Season four

Our co-hosts Jo Frost and Peter Lynas will be exploring the stories of our time alongside God’s timeless story, asking once again how they shape who we are and the world we live in.

This season will introduce the Being Human lens, to help us understand and engage with the various stories we are all immersed in every day, and how each of these affects who we are and the way we live. Featuring special guests from around the world, each episode will dig deep into their personal stories and expertise, as we discuss together this fundamental question of life: what does it mean to be human?

Guests confirmed so far include Tim Mackie (BibleProject founder and international speaker), Rev Nims Obunge (pastor and peace advocate), Rachel Gardner (youth worker and author), and Chris Watkin (author of Biblical Critical Theory).

This season will serve as an introduction to the upcoming release of Jo and Peter’s new book Being Human: A new lens for our cultural conversations, out 12 October 2023. To find out more and pre-order your copy today, visit beinghu​man​lens​.com