belief welcomed 05/07/2018
Love is stronger than terror: Prayer vigil for kidnapped girls 20/05/2014
Magna Carta anniversary: remembering the Church's contribution 15/06/2015
Marking 50 years of the 1967 Abortion Act 18/10/2017
Marriage Week 2012: A chance to champion marriage 20/01/2012
Massacre of Lonmin miners – Christian leaders step in 22/08/2012
Medical Emergency: The NHS needs your prayers 03/11/2014
Megachurches and the power to transform society 04/11/2016
Micah Challenge launches a network in support of women 23/11/2012
Millennium Development Goal on safe drinking water met 08/03/2012
Mo Farah lends voice to fight against global hunger 13/08/2012
Modern Slavery Bill set to become law 26/03/2015
Most evangelicals back the Living Wage 08/10/2013
Move over Olympians, the Vikings are coming 27/07/2012
MPs call on government to drop Ofsted Sunday school plans 21/01/2016
Mrs Walker has drawn on her Christian faith to find forgiveness for the two young men who murdered her son Anthony 01/12/2005
Nationwide search for a theologian of the future 03/12/2012
Nelson Mandela: Alliance pays tribute to a man of unity 06/12/2013
New BBC head 'will want to engage with faith communities' 04/07/2012
New educational resource ‘a life jacket’ for youth 04/09/2013
New NHS charges hit missionaries 11/06/2015
New research 22/09/2011
New research shows disability and poverty link 03/06/2015
News 24/01/2012
Newtown shootings: nowhere to turn but towards the love of God 17/12/2012
No civil partnerships without General Synod’s consent 05/12/2011
Northern Ireland: praying for better debate 28/09/2017
Northern Ireland: where is our citizenship? 23/03/2017
Oaths and British values: a victory for common sense 19/07/2018
Ofsted chief confirms Sunday schools need to register under extremism proposals 15/01/2016
One born every minute, one aborted every three: the progressive dream? 25/05/2016
One People Commission criticises government marriage plans 29/04/2013
Open Doors calls on UK Christians to save Syria 05/07/2013
Open Doors campaign for Bhutan pastors 01/05/2014
Open Doors says persecution of Christians on increase 08/01/2013
Opportunity to protect children from online porn 14/08/2012
Pakistan Supreme Court intervenes in killing of Christian couple 25/11/2014
Parents pay tribute to daughter, urging controls on social media 12/02/2014
Parliament debates essential role of the Church in society 06/05/2016
Party conference round up 05/10/2011
Pastor wins London Mayor award 03/11/2011
Pastor's trial condemned 30/09/2011
Payday loans concern CAP 08/10/2013
Persecution of Nigerian Christians set to worsen 11/01/2012
Peter Shilton supports homeless football 09/10/2013
Plan to give hope to 30,000 global families 14/05/2013
Plans to tackle faith-based child abuse welcomed 14/08/2012
Police and crime commissioners and the local Church 26/06/2012
Poll: parents should be at the heart of new relationships education proposals 31/01/2018
Poverty in the UK affecting children 06/09/2012
Power: danger or opportunity? 19/10/2015
Pray for April's safe return 02/10/2012
Pray for 'volatile' Ukraine 18/12/2013
Prayer for Glasgow tragedy 23/12/2014
Prayer urged as Taliban gunmen kill children in Pakistan 16/12/2014
Prayers for Nigeria after church attacked in Jos 29/02/2012
Premier league footballer’s collapse on the pitch ignites prayer trail 21/03/2012
Pressure grows to strengthen modern slavery law 08/04/2014
Pressure on Iran to release Pastor Nadarkhani 31/01/2012
Prime Minister awards Street Angels-CNI the Big Society Award 20/03/2012
Prince George is christened by Archbishop 23/10/2013
Prison affects more children than divorce 15/11/2013
Promoting religious freedom in 2018 20/12/2017
Protecting religious belief and observance in Scottish schools 17/05/2018
Q&A regarding Evangelical Alliance and Avanti Ministries 19/07/2013
Quarter of Tory voters turned off over marriage plans 02/05/2013
Queen announces plans to tackle trafficking and slavery 04/06/2014
