The church is called to be a good news people, right in our places. 

On Tuesday 5 October at 10am, join us for a UK-wide webinar that explores what it means to be a good news community, closely connected and united across diversity. We will identify some current challenges in reconnecting as church and explore how we can creatively cultivate community across the various sections of church life, as we consider: 

  • How can we create a strong community after a prolonged season of screens and social distancing? 
  • Why must we intentionally cultivate community as church across certain social divisions?

We would love to hear your voice. Join us as we explore and share some simple but effective ways to reset church as community in this season and beyond. 

Part A: We will highlight some barriers to the reconnection of the church and discuss some simple steps to move from consumerism and individualism towards participation and commitment. 

Part B: We will explore what church community can look like across social divisions. The Evangelical Alliance team will share some ideas and resources from our One People Commission and mission to young adults work, which will inspire you to cultivate church as community across race/​culture and generations.