The church is called to be good news people, right in our places. 

Join us for a UK-wide webinar that explores what challenges and opportunities have emerged for church and discipleship over this changing season. You will hear the discipleship headlines from our Changing Church survey, be inspired by ideas and share stories that might help you to reset church and discipleship in this coming season, as you consider:

  • What discipleship patterns emerged during lockdown that we want to sustain? 
  • How can we safeguard unhelpful habits with wisdom?

We would love to hear your voice. Join us to explore and share some simple but effective ways to reset discipleship and formation in this season and beyond. 

Part A: Together we will identify shared challenges of church leadership in this new season and consider the various components and priorities of church life as we look ahead. 

Part B: Together we will highlight lockdown learnings for discipleship and formation and build on key findings to construct a vision for discipleship across the various sections of church life.