Rally for better palliative care 26/06/2012
Reading the Riot Act: ‘500,000 forgotten families’ identified 28/03/2012
Reconciliation director to work with new Archbishop of Canterbury 18/02/2013
Reconciliation the only way ahead in Egypt 05/07/2013
Redefining marriage will have 'far-reaching' consequences 14/06/2012
Reflections on the radicalisation of black British youth 26/07/2013
Reframing Valentine’s Day 13/02/2013
Relationships education proposals - tell Government your view 31/01/2018
Relationships project criticises call to lower age of consent 20/11/2013
Religious beliefs need common sense protection – response to European Court judgement 15/01/2013
Renew your vows and break a world record 08/02/2013
Report finds faith is important to the homeless 06/08/2013
Report launched to help UK church devise and execute a clear vision 05/06/2018
Rev Pat Storey first woman bishop in the British Isles 20/09/2013
Rise in adoption figures not the whole picture 21/08/2013
Risk and relationship: partnering up with the Human Rights Commission in Northern Ireland 19/04/2018
Rowan Williams announced new chair of Christian Aid 11/12/2012
Salvation Army in Christmas chart battle 11/12/2013
Same-sex marriage 20/09/2011
Saudi Arabia give vote to women 27/02/2011
Scottish 2017 budget 20/12/2017
Scottish Government plan gay marriage legislation 26/07/2012
Serving Woolwich 22/05/2014
Shining a light on corruption 15/10/2013
Silent No More: Tearfund tackles sexual violence in Congo. 07/02/2014
Smashing the foster carer stereotypes 21/05/2013
Soul Survivor: “Our summer events in 2019 will be our last” 30/05/2018
Spacemen or Elvis in the nativity play? 02/12/2014
Sporting events ‘don’t make us more sporty’ 26/06/2012
Steadfast in the face of persecution 06/03/2014
Stephen Lawrence inquiry - the UK 20 years on 23/04/2013
Stop blaming the poor for poverty, say church groups 15/06/2012
Stop press: Nothing changes 19/03/2013
Street Angels visit Downing Street 25/07/2012
Sudan: Meriam freed but problem remains 24/06/2014
Sudanese church leaders call for peace on 1st anniversary 06/07/2012
Sudan's Mariam Ibrahim to campaign for religious freedom 01/10/2014
Suicide bombers kill Christians in Pakistan church 23/09/2013
Suicide survived, living life to the full 10/09/2012
Supreme wisdom on named persons 28/07/2016
Surprised to be honoured 22/06/2012
Syria children still face crisis 07/05/2014
Syria: behind the numbers 02/09/2013
Tackling bride kidnapping 07/03/2014
Tackling Britain's gang culture 14/01/2013
Tackling debt can prevent suicide 10/09/2013
Tackling exploitation of girls by gangs 26/02/2014
Tackling violence in schools 29/04/2014
Tax avoidance is 'morally wrong', say Brits 20/08/2012
Tax dodging costs lives say church groups 22/06/2012
Tax to tackle poverty 09/01/2015
Teenagers at risk of cruelty 29/12/2014
Tell the government how great the Church is 01/07/2013
The advancement of religion and public benefit 14/12/2012
The Bethlehem Tales 21/12/2013
The biggest strike in a generation 30/11/2011
The church must fill the moral vacuum 15/08/2011
The handshake 28/06/2012
The Holy Land - recollection, hope and reality 31/07/2014
The Lord’s Prayer: why secularism doesn’t equal neutrality 24/11/2015
The next archbishop... 02/11/2012
The persecuted Church: a time for prayer and action 19/10/2017
The prime minister promises a shared society to tackle mental illness 09/01/2017
The Queen’s Speech 2016 18/05/2016
The robots are coming: is the Church ready? 19/10/2017
The West must act against the 'religious cleansing' of Nigeria 14/01/2015
The women that inspire us 08/03/2012
The2012: young people equipped to share the gospel 12/03/2012
Thousands gather outside parliament to pray for election 07/05/2015
Time to act on climate change 10/03/2015
To the polling stations? 14/05/2014
Together Serving Scotland 28/09/2017
Together we remember 7/7 10 years on 07/07/2015
Trafficking no more 19/05/2011
