On Wednesday, 24 February, we hosted a special webinar on the church’s response to the coronavirus vaccine rollout, helping people feel confident and practically supported in accessing the vaccine when offered.

For those in church leadership, the event was hosted by Rev Yemi Adedeji and Jo Frost, as was joined by vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi MP, Doctor Bola Owolabi, Dr Shola Adeaga, Pastor Agu Irukwu, and many others.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone but has disproportionately affected many of our communities. With the arrival of the vaccine, we finally have a pathway out of the worst of this pandemic, and yet for many reasons there is a significant proportion of those in our communities who are unwilling or unable to take the vaccine when offered.

On Wednesday we will hear from individuals who have already taken the vaccine and learn from leaders who have been tackling the anti-vaccine messaging and conspiracy theories circulating in our communities.

There was an extended time of Q&A where the audience were able to seek direct answers to their questions, 

You will be able to watch the event back, and will be available shortly.