What it is to be human is arguably the most profound, but also most contested question in our culture today.

Amidst a global pandemic, black lives matter, contentious elections, and accelerating climate change, there is a constant cacophony of voices telling us who we are, what’s true, what’s real, what’s wrong, what will make you happy, and how to get it. Voices telling stories, both big and small, that shape how we live.

But not all stories are equal.

There is a story that can show us the good, beautiful and compelling truth of what it is to be human. The God story, as told through the pages of the Bible, invites us all to live full, abundant lives in relationship with Jesus.

The Being Human project aims to inspire and equip everyday Christians to understand, articulate and participate in the biblical vision of humanity.

The project will help people understand what it means to be human, grounded in the biblical story, which affirms that every human bears God’s image and finds their full humanity in Jesus rooted in the family of God. Being Human engages with difficult, emotive or divisive issues on which the church is often seen as silent or out of touch – such as; identity, Artificial Intelligence, beginning and end of life or racial justice – faithfully and persuasively communicating the true, good and beautiful vision of being human into those contexts.

Engaging with the underlining narratives as well as the lived experiences of everyday Christians in their homes, neighbourhoods, friendships, work and public lives; the Being Human project will help people live out and share the goodness of the gospel with everyone.

Over the next three-years, driven by research, the Being Human project will produce resources, engagement opportunities and support to help everyday Christians faithfully live out and share the biblical vision of humanity. We will provide perspectives and support to engage with specific issues critical to our cultural moment (e.g. human dignity, identity, sexuality, ethnicity and race, nationalism and immigration, sexuality, work and unemployment, technology, creation care, and more.) We will encourage everyday Christians to participate in the Spirit’s re-humanising work in their local church community, as well as provide specific support to church leaders in that endeavour. 

We can’t do this alone. We will be pooling the resources, expertise and practical advice from across the evangelical church in the UK and beyond as we pursue a renewed vision of humanity.

Being Human

Being Human

We have the best story to share about what it means to be human
Being Human S2E01

Being Human S2E01

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