Transforming Lives for Good founder wins Change Maker of the Year award 29/06/2018
Tributes to the nation's 'most openly Christian' prime minister 08/04/2013
Trump wins: what next? 11/11/2016
Trump: the politics of praying for presidents 20/01/2017
Turkey earthquake 25/10/2011
UK Church uniting in prayer after police officers killed 20/09/2012
UK Nigerian pastors join calls to prayer 13/05/2014
Ukraine at a crossroads 26/02/2014
Unity not uniformity: Mapping out a more diverse future for the Evangelical Alliance 02/03/2012
Voice for Good media training weekend 14-16 October 19/09/2016
Vulnerable people protected as MPs overwhelmingly reject assisted dying 14/09/2015
WEA condemns Qur’an burning 02/05/2012
Week of prayer for Ukraine and Crimea 2-9 March 02/03/2014
Westminster Abbey to host Windrush 70th anniversary celebration 04/06/2018
What makes someone extreme? 18/07/2017
What money can't buy 24/05/2012
Why David Cameron and the Government are wrong regarding gay marriage 20/03/2012
Wonga are at it again 21/12/2012
World pays tribute to Chuck Colson 23/04/2012
World Refugee Day: an entrepreneurial response 20/06/2016
Young UK girls send cards of hope for Chibok girls 26/03/2015
You're invited to reach the world on your doorstep 05/09/2016
"Our faith is under mortal threat" 20/03/2014
‘Advisors advise, but ministers decide’ 20/10/2011
‘Cameron’s Bible backing should encourage UK Christians’ 22/12/2011
‘Global persecution of Christians is the unreported catastrophe of our time’ – persecution in Burma 17/10/2013
“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it” 22/11/2012
“Under Caesar’s Sword”: a Christian response to persecution 17/11/2016
2016 Mayor of London election - time for a Christian contribution 26/02/2016
24 hours 19/04/2012
A better journalism 21/07/2011
A culture that values women 16/05/2013
A letter from the Greek church 16/07/2015
A lucrative return? 19/01/2012
A millennial response to Brexit 21/07/2016
A misunderstood community: Roma people in Wales 19/12/2013
A new programme for government 22/09/2016
A review of charities' public benefit 18/09/2013
A safe pair of hands 20/10/2011
A seat at the table... 24/03/2011
A snapshot of citizen engagement at work in Welsh democracy 15/02/2017
A stuttering start for the new Assembly 19/05/2016
A Year like No other... 19/12/2014
Aberfan 31/10/2016
Abortion, Adoption and Anti-Slavery 25/10/2012
Adoption plans welcomed in Queen's speech 10/05/2012
Alcohol minimum price set to be dropped 14/03/2013
All change: NHS reform in England 23/02/2011
Alliance backs campaign to reform Public Order Act 10/12/2012
Alliance Scotland speaks out against Named Person plans 21/02/2014
Alliance welcomes Baroness Warsi to new faith role 10/09/2012
Alliance welcomes government attempts to tackle pornography 22/07/2013
An identity crisis 24/01/2013
An Important Case for Freedom 20/10/2011
An important milestone in Welsh devolution 21/03/2014
An update from Northern Ireland 18/06/2015
Archbishop to launch money saving clubs in schools 13/11/2014
Are compassion ministries changing the perception of evangelicals? 25/04/2014
As you fill your heart with hate, I will fill my heart with love 22/04/2015
Ashers appeal: is it harder to hear the singing? 31/10/2016
Assisted suicide overwhelmingly defeated 17/09/2015
Assisted suicide puts vulnerable at risk 18/06/2015
Azerbaijan: Religious Liberty 22/09/2011
Back to business 22/09/2016
Back to the polls 19/04/2012
BBC breaches suicide guidelines 23/06/2011
Because all are made equal 19/02/2015
Biggest welfare shakeup in a generation 08/07/2015
Bloodsport and constant conflict? 21/09/2012
Bonfires and parades 20/07/2017
Bored and angry…part 2 21/07/2011
Bowled over in Carmarthen 22/12/2011
Brexit, independence and reform 19/01/2017
Briefing: Government plans on extremism 19/01/2017
Budget 2015: an attempt to win back traditional Tory voters 19/03/2015
Budget Analysis 24/03/2011
Budgets, communities and the Church 22/12/2016
