Invite a member of the Speak Up team to encourage Christians to speak up for Jesus.

Speak Up talks cover the incredibly challenging socio-political, cultural and legal landscape we find ourselves in when sharing about Jesus and how we can confidently make the most of them. 

Is there still space in our society for Christians to talk about Jesus and share the gospel? 

Speak Up was designed to inform the church in the UK that, despite media reports, we live in a society whereby the laws have been designed to safeguard the rights and freedoms to share, discuss and debate the gospel and indeed faith in general. 

While there are traps that we can fall into, it is important that we use these rights or indeed we could lose them.

To invite a speaker or find out more about hosting a Speak Up event, call Flavio Guarratto or email him — f.​guarratto@​eauk.​org

Very knowledgable and gifted speakers added to the value of this event. It was also of benefit to have a reasonable amount of time for questions, and the booklet to read and use is also very helpful." - Speak Up participant