The church is called to be good news people, right in our places. 

Furlough, job loss, keyworkers and essential services became buzzwords during the coronavirus outbreak. In a season where church buildings and programmes have been closed, many church leaders stepped in to support and strengthen their church members who were scattered across different workplaces and many sectors.

Join us for a UK-wide webinar that explores lessons from lockdown for the role of good news people in their places of work, vocation and influence. We will explore the need to reconnect our work to worship, be inspired by ideas and share stories that might help you to reset the daily work life, whatever your area of work, as we consider:

  • Why have we disconnected the life and language of church, worship, mission from the daily workplaces of our scattered church?
  • What does it look like for the church to develop a discipleship and missional strategy within our work and vocation? 

We would love to hear your voice. Join us to explore and share some simple but effective ways to reset work as worship in this season and beyond. 

Part A: We will explore the disconnection between church life and work life and discuss the need to create a deeper connection between discipleship and mission into our scattered work spaces.

Part B: We will share stories and explore what it might look like for both church leader and individual to integrate a theology and practice of vocation across the various sectors in which the church works.