Building hope in a divided Scotland 21/06/2017
Cameron’s European problem 16/05/2013
Can we agree to disagree? 19/07/2012
Cardiff aiming to be a recognised City of Sanctuary 13/06/2014
Caring for our children and young people 16/05/2013
Castles on sand: The Casey Report and out-of-school settings 22/12/2016
Celebrating Welsh Patagonia 18/06/2015
Changing views on homosexuality 13/06/2014
Charitable dialogue on an equal footing… 20/10/2011
Charitable Status Under Threat? 22/11/2012
Charitable status: a sensible outcome 16/01/2014
Charities 25/01/2012
Charities Act in the Spotlight 19/07/2012
Charities warned about business rates 22/04/2015
Charities, lobbyists and will church hustings break the law? 20/09/2013
Charity Commission Review of Public Benefit 01/09/2009
Charity guidance on restricting benefit 01/09/2011
Child poverty and serving Scotland 15/02/2017
Children: the ultimate consumer product? 19/03/2015
Christian AM William Graham standing down in May 18/02/2016
Christian sweeper shot for refusing to convert 25/04/2014
Christian Visibility 20/09/2012
Christians gather at Holyrood to promote ‘Good News for the Poor’ 20/06/2013
Christians imprisoned and tortured in North Korea 24/01/2013
Christians in China continue to go underground 16/06/2016
Christians in the Middle East 22/12/2011
Christians must model real marriage to society 16/07/2013
Christians urged to pray and act ahead of assisted suicide vote next week 21/05/2015
Church and State: A match made in heaven? 23/02/2011
Churches and local authorities working together 20/06/2013
Churches meeting in public buildings 23/02/2012
Churches Vote launched in Scotland 24/03/2011
Clarification on Civil Partnerships 22/12/2011
Clearing the Ground 23/02/2012
Coalition for Marriage 20/02/2012
Co-belligerence in Wales – an introduction 20/01/2011
Collective worship in Welsh schools 23/02/2012
Collective worship Part II 22/03/2012
Come and question the London mayoral candidates 01/03/2012
Committee backs elected House of Lords 24/04/2012
Concern over government’s strategy on counter-extremism 21/10/2015
Consultation on shared parental rights and flexibility at work 18/07/2013
Contact your MP about new assisted dying bill 11/06/2015
Continued uncertainty over government plans for Sunday schools 20/07/2016
COP21 Update 17/12/2015
COP21: What’s it all about? 19/11/2015
Countering modern slavery in Libya 15/02/2018
Counting the cost of alcohol 19/01/2012
Covert Christianity in Azerbaijan – interview with Rev Elnur Jabiyev 19/07/2013
CSI Northern Ireland 17/05/2012
Cyclists, racists and shared space 21/02/2014
David Cameron accused of privatising marriage 06/02/2013
Death in the Desert 21/02/2013
Debating Democracy 20/01/2011
Debt and poverty: the tension facing the UK 17/12/2014
Defamation of religion 19/01/2012
Defamation of Religions 20/04/2011
Doing God in education 20/01/2011
Don't keep quiet! The media needs Christians to be a voice for good 22/09/2016
Don't mess with marriage 30/03/2012
Doritos, cleft lips and trusting women 18/02/2016
ECHR decision: Crucifixes to remain in Italian classrooms 24/03/2011
Economy 25/01/2012
Ed Miliband’s appeal to hard working Brits 25/09/2014
Education 09/01/2012
Education, education, education 18/01/2018
Election 2015: Ask the Alliance 30/04/2015
Election reflections 21/05/2015
Elections 25/01/2012
Emergency Budget 23/06/2010
Employers' response to the Strasbourg decisions 20/02/2013
Engaging with local councils 24/02/2011
Equal debate? 21/06/2012
Equality and Human Rights Commission changes tack 21/07/2011
Equality Commission U-turns again 22/09/2011
Equality v Human Rights 20/09/2012
Eritrea needs our prayers 19/05/2016
Eritrean Christians imprisoned in shipping containers 19/06/2013
EU wins Nobel peace prize 12/10/2012
Euro crisis: What’s going on? 21/06/2012
European Elections 2014 09/05/2014
European elections: Your vote counts 25/04/2014
Evangelical Alliance launches election website 27/01/2015
