The church is called to be a good news people, right in our places. 

Join us for a UK-wide webinar that highlights some key headlines about how the church stepped into new missional opportunities during lockdown. Together we will discuss how we might build on these lockdown lessons in order to revitalise our Christian witness as we move ahead, as we consider:

  • How can we cultivate church as a people who know, love, speak and live the good news of Jesus right in our scattered everyday places?
  • What does it look like for local churches to engage in community transformation to embody and enact the good news in our local places as we witness to the kingdom?

We would love to hear your voice. Join us as we explore and share some simple but effective ways to reset our Christian witness in this season and beyond. 

Part A: We will highlight some patterns of evangelism that emerged during lockdown. We will explore how an evangelistic church can and must be intentionally cultivated within every section of church community.

Part B: We will explore the new and heightened needs of our local communities. We will discuss how we can partner with others to bring good news transformation in our local communities, in the name and way of Jesus.