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Okay... it's safe to say that things got out of control last night.

This festival has been wild!!

You wake up, squinting in the midday sun and feel the soft earth beneath you. Your back is sore from sleeping on the floor, your skin is burnt from the summer sun and your head is pounding. You officially took it too far last night, you don't remember a thing... why aren't you in your tent?!

You stand up and realise that you've got none of your possessions on you and instead of sleeping in the tent you've been sleeping right outside it... clearly the extra two feet to get in to it was too much for you last night.

You just want to get inside the tent and get out of the sun but you find a padlock sealing the zip shut... You need a 5-letter code to unlock it. Do you remember it? Of course you don't.

You briefly think about tearing a hole in the tent to get in before remembering that it's not your tent and the person you borrowed it off would be fuming if it came back in two pieces. You're going to have to find the code... and all your stuff!

Your memory isn't doing it's best at the moment so it's worth taking/saving pictures of any clues you find along the way so you can refer back to them when you need them.

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