Evangelical Alliance marks the death of Martin McGuinness 21/03/2017
Evangelical Alliance's Religious Liberty Commission launched 05/02/2015
Faith in action: your response 17/11/2016
Faith in the Community in Scotland 22/11/2013
Faith in the run-up to 5 May 21/04/2011
Faith Tourism in Wales 20/09/2013
Faithful politics 23/02/2012
Family policy: a missing link? 20/01/2011
Finding faith in polarised politics 18/04/2013
Fiscal frameworks and election season 18/02/2016
Flagging about? 20/12/2012
Former archbishop's assisted suicide position disappointing 17/07/2014
Four things that would be more helpful than a commission for countering extremism 19/07/2017
Free speech at risk – again 15/10/2014
Free speech: moving in the right direction 16/01/2014
Freedom of speech and the Welsh Assembly 15/02/2018
'Freedom to Convert' launch 22/10/2015
Fresh attempt to ban council prayers in Wales 21/01/2016
Fruit machine stakes set to double 23/06/2011
Frustrated with the referendum campaign? 20/04/2011
Future of global Christian community is uncertain, MPs warned 03/02/2015
Gambling inquiry 24/11/2011
Gambling protection measures welcomed, but much more needed 01/05/2014
General Election 2015: One year to go 22/05/2014
Gimme shelter 19/01/2012
Give now – Support Speak Up 02/11/2016
Government gambling plans 24/01/2013
Government must act on betting shops and gambling machines 16/01/2014
Government outlines plans for the coming year 12/06/2014
Government plans to increase fruit machine stakes 21/01/2011
Government review on gambling prizes fails to tackle the problem 17/10/2013
Government reviews PSHE 18/04/2013
Gwynedd Council, Israel and the Jewish community in Wales 20/11/2014
Hate preachers and courteous Christians:a critique of the BBC's America's Hate Preachers 31/10/2016
Holy Smoke 22/12/2016
Holyrood update: education 17/11/2016
House of Lords reform 06/07/2011
House of Lords reform blocked 07/08/2012
Human trafficking in Scotland 22/03/2012
Human trafficking in Wales 24/11/2011
Hundreds of Christians grill hopefuls for Mayor of London 21/04/2016
Hustings in Wales 19/02/2015
Implementation and operation of the Gambling Act 20/10/2011
In the absence of hope the Christian message shines brightest 17/07/2014
In the midst of the tears we lift up God’s name 17/12/2014
Increase in trafficking victims identified shows need for strong Modern Slavery Bill 19/02/2014
India's Christians face attacks 17/12/2013
Indonesia - Islamist groups force closure of churches as persecution rises. 21/04/2016
Informal shared use of religious buildings 20/02/2014
In-play betting ads ‘encourages children to gamble’ 21/06/2012
International 25/01/2012
Iran- troubling times for Christians and minority groups 21/01/2016
Iran: Religious Liberty 23/06/2011
Is free speech under attack? 19/02/2015
Istanbul Convention 17/12/2015
Join us in preparing for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections 2016 17/03/2016
Just when you think you’ve seen everything in Scottish politics... 21/05/2015
Keep Sunday Special 23/04/2012
Labour gains in local elections 04/05/2012
Lady Hale speaks up for accommodation 17/07/2014
Land Reform: A Christian Ethical Response 17/12/2015
Last chance to contact MSPs about marriage safeguards 16/01/2014
Latest articles 23/02/2012
Let’s Stick Together 16/01/2014
Let’s talk about sexism… 24/11/2011
Letting Church Premises 25/10/2012
Life issues 25/01/2012
Life issues in parliament: an update 19/11/2014
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London mayoral race heats up 13/04/2012
Londoners grill mayoral candidates at church hustings 19/04/2012
Majority World Christians in Wales 22/06/2017
Making our voice heard in 2018 18/01/2018
Manifesting your religion can be tricky and costly 20/03/2014
Marriage & Family 02/01/2012
Marriage FAQs 29/07/2013
Marriage Tax Allowance 01/07/2011
Ministerial Employment Status 20/04/2011
Missional engagement with the battle for peace 16/07/2015
Modern Slavery Bill: an update 20/11/2014
More Shopping 23/12/2010
MPs to vote on Sunday trading 08/03/2016
My political hero: Tim Farron 10/08/2015
National Day of Prayer for Marriage and crucial Lords vote 20/05/2013
Nature v Nurture 19/04/2012
Neither male nor female? 22/05/2014
New attempt at assisted suicide 14/03/2013
New developments for volunteers 23/02/2011
New guidance on the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 25/04/2014
New online gambling rules – all carrot and no stick 21/11/2013
New resource on social media use and safe-guarding launched in NI for faith-based organisations. 15/02/2017
New survey explores British values as government promises to tackle extremism 14/05/2015
New threat to religious liberty and free speech in universities 22/01/2015
New website encourages action against religious persecution 13/06/2014
NI Church: A ready-made social network to nurture adopted children 21/06/2012
Nigeria: religious violence erupts despite ‘fairest election for decades’ 20/04/2011
Northern Ireland – Paramilitaries and prayer. 22/10/2015
Northern Ireland - time to vote 22/05/2014
Northern Ireland Christmas talks 19/12/2014
Northern Ireland Programme for Government 22/09/2016
Northern Ireland, Brexit and the border 21/07/2016
Northern Ireland: A prosperous nation in the making? 23/06/2011
Offering hope at the sharp edges 21/03/2014
Office-holders or employees? 19/06/2013
Ofsted in Sunday school? Respond to the government extremism consultation today 07/01/2016
One step closer to slavery free supply chains 22/10/2015
One Year On 17/09/2015
ONS changes its mind over traditional marriage 19/12/2013
Open Public Services 20/07/2011
Organ Donation 23/10/2011
Out of the mouths of... children and young people 22/11/2012
Parliament to debate redefining marriage 04/02/2013
Participating in ‘shared conversations’ 19/11/2014
Party conference season: a summary 15/10/2014
Pastor Nadarkhani 20/10/2011
Pastor Nadarkhani released 20/09/2012
Peace at Christmas 19/12/2013
People of Wales cast their votes 19/05/2011
Persecution of the Coptic Church 17/12/2015
Please pray: marriage campaign reaches crucial period 24/01/2013
Police and churches partner to tackle crime 19/07/2012
Politics 23/01/2012
Positive engagement with the public sector 25/10/2012
Poverty and inequality is the single most important issue for evangelical voters, new survey shows 19/02/2015
Power to the Parish Council 23/12/2010
Power to the people – what now for the UK? 16/10/2014
Premier Radio wins right to judicial review 23/06/2011
Prime Minister welcomes Speak Up resource 30/11/2016
Problem gambling on the increase 24/02/2011
Prostitution Bill – Urgent call to contact MSPs 20/06/2013
Protecting free speech and public order 19/01/2012
Protecting free speech in education 18/03/2015
Protecting freedom of conscience for pharmacists 02/03/2017
Protecting the unborn 18/04/2013
Public action influencing debate in Wales 19/07/2017
Put yourself out for the persecuted Church 21/05/2015
Queen’s Speech sets Conservative government course 27/05/2015
Radicalised Muslim youth from Cardiff 17/07/2014
Reaction to House of Lords and same-sex marriage 06/06/2013
Recent developments in counselling practice 19/02/2015
Record low turn out for PCC elections 22/11/2012
Redemptive relationships: How should Christians respond to Caitlyn Jenner? 18/06/2015
Reducing the age of consent - a wise idea? 21/11/2013
Reflecting on Strasbourg 24/01/2013
Reforms needed to protect the rights of Christians, say MPs 27/02/2012
Regenerating Scotland? 24/01/2013
Register to vote today 13/04/2015
Relationships with volunteers 24/11/2011
Religion in Wales and the 2011 census 20/12/2012
Religious freedom 25/01/2012
Religious liberty - Burma 19/04/2012
Religious liberty - Egypt 24/11/2011
Religious liberty – Nigeria 17/05/2012
Religious Liberty - Syria 21/06/2012
Religious liberty - Turkey 23/02/2012
Religious Liberty in Cuba 22/11/2012
Religious Liberty in Egypt 19/07/2012
Religious Liberty in Pakistan 25/10/2012
Religious Liberty Struggles 23/12/2011
Religious Liberty: Belarus 20/01/2011
Religious Liberty: Egypt 23/12/2010
Religious Liberty: Iran 23/02/2011
Religious Liberty: Pakistan 24/03/2011
Renewed attempt to legalise assisted suicide 23/02/2012
Reshuffle Roundup 20/09/2012
Resisting unaccountable censorship 21/06/2012
Resources on marriage 29/01/2013
Respond to the government's consultation on out-of-school education 07/12/2015
Road to Scottish independence? 19/01/2012
Same-sex marriage 'not a priority' for MPs 28/05/2012
Schools and British values 18/12/2014
Scotland: A combined force? 20/01/2011
Scotland: forever divided? 23/04/2015
Scotland’s alcohol problem 17/05/2012
Scotland's Independence Day? 18/04/2013
Scottish government affirms Christians partnering for justice 13/06/2014
Scottish government attempts to redefine marriage 22/09/2011
Scottish government passes sectarianism in football Bill 22/12/2011
Scottish marriage consultation reminder – closes on 20 March 15/03/2013
Scottish Parliament Rejects Euthanasia Bill 23/12/2010
Scottish Parliamentary Elections 2011 20/04/2011
Searching for a biblical perspective on striking 22/12/2011
Secular vs plural in Scotland’s schools 17/10/2013
Seeking the peace and prosperity of our nation 27/02/2012
Seeking the prosperity of Wales 24/01/2013
Seeking the wellbeing of Northern Ireland 20/11/2014
Shared buildings regulations following same sex marriage Act 17/10/2013
Singing from the same hymn sheet? 16/05/2013
Sixteenth-century Bible presented to the Welsh Assembly 16/10/2014
SNP take control of Scottish Parliament 09/05/2012
Society 25/01/2012
Soul for the Union 16/06/2016
Speak Up! 02/09/2016
Spending Review and Autumn Statement: An analysis 25/11/2015
Sponsors threaten to pull out of Stonewall's 'bigot of the year' award 30/10/2012
Srebrenica 20 years on 16/07/2015
Sri Lanka enters the Open Doors 'world watch list' 19/01/2017
Stand for the common good, says Os Guinness 13/09/2012
Standing up for marriage 16/05/2013
State of emergency announced in three Nigerian states 16/05/2013
Still no plan for Northern Ireland 22/09/2011
Stormont and the power to create 17/09/2015
Stormont House Agreement 22/01/2015
Street Pastor attack raises questions about Scotland’s alcoholism 20/12/2012
Sudanese Christians face persecution under “100 per cent Islamic” constitution 14/03/2013
Summer calls for evidence – Marriage Bill and Debt Advice Bill 18/07/2013
Support grows for Scottish prostitution law as consultation deadline draws near 23/11/2012
Supreme Court confirms volunteer status 20/12/2012
Syria- why we need to pray 17/09/2015
Tackling adoption delays 20/12/2012
Tackling hate crimes in Wales 21/05/2014
Tackling poverty in Wales 23/04/2015
Tackling Scottish slavery 19/12/2013
Tackling sectarianism 21/07/2011
Take action against human trafficking in Scotland 19/03/2015
Tata for now 21/04/2016
Tax cuts for the rich in a time of austerity 22/03/2012
The Case of Pastor James McConnell 17/12/2015
The Church – the great hustings host in Wales 21/05/2015
The Church and the Big Society 17/05/2012
The Church must steward its freedom of speech wisely 21/01/2016
The day Obama came to town 25/09/2014
The fight for freedom and unity in Sudan 16/07/2015
The future of Religious Education 20/01/2011
The Future of S4C 23/06/2011
The general election in Northern Ireland - what just happened? 21/06/2017
The government, Kincora and child abuse 17/07/2014
The hope of Haass 20/09/2013
The Importance of Hustings 24/03/2011
The intractable problem of bullying 17/10/2013
The legacy of the G8 20/06/2013
The Maldives: no paradise for religious freedom 20/02/2013
The mysterious world of purdah 20/04/2011
The New Assembly: the story so far 21/06/2011
The New Atheism – A Publishing Phenomena 19/07/2012
The people and the land 16/07/2015
The persecuted church in Pakistan 19/11/2015
The persecuted Church: this is family business 22/01/2015
The politics of Christianity 25/04/2014
The Queen's speech: what happens now? 22/06/2017
The referendum in March 23/12/2011
The role of the Church in an addictive society 17/10/2013
The Scotland Bill 23/12/2010
The Scottish Budget: Bringing out the best 24/02/2011
The Silk Commission 18/04/2013
The Taxation of Families 24/03/2011
The Welfare of Scotland 14/03/2013
The Welsh Government unveils plans to ban smacking 18/01/2018
The who and where of abortion provision in Northern Ireland 25/09/2014
There has to be a better way than going through the courts 30/04/2010
Three Christians attacked as persecution continues to rise in India 22/09/2016
Time for e-petitions at the Northern Ireland Assembly? 14/03/2013
Tony Blair talks faith in public life 25/07/2012
Trading values 21/05/2015
Trafficking in Northern Ireland – Killing demand and changing perception 22/03/2012
Trafficking meets justice 15/03/2012
Trafficking unveils ingrained violence against women 22/11/2013
Transforming communities 16/01/2014
Twaddell – Could the road be walked together? 13/06/2014
Two out of three ain’t bad 17/05/2012
UK Economy Shrinks 31/01/2011
UN Commission confirms gross human rights violations in North Korea 20/02/2014
UN experts: ’40,000 civilians’ massacred in Sri Lanka 19/05/2011
Unable to return home, but still passionate about ministering in Azerbaijan - interview part two 19/07/2013
Unemployment in Wales 21/06/2012
Unpacking the 2014 budget 20/03/2014
Update on changes to RE in Wales 19/11/2015
Valentine's Ash Wednesday 15/02/2018
Valuing freedom 21/11/2013
Victory for human trafficking campaign 21/03/2014
Violence against Christians in Nigeria 21/04/2016
Violence against women legislation passed by Welsh government 19/03/2015
Vote for police and crime commissioners 25/10/2012
Voting. Why bother? 15/08/2014
Wales - towards a nation of sanctuary 17/09/2015
Wales as a Nation of Sanctuary 19/06/2013
Wales' Brexit blues 21/07/2016
Wales: Hostile to human trafficking 21/02/2014
Wales: shaping our relationship with the UK and EU 16/01/2014
Warsi: religious persecution is this century's biggest challenge 21/11/2013
Watch our Speak Up film 07/12/2017
We are all called to lead – Evangelical Alliance Council 13/09/2012
We urge you to contact your MP about proposed changes to Sunday trading hours 12/10/2015
Welsh Assembly rejects Assisted Dying Bill 19/12/2014
Welsh Pentecostalism debated in the Welsh Assembly 17/12/2015
What happens next? 21/07/2016
What Kind of Holyrood? Scottish election update 21/04/2016
What Kind of Nation? – Seven cities tour 22/05/2014
What next for Scotland? 25/09/2014
What was achieved in opposing the redefinition of marriage? 19/07/2013
What we can learn from Alex Salmond 20/11/2014
What we’ve learnt so far from the Northern Ireland hustings 23/04/2015
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When will we see human dignity accorded to all babies before death? 24/04/2014
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Who is my neighbour? 18/07/2013
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Will marriage still be an issue at the general election? 22/01/2015
Work together to help our local areas flourish, says Sentamu 12/06/2013
Working together to tackle extremism 22/01/2015
Young men most likely to have gambling problems 19/12/2013
What kind of EU?
A Christian Mission Perspective on the EU referendum 03/06/2016
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Pray for the EU referendum 09/06/2016
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Modern Slavery
18 Days of Freedom 01/10/2014
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Anti-Slavery Day raises awareness of millions in slavery 18/10/2014
Anti-slavery groups 16/12/2013
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Evangelical Alliance calls for slavery free supply chains 08/12/2014
Join us in the fight to end slavery and trafficking in the UK 17/07/2014
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